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    Low Ringbone,experiences please?

    My mare has a low ringbone develpoing on a front....thoughts,experiences and prognosis please?:o
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    hoof dorsal resection

    As above really..your experiences?:confused:This seems to be the next step for my mare,and reading up I can see the logic of it.The "gas pocket" shows clearly on x ray,she is in heart bars with gel padding,but logically the cause of the pressure "under her nail" so to speak must be released.Can...
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    Desparate sight

    Discover Dogs today,two rather dull coated Foxhounds being led strung up on those dog halter thingies,they looked utterly miserable.So differnt to how they SHOULD be in their nataural working environment.Sad:(
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    No wonder Insurance premiums are goiung up!

    Got a phone call the other day about a rescue bull terrier I had rehomed some four years ago;he had cracked an upper canine.The owner was asking if the breed suffered bad reactions to anaesthetics,as "he nearly died last time,and the dental work needs completing". It turns out the dog is...
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    The One Show

    Anyone watch tonight`s prog? Well,a load of jobsworth little Hitlers in Newham driving about picking up innocent dogs..removing off their owners in the street because they looked "type".One was so obviously a labbie x ,it`s old owner was devastated ..bloody disgusting.Every one of them was...
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    WooHoo E Bay

    My old Stablemates had repair/recondition £200..a new pair £300..BUT..just now grabbed a nearly new pair with three sets of blades for..wait for it...£87.00 inc postage !! Chuffed to bits,can now continue to trim the cob to within an inch of her life !Wooppeee:D
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    Hound Food

    I am interested to know what packs feed which type of nutrition.It interested me to find out if those packs now feeding "dry complete" feed have noticed any difference to when the pack was flesh fed. Of special interest is breeding..litter size and fertility ..always a first reflection on...
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    So what do you think??

    A year ago I spotted an ad for someone very nearby wanting a quiet horse on loan I answered it ,but said mine was not so much "on loan" but she could hack her out a few times a week.The young woman said she`d "go half" on the shoes,and help buy a new heavyweight turn out for this winter past...
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    shetland experts?

    At what age are these broken in? Are they started at three or so ,like other types? Reason is I know someone with a six month weaner who intends to break him at a year:eek: Am I being alarmist?:confused:
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    Polar bear

    Was it really a good idea to camp in polar bear country in the summer when the ice is melted and they are hungry?
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    Ruby ,the stolen bull terrier puppy IS HOME! Will tell you more as I find out,the owners were on Telly ,last week or so,so they have tried so hard..and now their puppy is home.Now called RUBY Tuesday of course!:D:D:D:D
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    National Terrier Champ Show

    Off at silly o`clock for Stafford showground tomorrow with a couple of mates and three mini bull terriers, we`re gonna have fun!:D This one is us terrier folks very own Champ show,nothing else just nutty terriers and their nutty it.:D:D
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    What a Day

    On Saturday my Lucille ,who is a rather oversize mini bull terrier ,killed and ate a whole rat. The OH did`nt stop her at the time,and said rat was obviously a bit groggy from rat poison.After all ,a dog on a lead is hardly likely to kill a fast fit it? Anyway,today Lucille is not...
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    rope halters

    Where can I buy those western/polo pony type all in one piece rope halters?? Not the ones that combine halter and rope, field turn out sort..anyone??