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    Age/Joint Supplement

    Hi I have two Italian Spinones, aged 9 and 1. I'm looking to put my older girl on a suitable age/joint diet now she's getting on a bit. They both feed from each others' bowls and are slow/picky eaters so it would be a bit of a nuisance to try and separate them in order to feed one a "senior"...
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    Clipping - saddle patch help needed!!!

    Clipping friend's pony tomorrow. Although she's had saddle fitter out etc she has mentioned that occasionally the saddle slips forward just an inch or two. Not a major issue as has only happened a few times and pony now wears a non-slip pad under the saddle. I'm wondering if I should suggest...
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    Worming for yard dogs

    Well, not quite yard dogs per se, but I do take my dogs to the stables a lot, they eat poo whenever they think they can get away with it. They are also regularly walked on the beach with all its delights to smell, eat and roll in, mmmmmm, and in woodland. Should I be treating them with any...
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    Your Horse Live!

    Which day is everyone going, and why? I haven't been for quite a few years and want to take mini-me for her first time but can't decide which day to go 😊
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    Slip rail/fencing query

    Hi. I'm fitting a slip rail to my stable. What wood treatment would you suggest to keep it preserved or seasoned, and if also possible one which will ideally discourage any chewing (I don't know if the pony is a chewer)? Thanks
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    Which clippers for a small pony?

    I've clipped my 11.2 for the first time this winter, initially a trace clip in October, and today a full clip. I've found it sooo much harder than clipping a big horse, (if you've only ever clipped big ponies and horses rather than small ponies I'm not sure you'll understand my problem...
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    Embroidered show rug

    I'm looking to get a fleece or show rug embroidered with the name of my pony/rider for a Christmas present, but the ones I've found on the Internet seem to be extortionate prices (around £80/£90!!!). Does anyone know anywhere reasonably priced that I can use? I'm wanting a rug made in a...
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    Annual Jabs

    Hi, I was late getting my 3yo pony's booster jab this year and my vet said that they preferred not to give the booster and that ideally I needed to restart the course from scratch. They did say that if I didn't show then I could risk just giving the booster, but I do show. The vet said that...