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    Back Pain whilst doing fast work / 2 Point

    Check the balance of your saddle, make sure the centre of the seat is flat and that the stirrup leather hangs straight down. Even if the stirrup is only an inch or so forward or back it will make you hold yourself differently to try to counter balance it. I have one saddle that sits perfectly...
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    Ulcers / KS / Something else - thoughts please

    Might be worth hopping on her bareback, or get someone else to so you can watch what is happening. I had this with a horse and it was the saddle despite two saddlers saying it was fine. Muscle worker said it was not and showed me where the pressure points were. There was no muscle wastage at...
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    Differing advice from 2 vets- Experienced opinions needed please

    I think horses vary wildly in their reaction to pain. I have one with a large jack spavin and did not give bute as it would delay the fusion. he didn't really care about it but worked through it. Success with jack spavins is very low. The side effects of bute are more than just taking down the...
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    OMflippingG! Micklem - I can't believe it!!

    The Micklem will fit a draught or shire buy large horse and replace the browband with a larger one. They are very adjustable.
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    horse I have for sale keeps failing vettings - what to do?

    I had a horse with a professional for sale following building up a competition record with them. He failed the vet with two lame steps on flexion. I arranged x rays for the next day and he had a spavin forming. I collected him and set about working him sound, he then jumped for a season and a...
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    Pressure girth recommendations

    Just checked on E Bay where they sell their tack and they have several models of girth and stock 60" ones. Heritage Saddlery, that is, there is a link to E bay on their site.
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    Pressure girth recommendations

    Am following this with interest as I also have a humungous horse. If it is any help I had a really nice stud girth made by Heritage , my local saddle shop organised it, and it was the same price as their stock ones which was a surprise. I think they do other types of girth too. Mine is far...
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    Do I need planning permission?

    My planning advisor who used to a Local Authority Planning Manager told me never to replace all the stables at once as I would need new planning permission, which although unlikely to be unsuccessful would be costly. She said to repair one or two at a time or do the walls and then the roof ...
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    Can anyone tell me if the Myler Combination Bit is PC legal?

    I am sorry I didn't realise it was a horse. They run the showjumping under BS Rules so I would imagine it is not allowed for a 148 and under and allowed for a horse bigger than 148. Sounds daft but that is the BS Rule. We had a pony that jumped in a hackamore with special dispensation for...
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    Can anyone tell me if the Myler Combination Bit is PC legal?

    Combination bits are not allowed in BS pony show jumping competitions so I doubt they are allowed for Pony Club, I would ask your District Commissioner, who will be able to check with Head Office if necessary.
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    How much do you pay for large round hay?

    Crikey I wish it was that cheap here, £40 for square and round bales. Large hay like haylage are better value as about 15 small bales in them, they are £40 too. Very few suppliers.
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    Lame , no heat, no swelling, no pain on palapation ?!

    One thing that I find helpful in these situations is to paint both feet with water, make sure the stable door is shut so that the sun doesn't get on them and then see if one area dries quicker than any other. If no heat at all they will both dry exactly the same. Not scientific I know but it...
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    Rig? Is this possible?

    I had one that was gelded late and after one of his escapades ( he covered a mare over an electric fence four feet high) he was tested and was a gelding. He looked and acted like a stallion and we treated him as such. He even chased some workmen out of the field to protect his herd of geldings...
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    Adhesions in fetlock joints/fetlock chips due to OCD

    I had a horse with adhesions in his navicular ligament. Cortavet used him as a free trial and it worked. he was about to be put down as he was right up on his toe and in a lot of pain. Three days on Cortavet and he was supposed to be trotted up, he exploded ( that is how he did it in the first...
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    Fencing and Neighbours

    Our local planning authority will not let you erect a fence higher than 4 ft without planning permission, we are not in an AONB. Worth checking as enforcement can be expensive to defend.
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    Slipping to back of saddle woes... me, the horse or the saddle??

    The centre of the saddle should sit flat then you can stay in the middle. I feel your pain as it was saddle fitter 3 that sorted one of mine. he was a similar shape and needed an extra wide saddle, wide gullet and a high cut back head. 3 sizes wider and 2.5 inches shorter than the other two...
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    Jointed Nathe Bits - Experiences/Reviews?

    My niece used one only at shows so it was used about 20 times and it broke causing a nasty fall. I researched on the internet and found four other cases so I will not use them. The horse is not strong, very light in fact.
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    Am I going mad? What's wrong with this picture (video)?

    Are you insured? If so I would take him to a vet hospital I am sure with better diagnostics they will find it. To me it looks behind the saddle area but his hamstrings also look tight, he could be moving that way to protect the injury so it is not always where it looks to be.
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    Getting horses used to ear masks

    Put it on in his stable and give him his dinner, I expect he will soon forget about it.
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    Air bag jackets with shoulder they exist?

    The answer is no I suffered a Stage Three dislocation in a Point Two, I landed on my head and shoulder. The surgeon refused to mend it as "he hates horses". I snapped all three ligaments and the shoulder is now detached from the collar bone and about two inches lower, hence I am very lop sided...
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    undiagnosed lameness?

    I suspect it is the arthritis, and some horses feel pain more than others. I think we have all heard of horses that don't go lame until they are absolutely crippled and others with that are very lame and only show mild changes on x rays. I found one in the field with his front foot in the air ...
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    New horse won't settle help!

    Another thought is to keep one in for half a day and then change it for another.
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    New horse won't settle help!

    Can't you leave another horse in too. Work both and if there are several maybe change which horse it is each day? They will pal up in the field later on but should stop attachments for now.
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    what could this be?

    I had one that did that but it built up to it. He always kicked out when asked for canter and backed off as soon as he could. Everyone told me I was a wuss due to old age and that there was nothing wrong with him ( never unlevel at all). I had various lameness workups from three months after he...
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    ANIMO BREECHES - dodgy sizing?!

    Why don't you measure yourself with a tape and see how that compares to the size chart? I find the makes vary a lot shapewise and some seem to shrink when you wash them no matter how careful you are about drying them.
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    Bitting advice please!

    If she goes well in the kk, they do a pelham version of it,very expensive but secondhand ones come up on e bay. If you can borrow one to try you will know if it is worth bidding on one. I have both and the horse does not like other sorts of stronger bit so this was a good compromise for both...
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    How long will she get?

    It also depends which rug make you use. Some are far roomier than others. I always use 3.5 inches from three as a rule for a big horse. However, have had one stop completely at three - he was a TBx ID more TB than draught. Another was 15.1hh at 18 months and 17hh at four, never grew taller...
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    dressage saddle advice needed

    keiffer saddles are very good for high wide withers, but are like marmite you either like them or hate them. Quite good if you are tall. The newer ones are adjustable by a saddler.
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    Sales livery

    Not able to advise as not in your area, but I would strongly advise that you have him vetted before he goes. Not because they could break him but I sent a horse for sale that was always stuffy. He gained a good competition record and was sold for a good price, all brilliant until he failed the...
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    Grid work

    If you set your poles out for trot strides, just so the pony will trot forwards through them comfortable then you can remove every other one to find a comfortable distance to canter over. It would help if you got someone experienced to help you as there is no set distance for a pony as their...