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    How far off due date? early or late?

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    Naming a German Warmblood Youngster

    What breed is she? Some societies want that the mares start with their dam's first letter others its the stallions first letter.... No foals get names in their passport in Germany... and just out of interest ;) how is she bred?
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    Who is expecting what in 2013 ?

    I expect 5 next year: StPr/Elite Mare by Lissabon - Dobrock - Gluecksstern is in foal to DIARADO StPr Mare by Weltruhm - Donnerhall - Magnum is in foal to SAN AMOUR StPr Mare by Longchamp - Abajo xx - Garibaldi II is in foal to DE NIRO and then 2 Mini Shetlands are in foal to Richie Sambora :D
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    What is the Germans secret?

    :D Sorry! being german myself this topic is just :D:D:D:D:D:D
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    survival chances ? please help :(

    Good luck and all fingers are crossed!!!!! My foals always get Foal Stim on the first day....maybe the vet can bring it too
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    *newborn colt by Califax - Lissabon - Dobrock *

    Thank you all! I am very pleased with him! Sadly he will be for sale. The mare will go to Diarado for 2013. (fingers crossed she is in foal but we will know on Monday)
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    *newborn colt by Califax - Lissabon - Dobrock *

    "Camiano" is now nearly 2 months old :)
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    *colt by De Niro - Longchamp - Abajo xx *

    I thought I would introduce you to "De Feliciano" colt born on the 2nd of May by De Niro out of the State Premium mare Loona by Longchamp - Abajo xx - Garibaldi II (same damline as Lissaro van de Helle)
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    Freezing semen...

    is there a place in the Southwest (close as possible to Dorset) that does it? Thank you
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    i have a puddlefoal ;)
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    *newborn colt by Califax - Lissabon - Dobrock *

    :) Thank you all!!! Here are some new pictures of the little men:
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    *newborn colt by Califax - Lissabon - Dobrock *

    Thank you all! :) some more pics from today
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    *newborn colt by Califax - Lissabon - Dobrock *

    Very noble colt born last night at 2.40am I am very pleased with this young men. :) He is by Califax out of St.Pr.Mare by Lissabon - Dobrock - Gluecksstern Just born 6 hours old
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    Stallion for Cornet Obolensky mare?

    Just wondering why you want to breed with a mare who was born with a handicap? Did the vet approve this and can he rule out that this might affect her offspring as well? If he can I would go for Numero Uno.
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    Westphalian - Is a Grading stamped in a Passport? Please please help x

    If you scan it or take a picture I could have a look....
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    Buying In-Utero

    Hi, I know it that way that the contract is made before the foal is born. After the foal is born the vet is checking the foal when it is 3 days old and if its healthy the contract is fulfilled and the foal is owned by the buyer. If the buyer wants he can have a insurance set up for the foal...
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    twin panic!!!

    Don´t do it to fast!!!! A lot of early twin pregnancies will only end in one (perfectly healthy) foal. Are they both the same size? The vet should rescann it the next days and see if one might stop growing... If he cannot get rid of one twin by day 20 or one of the twins is not considerable...
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    Youngstock in Ireland

    I have a really stunning dressage filly for sale. Purely bred for dressage out of a Hanoverian State Premium Mare. If anybody wants Photos or a video just inbox me your Email ad. :)