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    How to get your horse to respect smaller fences?

    Having had a pony that struggled to grasp what jumping actually was, I put poles across the middle of oxers (on top) so they looked down, V poles, unusual fillers, grids, all things that make them bascule and make a better shape or think about what they are jumping. I had a single jump block out...
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    Shivering weight off

    I currently have two fat ponies in, they have not been allowed to drop weight all winter. It's a real battle to get it off now winter is over, I had them previous winters and they were lean and fit during their time with me, so it's a management issue not that they are simply "good doers". I...
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    When does backed become broken?

    I count "backed" as literally accepting a rider on their back, being led up and down and getting used to the leg on the sides and a little steering. Lightly broken/ridden away is walk and trotting on their own in straight lines, a little hacking on tracks/through fields sometimes too. Fully...
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    Livery -v- daughter 🙁

    Horses have social needs, they are herd animals. If your horse isn't having those needs met, of course she will be upset and it will be her primary focus over being ridden and working. Some cope just fine on their own, but if your has come straight out of a herd, she must be desperate for a...
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    Should cyclists be allowed to race on public roads?

    It's dangerous to any other type of traffic, it shouldn't be allowed unless the entire road is closed and a traffic diversion doesn't cause much disruption. Unfortunately , I don't think the UK road structure allows for that in many places!
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    Chips in ends of rear hooves

    I have removed the shoes on many , in fact most of my horses and the key is to have your own rasp handy :) Get the farrier to bring you a rasp and show you how to bevel the edges. You can tidy up even the tiny little cracks as they appear to stop them spreading or building up! I had to rasp one...
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    Best water based hoof moisturizer

    Hi, I've just finished a tub of NAF hoof moist and wondered if there is anything else people use and rate highly? It's quite hard to get hold of in the shops locally, so I've got to order it anyway and might try a different brand too for comparison. It has to be black and water based, TIA.
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    Reins preference?

    I hate reins with stops, just get annoyed with them never being the the right place. For riding with one rein, I like rubber grip; high quality ones though, not the cheap ones that are stiff and fall to bits! I have tried all other kinds of reins, and don't like anything else :rolleyes:
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    Life long nightmare riding fear realised today

    What a horrible experience, you did all you could to keep yourself, your horse and the colt safe. It was completely beyond your control with what happened with the colt and you did your best to resolve it quickly ! You were lucky to get away without serious harm to yourself and your horse, so I...
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    Best cheap clippers/trimmers?

    Thank you both! I'll get a set of masterclip on order :) I only need to whizz off the cat hairs now and trim up the face, it's clean fluffy hair and not too thick so hopefully they will got through fine. I hate using big clippers on the face anyway. especially with the delicate ears and near the...
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    Do you bank your stable beds or not?

    I use banks with straw and shavings, I think they look cosy and I don't like to think of their legs or head against a wall when lying down! One I just sold used the bank as pillow, if there was no bank he would squash his head up against the brick wall instead, daft idiot :rolleyes: his new...
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    Best cheap clippers/trimmers?

    I don't usually buy cheap, but as my fairly new £300+ pair of clippers just blew up for the second time (will chat to the company tomorrow) I need to get something in the meantime to finish off half a clip ! I broke my wrists a few years back and they do ache with heavy clippers, so something...
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    Where to buy cheap horses..

    You should be able to get something at this time of year if you're lucky, everyone is ready to sell but not many people are ready to buy! In my experience, unbroken can be far better as they haven't been screwed up by someone else, and the ones I've broken in have been so much easier. Project...
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    Bitting gurus wanted please

    Thanks, didn't think of an elevator! Would probably avoid the lozenge as any lozenge seems to produce a fight, but a different mouthpiece on it may work.
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    Bitting gurus wanted please

    I have a kineton hanging in the tack room! I had thought of using some nose pressure to alleviate any fighting in the mouth, but thought maybe that would encourage the running with the head low, certainly worth a try as some respond totally different to how you'd expect . Thanks
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    Bitting gurus wanted please

