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    mum/daughter share horse

    I am horse hunting soon, as my main horse is now retired, and I want to get a horse that my little one can ride as well as myself if she shows an interest later on as she is only 15 months at the moment (but not a wasted purchase if she doesn't!). However, I am 6ft and daughter is obviously too...
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    heart failure in horses

    Has anyone had experience with their horse heading towards/having heart failure?
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    Atrial fibrillation

    Does anyone have experience of owning a horse with atrial fibrillation? My horse has recently been diagnosed.
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    new baby and horse in the winter

    I am currently pregnant and am due in the midst of winter, when mucking out and haynet filling will be in peak demand....No option to leave out 24/7 for the worst of winter due to yard rules. Has anyone hacked how to juggle a newborn baby and looking after a horse?!
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    does anyone work with horses who is allergic?

    Question in the title really! I am looking at different opportunities to further my equine experience but I'm actually allergic to horses...has anyone worked with horses whilst allergic and built up a tolerance/found ways to cope? I'm not allergic to my own horses anymore, except for when they shed.
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    best hat for back of head/neck protection

    can anyone recommend a hat that is particularly good at protecting the top of the neck/back of the head? Freak previous injury means I must protect it - currently have a charles owen AYR but too little cover for my liking and doesn't quite cover that part!
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    joint supplements for arthritis

    I know this is a minefield but...has anyone found a decent joint supplement to help manage arthritis?
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    missing riding

    Through both previous ill-health of horse and rider my boy is basically retired and was last ridden April 2017. However I am really getting an itch to get on board again. He is sound just arthritic (regularly sees physio). He is a flighty ex-racer so I'm tempted to get some riding lessons again...
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    mud fever, arghhhhh

    anyone really suffering this year? My boy was ok with his last year but this year it's hot and swollen, I think where it's been so wet it's causing him some bother :( (yes I will get vet if needed) any management/recovery tips?
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    want to get into in-hand showing

    My boy is 18 this year and I want to do some in-hand showing with him. He's a ex-racehorse so also eligible for RoR stuff as well as veteran classes....where do I start?!
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    cushings meds - how much a month?

    for those who have horses with cushings and are on pergolide, how much does it cost you per month?
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    DIY lighting for outdoor arenas...

    oh yes, the nights are drawing in already. Who has cracked the problem of no lights for their outdoor school and no mains power for electricity....? (without buying and installing them permanently, obviously haha)
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    cheap smart trousers for work to yard

    Can anyone signpost me to some cheap smart trousers (black preferably) that I can use for work (office) and then go straight to the yard in and still perform yard duties/ride in? x
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    stupid question...are any 4x4s fairly economical?

    my car is starting to die and my mileage is going to increase between work and home/stables etc. I have always liked the idea of a 4x4 due to increased road stability/storage space etc (and of course being able to tow). However I currently have a ford focus so quite a difference in maintaining...
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    steel toe cap boots recommendations please!

    Can anyone recommend where to get good value steel toe capped boots that won’t break the bank, and are comfortable for being on your feet all day?
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    has anyone paid for a horse whilst studying full time at uni?

    question in the title really - has anyone managed to cover their horse's bills whilst studying full time?
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    urgent - horse won't eat antibiotics

    I urgently need to get the antibiotics in my horse and he flat out refuses to eat them...I feel I have tried everything to disguise them as well as trying to syringe them in (he refuses to swallow and I get arm ache holding his head up then he spits them out!) I have also tried jam, bread...
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    what insurance do your oldies have?

    I have a 17yo ex-racer, had an expensive claim for lameness/kissing spines last year and now structurally pretty much everything is excluded. He also has one leg excluded for skin conditions due to previous cellulitis. My insurance is nearly £60 a month and he's barely ridden, will come back...
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    EMS unit?

    Will be used under vet/physio supervision - can anyone recommend a cheap EMS unit for my horse?
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    stifle arthritis?

    does anyone have a horse with stifle arthritis? how do you manage it? are there any decent supplements that won't break the bank?
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    online fitness programmes?

    Morning! I know it's horses for courses but are there any templates online about bringing a horse back into work in terms of workload per week etc?
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    zebra fly rugs that fit like rambos

    My TB only fits horseware/rambo rugs, and I've yet to find a zebra fly rug that fits him....I tried the bucas one but it didn't do up under his belly! has anyone found a brand that actually fits thoroughbreds with this pattern?
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    air jacket best for protecting neck/back of head?

    Due to a health condition I need to be really careful about the back of my head and my neck - is there a particular air jacket which is better than the others for protecting this delicate area?
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    what time are you riding at the moment?

    Finding it impossible to find the right time to ride, it's either too hot or there's too many flies or it a crack of dawn job? Desperate to get my boy fit.
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    what times of day are horseflies less active?

    Holy flip they have suddenly come out with a vengeance, driving me and the horses nuts. I'm going to bring in and turn out at times they're less active so the horses don't sweat up and make themselves stressed. When are they less active time-wise?
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    mid-life crisis, can you make a living as a horse physio?

    Question in the title really...I am having a mid-life crisis and I think a desk job is no longer for me. I would love to start part time and eventually build to being able to do it full-time, but the only thing that keeps me in my current job is the stable pay.
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    managing hock arthritis

    x-rays have shown up some hock arthritis (to be expected with my horse's history). any tips re management? sometimes he struggles to get up and down and doesn't lay down in the stable. He is out 24/7 where possible.
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    summer short riding boots?

    It's too hot to ride in my long boots! any suggestions of short riding boots that keep feet cool in the summer?
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    lightweight saddle for TB veterans

    Yep I am going to talk to my saddler, but I was wondering what others use on their TB veterans with high withers saddle-wise, that are also lightweight? He has kissing spines (which are managed successfully and he is sound) so prefers a lighter saddle. :)
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    tall riders and ponies?

    Is anyone a tall rider and riding a pony? I've had a chance to bring on a new forest but he's 14.2 and I'm 6ft!! I don't want to squash him or have to wear rollerskates...haha.