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    To sell or not to sell?

    So I’ve got a really fabulous horse I really think could go far in eventing, and I’ve missed eventing! Having only had lots of youngsters or dressage types over the more recent years. Although I have not missed the expense of eventing, with training costs and entries! I’m really torn with the...
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    Loaning a horse

    I wrote a long essay and then decided it made no sense so I’d start again and try and keep it short and sweet! Has anyone ever had success loaning out their horse to stay on present yard? So loaner would have to pay the full livery fee and obviously all other costs. The horse is a very talented...
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    Requirements for transporting

    I’m looking to purchase a 3.9T/4.5T horse box and contemplating the idea of offering hire and reward/transport services. I’m fairly certain I would need a CPC for this and also an operators licence? I have a HGV licence already so that’s not a problem. Any advice gratefully received
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    Of interest to a stud?

    Hello, looking for some advice not an advert! I’ll try and keep it short but I do tend to waffle so apologies in advance. Basically I have a lovely stallion who was never licensed due to not being very mature looking as a young horse, so we decided to wait and license once he had competitive...
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    Soya meal? Feeding advice!

    I have a very lovely but quite hot horse. She’s also quite hormonal. All these things I don’t mind and recently I’ve purely been working on gaining condition and a good partnership, predominately hacking, easy schooling etc. She’s happy now, bit too happy at times but that’s ok. Anyway she’s...
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    Full livery price?

    Opinions please! I know this varies depending on area so if you could put what area you are that would be marvellous! How much would you expect to pay for full livery (stabled) that includes: All year round turn out on good grazing, can be individual or group. (Turnout from 8am-4pm in winter...