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    Bulldog Hitch Lock - key broken, Bulldog won't send a replacement!

    Hi, my Bulldog Hitch Lock key snapped, and I have lost the spare! However, not to panic! Bulldog, have a key replacement service on their website. All good, have the key number and all. But, when I key in my Irish address - there isn an issue, said to contact them. I did and they tell me they...
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    BD 39 - walk to canter at C

    BD 39 - walk to canter at C on left rein Hi I’m having trouble with this movement in my last 3 outings we have struck off on the wrong leg! It doesn’t always happen in training but now I think I’m anticipating it in the test and it’s turned into a self fulfilling prophecy! Any tips to...
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    Over riding? Dressage and Fitbit

    Does anyone have a Fitbit and compete in dressage? After another disappointing dressage score after thinking we did a nice test I stated to think... when I normally school my Fitbit rarely goes into ‘peak’ mode and maybe only for a minute. Same for dressage warm up etc. However, when I compete I...
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    Those of you with an Ideal Roella Saddle..

    I know this saddle is narrow in the twist (which is what I am looking for) however is is a smaller saddle overall? Asking as one for sale which is 17" and currently riding a 17.5 K&M. Don't want my ass to be spilling out over the saddle! Am 5ft 4 and size 10/12 so not huge but I am not small...
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    Towing with a FWD SUV

    Hi, I am changing my towing car and the AWD version of the car I am looking at is rare and a little out of my budget. However the FWD is in my budget and I am looking at it this weekend. I currently have a Sorento where you select the 4WD when needed and I have used it 3 times in 6 years and I...
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    Liners for turn out rugs

    Are all the manufacturers liners basically just the same? Just bought a weatherbeeta rug that takes liners but having issue getting the 100g liner. Plenty of shires, HW & PE liners though. I know PE will fit HW but what about weatherbeetas?
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    Cat cancer when to say goodbye

    Hi, basically just wondering about other people’s experiences? My beloved cat that I have 7 years (originally a rescue) has a malignant tumour behind his ear which is a secondary tumour. So it’s terminal -and the tumour on the head came up very quickly - I would say within a week! He is...
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    Acavallo stirrups .. Thoughts?

    Anyone have these? Or any thoughts
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    Another showing attire question

    Just wondering is it absolutely necessary to have a navy velvet hat with flesh strap? My old one is not up to the new standard. The latest hats seem to be €€€ and i have only recently replaced my skull and dressage hat. The only time I will wear the navy hat is the couple of low level shows I do...
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    Former feral cat issues

    I rescued a 5 yr old former feral cat in March of last year, she had been with a foster home for about 2 months and been "tamed" & had all vet treatments done. The night I got her she freaked out so on advice from the rescue I crated her for a while until she got used to me. I was able to pet...
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    Clipper blades that come with clippers

    I'm buying my 1st clippers and wondering about the blades. The person that clips for me always uses a medium blade on my light grey. I'm happy with the result of that clip. However all the clippers I am looking at seem to come with the fine blades only which I will never use! Is there any chance...
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    Show master tweed jacket

    Anyone have one and what do you think of it? Thanks 😉
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    Rescue cat crying all night

    Any suggestions am at my wits end through lack of sleep!! Have new rescue cat a few nights now she previously was a stray but had settled down well in foster home before she came to me. I think she is missing the other cats from the foster home rather than the humans! I do have another cat but...
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    Which hat to get?

    Hi, I need to replace my jockey skull. I need one with good ventilation as head can get v sweaty!! Am also looking for snell standard so have two options gatehouse rcx1 (like the idea of removable liner) and Charles Owen 4 star which is apparently really cool to wear. GS is more expensive...
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    Cat with diarrhoea

    Hi, cat was unwell few weeks ago not keeping food or water down so brought to vets put on drip and was there for a few days. Came home and was on antibiotics but when these finished the diarrhoea returned. Back to vet last thurs and given more medication.. But til last night diarrhoea still...
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    4 tests in One Day!

    Just wondering does anyone have any experience doing 4 tests in One day (2 tests twice) - it is for an individual comp and a team comp hence doing both tests twice. Any tips? Most I have done is 2 tests in one day and found it pretty tiring! looking for tips for warmup etc. Thanks. Or am I...
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    Hi has anyone bought hoods from this company just wondering how you have got on with them?
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    Leaving a yard

    Just wondering have you ever had to leave a yard that you have loved and have made great friends in? I find myself in that situation due to lack of turnout in my current yard (and a few other things that are swinging my decision to leave and not wait and see if things improve). Unfortunately I...
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    Horse ball

    Hi has anyone purchased one of these - it arrived flat. How do you inflate it? I tried using an electric pump and no joy
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    Ride in country boots - yay or nay?

    I have country boots and I ride in them now and again, but I have seen some comments here that people would never ride in them. I understand that they may not give you the same feeling as a more close fitting boot but is there another reason why i.e. safety? would be interested in your opinions.
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    Can take my mare anywhere but..

    She is spooky at home! There was a little show in the yard last weekend with some new jumps, signs and fillers and it was a bit of a disaster she spooked and spun at everything new. Yet I can take her to shows and she looks at nothing! Any ideas if you have a horse like this?!
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    Tekna girth - stud girth? Just wondering would you consider this girth a stud girth. Small studs and small jumps .. In 2 minds whether I need a stud guard at all and was considering an attachment but they look really fiddly &...
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    Dressage Girth Length!

    Would be very grateful if anyone could post a pic of their dressage saddle girthed so I can see how far the dressage girth should go.. I think mine is too long and comes up too far but no dressage peeps at my yard to see what it should look like! Thanks in advance
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    Dressage saddle cloth slipping back

    Hi have issues with dressage saddle cloths slipping back on my new saddle it seems to eat them :( both my HKM gently one & my new eskadron! Saddle fitted less than 2 weeks ago. 1st time using dr saddle & dr saddlecloth. Dosent happen with my GP & GP saddlecloth
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    Kent & masters saddle sizing

    Sat my new K&M s series dressage saddle beside my 17.5 GP and it seemed bigger & longer. I measured it and comes out as 18" from middle of button to cantle.. It was tagged as 17.5 and sold to me as that. Do they come up big? Is it the design of the dr saddle vs the GP (barnsby)
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    Full seat breeches - sticking to saddle

    Just saw the prof photos from my dressage test this weekend and OMG it looks like I have abnormal legs/crotch area! It looks like my full seat breeches are sticking to the front of the saddle, and em, enlarging my crotch area making me look very odd shaped indeed! Now I don't have skinny minnie...
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    Albion K2 GP saddle and..

    Other GP saddles that put you in a good position for flatwork. Background: I was planning on buying a dressage saddle to improve my flatwork, tried 2 (ideal jessica/thorowgood) and didn't get on with them. It turns out now my current GP is too wide for my horse now :( Was window shopping...
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    Old mill saddlery

    Anyone been here for saddle fitting? It's a long trip for me so need to know its worth it!
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    Seat size K&M/ thorowgood saddles

    Hi can anyone tell me if the seat size for Kent & masters Or thorowgood (dressage) comes up small or big? And do they put you in a good position?
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    Thorowgood saddles

    Hi, does anyone know how long ago did thorowgood make the T6 saddle as a non-adjustable saddle (or if they ever did)? I thought the whole marketing behind these saddles (and the T4/T8) where the fact that they were adjustable saddles. This is for research so help would be most welcome :)