    Thanks, yours sounds exactly the same as this one then! once they get angry, it becomes a battle . I tried a waterford snaffle and grackle as the horse appears to hate poll pressure, and it was certainly the wrong action with the head going down anyway. It helped and the horse was much happier...
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    Hope Valley Tredstep Donatello sale

    I am still slightly traumatized ;) but they are nice and comfy now, I actually tried to break them in two winters ago, gave up and left them in the box until this summer! Warmer weather helps
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    Hope Valley Tredstep Donatello sale

    I love mine, absolute torture to break in but worth it. As I love my Ariats, the tredsteps are far smarter to look at IMO and the leather seems to wear better.
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    Managing a straw bed

    I bed on straw again after a short phase of trying shavings! I tried deep littering and decided it was much easier to just skip out the poos, flip the straw back and brush out the wet in to a poo picker, sprinkle a little fresh on top. It probably takes an extra couple of minutes but saves back...
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    Naming Help!

    Sahara? The old arabian word I know! And it's a name. Apart from that, my mares have been called.. Summer Bronte Rosa Lily Rose Poppy Bella Tilly Molly and there is a Dolly on the yard
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    Bitting gurus wanted please

    Hi just wondering what people would suggest for this horse. The horse schools nicely enough at home in a KK single joint, but out hacking with others when the pace quickens, half halts result in a fight and aids are ignored! The horse is currently in a flash noseband and universal lozenge bit...
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    Yard/Riding boots for serial boot destroyer

    I've just bought the Ariat Coniston Pro GTX so fingers crossed they do the job! For a couple of years at least anyway :) Thanks for the replies and advice!
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    Yard/Riding boots for serial boot destroyer

    Thanks for the replies, they die by the heel collapsing inside or they start letting water in, I have a couple of pairs with the heel ripped away and therefore unwearable as the foot won't go in ! I planned on getting a good pair of wellies too for the really mucky stuff, but I do like to warm...
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    Should I get another cat?

    I took another cat in, thinking he'd be friend with our other cat. How wrong could we be! 4 years later and they still hate each other. They do get bored on their own though as they are very human orientated, and you may think I'm mad, but they do "Cat TV" on Youtube and it keeps them...
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    Yard/Riding boots for serial boot destroyer

    I'm not sure how I manage it, but I manage to destroy boots within a matter of months. I've got through Ariat Grasmeres, Ariat Stormstoppers, Dublin country boots and Muckboots within a few months each. I just want a pair of warm , comfy boots that can handle riding 4-6 horses a day and general...
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    Teaching 3yo to lift feet - suggestions please

    I usually start by tying a soft but strong lead rope around the fetlock, standing up and pushing the horse's weight over to the other side then lifting the foot with the rope (some will just do it straight away with the rope though); It's much safer as my face isn't in striking distance and the...
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    Suspensory injury and recovery time

    One of mine did a front suspensory high up and was very lame for months, it was looking worrying but then almost overnight she came sound and within weeks she was back in nearly full work , minus jumping. That winter she was hunting full days and evented the following season at 90/100! still...
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    Equestrian work/volunteer + travel

    Hi, just wondering if anyone has ventured in to working and travelling based around horses? I'm not dead set on working with horses, but I currently run a business producing ponies (where my experience lies) and would love to travel over the winter, as I've cut numbers down . I think working...
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    How often do you wash your fly masks?

    When the field is extra dusty or muddy, I usually hose them down every day when the horses come in, I leave them out to dry and they're ready for the evening/ night again. It only takes a couple of minutes to jet the muck off. I haven't washed them in a week or so, but thanks to the rain...
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    Judges Funny Comments

    "Entered at A, left at C"... a very difficult horse who I bought as a project and kept for myself! Too quirky to sell on :o he was lovely, but despite schooling to Elementary at home , couldn't get round a prelim without exploding at a competition! The most interesting one was a 6 for a...