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  1. Unicorn

    Alternatives to Linseed for dry, itchy skin?

    My lovely pony has very dry skin, especially along his mane, which gets very itchy and he's starting to rub a lot of mane out. I'm doing my best to help with lotions and potions, but would like to support more from the inside. Vet reckons it isn't sweetitch, just dry skin. He's a 14.2hh 17 yr...
  2. Unicorn

    Burghley Tickets

    I have two tickets I can no longer use. They're the flexi ones, valid for admission Thursday, Friday or Sunday. I'd got them for Friday, so there's also a parking pass, which is only valid for Friday. Face value is £42, I'm happy to sell the lot for £30 + postage
  3. Unicorn

    Burghley Tickets

    I have tickets that I now can't use and would like to sell on - where is the best place to advertise them? Can I do it on here or does it need to be on the regional boards? Obviously not after full price for them
  4. Unicorn

    Rugs and stuff free to good home

    Having a bit of a clearout now I'm horseless :( I have a few older, medium to heavyweight turnouts, a couple of summer sheets, a fly sheet and a box of various bridle parts and reins. I've tried contacting a few local charities, but they're too busy to get back to me, so they're free to...
  5. Unicorn

    Lorry advice needed

    Hi - I'm a long time lurker needing a bit of advice! I have a really nice 3.5tonne box. Well, it was really nice until the engine died! The quotes I'm getting to fix it are alarming, and I'm wondering about the feasability of swapping the body (which is a really nice racemaster one) onto a...
  6. Unicorn

    Aaarggh!!! Can't go to Badminton

    So gutted. We'd sorted out all the hassle with the dog, sorted somewhere to stay so I could have a lovely Friday and Saturday at Badminton and what do I do? I go and end up in hospital with appendicitis! There's no way I'll be mobile enough to go now, I can only just get downstairs Anyone...
  7. Unicorn

    Badminton query...

    I'm really not sure what to do here! For the first time in about fives years I can afford to go to Badminton. My OH has agreed to come with me and camp for all four days and I have money for shopping! ...but.... we've just been asked to look after his parents adorable, but mental, 8 month old...