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  1. k9h

    Great Find

    I know someone who works at Harris tweed!!... Send us a pick & will ask them for you!
  2. k9h

    Help-need to go xc schooling tomorrow in N.Yorkshire

    For future reference there is Craven country ride, abit further a field but worth the trip IMHO!
  3. k9h

    Teaching a horse to jump wire Here is a link to our photographers page with 3 wire jumping pics on it. Also I find as the years go on. That we jump more wire, as the farmers replace their fences & not the hunt jumps, as it is...
  4. k9h

    Teaching a horse to jump wire

    As daft as it seems, barbed wire is the safest of wires to jump. Should you catch it, it will just break. The best pace is trot. I've never walked up to wire & hit it or placed my coat on it. In a season I will jump at least 30 wire fences. I will add I am hunt staff & have to keep with hounds...
  5. k9h

    Hound Food

    We feed cobby dog hunt kennel mix. We stopped collect due to f&m and never started again. Hounds do not smell any more, their coats are not greasy. They have never come home tired after hunting even after the hardest & longest of days :-) Breeding wise all seems to have stayed normal, litter...
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    Lowther? Anyone going?

    Yep Lowther is on but only gundogs & I think sheep dogs? Sadly no hounds (can't see why not if they have the other mutts there!) I am wanting to go to Lowther may take my mutt for a run!!! See how mad I am! The original Lowther would of filled you for 2 days, not sure about the new Lowther...
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    Not hunting but, can anyone answer....

    Pellet in it's wing. So needs PTS??? Find that very odd. If in it's body then maybe but...
  8. k9h

    Aintree -Peter Toole

    Best vibes for PT. A friend is a close family friend so have heard close news on him, wishing him all the best in is recovery.
  9. k9h

    How much are dog tags?

    I use indigo collar tags OK they are a little more pricey but they are guarenteed for the life of the pet! Plus no chance of them wearing out on the ring (as doesnt have one)!
  10. k9h

    New Puppy Update from yesterday

    So tiny & cute! We had a mini jrt in our pups training class. My pps which are just over 2 weeks old are bigger than her nearly! LOL!
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    Congrats on your new aquirement! We need pics! These are labradors out of my working bitch! They will be 2wweks old today!
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    They will be the colour they are (I think) they shouldn't change to much really. Shame as I would of loved a deep fox red!!
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    Yep Q's first litter ( & last the way I have felt through this!) She was a tad shell shocked at first, then wouldn't come off the bed, had to put a lead on her to take her out to toilet. Now seems to have the hang of it! She is very proud & great mom doing them well! When she was scanned they...
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    They were born on the 13th! They were a coulpe of days old in these pics! Didnt want to jinx them with posting earlier!!! I think the black face shot looks like Shrek!!! LOL! They are jst about to open eyes! Have some more up to date photos on phone & vid. Just need to upload!
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    Oh sorry you want pics!! lol!
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    Dogs and stiles - any ideas?

    I do like to try & help!:cool:
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    Doggie Dreams - Does your dog have bad dreams

    All 3 of mine dream & very loudly! Non a rescues (though maybe they dream of being resced?)! All have the bad rabbit chasing dream where the legs are going & whimpering. Though Quail has had a few dreams where she has actually cried out! I dont bother to wake her though just et her get on...
  20. k9h

    Dogs and stiles - any ideas?

    You could actually, just had an idea! If you go with a friend. Have plenty of treats. If you coax her up with treat to get front legs on, reward her. You stay at front & praising & friend lifts back legs up. Then repeat up on to next step & so on???? Just an idea but I don't know as never had...
  21. k9h

    Dogs and stiles - any ideas?

    You mean these kind of styles? Or this kind? Sorry no help! Mine just sorted themselves out how to get over them! LOL!
  22. k9h

    south devon hunt people

    Have just sent this to a friend of mine who hunts with them & her friend is hunt groom I think. Will let you know if I hear anything!
  23. k9h

    which dry dog food is best in your opinion??

    I use csjk9 & dog love it, they also have chudleys working crunch & cobby dog hunt kennel mix. CSJK9 is abot £15 a 15kg bag very good quailty stuff & their fish skin treats! Chudleys £16 a 15 kg bag Cobby dog £8 a 20kg bag. I always have comments on my dogs coats how shiny they are...
  24. k9h

    Smiley Dog!

    My girl (lab) does it too. Depends how happy she is to how much she grins! Know of other labs that do it too! I love it when she smiles! You can so tell it is a smile & not a snarl!
  25. k9h

    CCTV for foal watch

    Thank you very much for that
  26. k9h

    CCTV for foal watch

    Penniless I would be interested in what make the camera was. As I have a bitch due to whelp next week & am after one!
  27. k9h

    Dog Jabs - advice needed

    If I remember rightly (though may be wrong!) It is one week after 2nd jab for mingling with others but 2 weeks before allowed near water (ie streams & such) as the lepto is stronger there??? Something like that anyhow! But if in doubt ust ring your vet & ask!!
  28. k9h

    Ultrasound advice for pups

    I am one heck of a nervous Gran to be! Worrying so much that all is going to go wrong. Wondering if done right thing to her! LOL!
  29. k9h

    Ultrasound advice for pups

    Hopefully! Though I think they will be an ailen bursting out of her as her ribcage has exspanded so much! :eek: Due early jan!
  30. k9h

    Ultrasound advice for pups

    Very lucky! I had my girl scanned at 5 weeks. They could see 3 maybe 4! Told my boss who said, don't worry, when she had her's scanned (same vet) They could see 4 & she ended up having 12! I don't want that many but have 7 spoken for! Plus they were spoken for before she was even mated...