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    Stupid mobile shelter question

    I have one, will a 17h fit in? I keep looking and thinking will it fit? Have visions of the roof suddenly moving with the horse. Its a standard size shelter ie looks like a normal stable with a pitch roof. The flies have appeared and I think I should give him some respite thats if he will...
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    Tin dog food without wheat please

    My dog doesnt have dried food. But the vet has suggested a wheat free diet. I can find dried food but no ie tins like chappie etc. Any idea which brand please...I could always soak dried food if need be. Thank you
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    Any advice scabs?

    My dog has scabby areas that are raised on his flanks, legs and chest (a couple on his neck area)they are not bald but he scratches. They are not ticks, I can pick the scab off and its very soft if I squash it like a scab with a pin prick, I cannot see anything moving(I even looked under a...
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    What shall I look for? Like a cob but not a cob?

    I am partial to cobs. I tried to look at other types but always drifted back to good old cob/or section D types. Am thinking of what could I get instead after losing old boy(I think I keep thinking I will find another like him). So I need a breed that will live out 24/7, carry 12stone for...
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    Bute in the food chain & useless passportation

    I mean how many of you really find this quite shocking? Are we suprised? I am not. What annoys me is the word CONTAMINATION. UR NO ITS HORSE! Glad I use my local butcher and had this same conversation with him today. Cattle farmers must have been losing out too over this? Told you...
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    When its horse related welfare issue why not use a horse charity?

    As title suggests. I am very confused why the horse charities dont get picked on for dealing with horse welfare and the RSPCA get it in the neck but they try to do ALL animals! But hey I am not actually knocking any of them as I think they are all great. Just curious and not understanding it...
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    All the cruelty cases where will it end! I know this is not horse related but am guessing with all the other cruelty to horses and animals is it that reporting is better or that its just in the news more with all the press. The press gets criticised...
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    Horse meat and the passport system

    Now no passport expert(I just got one when they first came out) but I always believed that the passport was to stop ie medicated horses etc entering the food chain? Nothing is mentioned in the media or am I wrong in thinking this? The guy on TV was just saying how strict abbatoirs and the...
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    Explain who is responsible for executing horse welfare laws or animal neglect etc

    As title states. I am confused who is responsible in light of recent Severn events etc Charities seem to get knocked ie RSPCA or "where is horse welfare"? and the numerous others..."Defra??? Who is responsible for acting in dire situations? Who should be first point of call(I dont...
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    SAS Guy released completely unhorsey

    Thank you everyone who signed the petition to help release the SAS guy. Punished but not jail. Justice does exist. Hope he has a very nice christmas with his family. Someone will be a happy chappy.
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    Danny Nightingale SAS IMPORTANT pls

    Please sign petition for SAS guy Danny Nightingale Care2 petition.
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    Arrest of man So sad for this lady and her lovely horses.
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    Dartmoor ponies urgent If anyone can rehome one of these fellas or filly? Its all quite self explanatory but urgent or they are off to the lions. Crazy.
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    What am I to do with deceased passport(horse of course)!

    Title says it all. No one asked for it to look at passport when PTS(I thought they would be questioning it was right horse etc). I did think at time of PTS well that was a pointless lot of effort having a passport. There was me years ago spending to get vet out and document him etc as he had...
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    Is this normal? PTS question?

    Ok 23 year old that we know of (retired) no recorded DOB we think a lot older. Arthritis diagnosed x ray 7 years ago and ridden until last year. Buted x1 a day since end 2011 after vet visit(who wanted to take him for tests xray..I refused due to age etc) and farrier having trouble with the legs...
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    NOT horsey sorry am astounded anyone who can recommend or advise pls?

    Ok 21 year old diagnosed and awaiting treatment for a heart arrythmia, told to continue playing sport etc as normal...goes to the gym etc v fit. Just finished police special training with no problems etc. Told it wont affect him once treated with cardiac ablation. Just tried to get him...
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    Slight smelly sweat cheesy cocker ears

    Ok my previously healthy 6 year old cocker got sore between paws and was put on antibiotics which cleared it up. His ears smelt checked no discharge etc Now we have one small area on paw that is watery looking under skin. So I have hibiscrubed and now surgical spirit the...
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    Repeat script for BUTE do you get asked etc

    Vet came out for my old boy before xmas ...apart from arthritis that he was xrayed for about 6 years ago he looks blooming healthy. Anyhow I just wanted a bit of bute to keep him moving without discomfort etc etc I have had one box since then and he is on one sachet a day. When I rang to get...
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    Dog and fox?

    Ok I have come across frothing at the mouth after my dog licks a toad. But today he caught a young fox and although he grabbed it around the neck for about 30 seconds he was really foamy and dribbling for a couple of minutes after. I have never encountered this and wondered if there is...
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    Something Different Waterproof Mascara (HUMAN)!!

    I like Rimmel waterproof as it does not smudge and run But are there any other brands that are good???? ................sorry rainy day more rain and guess what more rain.....feeling like treating will just have to keep wet!
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    Anyone else got bargy limpit since lush grass

    There was me thinking Arthritic Old boy is on his last 3 legs. Wondering how much longer on the hard ground will it be end of summer etc etc am on roller coaster prior to PTS. Electric fence gets moved a tad every day onto lush bit of grass ...what a difference. I had snorting galloping...
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    Anyone for a challenge? If I was a bit younger and bounced what a shame it bucks. Sorry nothing to do with me but was reading this thinking why is it so cheap but then at the bottom its free to right 5*home! Amazed...wonder if its that bad as it looks nice and pretty...
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    Astounded disappointed RSPCA I have always defended the RSPCA and never agree with some of the comments on here about them not doing their job as my experience had been good and it has been one of my...
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    Hi Old boy is on one bute a day (and I can give him up to 3 sachets if need be). I need to give him 2 BUT can I give this in one hit or do I have to give twice day? ie should I spread the sachets over the day? Thank you
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    Do I need to get vet out if I decide to PTS?

    Hoping we have a little longer but old horse on bute and not going to improve long term just keep comfortable(I am upping Bute now but not much else can offer except keep my eyes open on him ). Now do I have to get my vet out again or can I make the arrangement to PTS if I think its time? Sorry...
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    Where to find larger horse?

    As title says. To carry 14 approx stones tall, etc really hard to find. Any ideas please pm me. For hacking mainly. Lots of mw 16+ hands around but nothing substantial. I have scoured adverts etc Rang peoples adverts to get no replies, not even a text to say SOLD! Nothing!!
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    Dog fleas

    Hi I noticed my spaniel scratching and decided to de flea him in case. Any how before I put on the treatment(Doc Martin back neck spot on) I did notice a little black critter in his ear! He seems fine and is sunning himself now! But how long will the treatment take to work. It says on the...
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    Stupid question. What other NON equine animals live with your equines?

    And do they get on well? OH and me were talking about what else we could put in with my old boy instead of a horse...daft I know but it got us talking...I told him pigs were no no.... We were thinking sheep but I think they are escape artists?
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    How long can tapeworms survive in an ungrazed field?

    Ok after worming yesterday and the tapeworm that has appeared in his poos, gross! How long will they live in the ground, soil etc? I have plenty of rested grazing but am now wondering are the tapeworms dead/alive etc in the ground???? They were dead in his poos. If it hadnt been raining I...
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    Reading Verm X prompted me to worm urhh!

    I did read about the Verm X post the other day and so I thought yes due for a worm(I usually only worm spring/Autumn as I poo pick daily am now down to one cob so I thought I was lucky to have time etc). So yesterday morning double dosed strongid P and this morning poo picking a mix of real...