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    wood pellet users - forks?????

    have a shavings fork but looking at the fynalite forks but at £40 are they any good for the little bits of poo - or I have seen this one and wondered if would be any good???
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    price of hunters

    this isnt a how much is my horse thread! however - a friend of mine needs to sell her horse and she has seen hounds and was very good, just wondering what sort of prices would a hunter type go for? 17.1hh rising 8 yrs IDxTB green in the school so hacking/fun rides/hunting type horse really -...
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    ok wood pellets again!

    So horse is moving yards and will be coming in at night. Going to use wood pellets as so many good reviews about them, would prefer a pine product but as cheap as poss!!! - also could do with having half pallet rather than full pallet. So what pellet is pine - whiter and Half pallets...
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    wow vsd flaps

    hi anyone have wow vsd flaps? - the ones with the moveable blocks? - fancy getting some but havent seem them in the flesh - do they flop about if you have a small block in the front - just wondering what they look like at the front where the gap is where the block goes??? anyone have a pic
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    winter overtrousers

    hi need help shopping for over trousers - legs dont stay warm with just breeches and was hoping i could find overtrousers that are warm but that have poppers all the way up the sides so easy to whip off before riding but easy to put on if muddy boots (hence poppers on side) anyone any clue?
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    wow kinda headpiece

    anyone have one - any reviews please?? cheers
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    wow kinda headpiece

    anyone have one and any feedback??????
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    Leather bridle makers help needed

    Am looking for a headpiece design (or made to my design) that sits well back off the poll. Horse is sensitive over poll and TMJ (had injections in TMJ) - I have tried no browband but it slips forward back into the poll. The dyon difference bridle is where i want the headpiece to sit - but dont...
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    A few of the yards in the area have had tack stolen and I am taking alot of my things home but it is a pain to take tack home - So its in a secure tack room but if they did ever get it I want to make it harder for them to choose my saddle! So as they usually operate on stealing at speed I want a...
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    anyone got a wow size 3 headplate

    as title really need a size 3 steel headplate for wow saddle!!! anyone seliing??
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    I feed boswellia serrata to my KS girl - it helps her and keeps her sound and happy. My question is can you feed boswellia carterii to horses and is it as strong as the serrata?? what is the difference?? I get mine from pegagus health and labelled naturebute but feedmark sell boswellia...
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    wow h girth

    hi looking for experiences with wow h girth - Thinking of getting one - second hand really as cant afford another mortgage!!! - Are they good - my horse has tight pectorals - and I think she may be more comfy in a h girth as pressure over sternum and not the pecs - although can you get a...
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    saddle security 3.5t horsebox

    So have new little lorry - its a new conversion. its based on a mercedes sprinter and is fab , however if i go somewhere untack my horse and leave ramp down, there is no real security for saddle being pinched. I have a large area where i can either build something or fix something like a...
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    3.5t FORWARD facing horsebox Breast bars ???

    I have just bought a 3.5t forward facing sprinter. Its fab. love it. HOWEVER. The breast bar is FIXED, its also high! its 4'4" - in my trailer i would have her breast bar on the lower one which is 3'8". (horse is 16hh) SO what height are your breast bars in your horseboxes and also are they...
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    wow saddle flaps

    do people swap? have fixed block dressage ones but feel i need something with mainly just thigh roll - so looking for the dressage thigh blocks or the dressage giant high block for size one saddle in black. so it likely someone will swop, or do i have to buy new ones, as skint currently...
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    horsebox insurance and breakdown cover????

    hi buying my first little horsebox, and now selling my single ifor trailer and freelander. So who do you all insure with ? - as i need to get insurance to collect box and get it taxed. Do you have breakdown cover If yes - with the insurer or someone else? And what would i do if i...
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    thinking of either getting a rear facing lorry (AUTO) - near impossible!!!! OR an equitrek with a Kia sorento Auto What realistic mileage per gallon do you get from a diesel auto kia sorento on a day to day basis and does anyone know how much to tax etc. currently have freelander and...
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    Whats the likelihood of me finding an Automatic horsebox????

    seems to be none for sale - would prefer 3.5t only as smaller to drive - plus dont need a 7.5t as only one 16hh horse. And looking to spend max £8k have looked on here, BD, ebay, searched the internet - does anyone know any great sites to look for boxes?
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    finding out horses BSJA winnings

    hi - horse has done BSJA - how do i find out how much she has won??? - I'm not a member of BSJA
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    wow saddle swop shop site

    Have you any of ever realised this is here??? - only discovered other day - we should use it more as a central point to advertise/swop saddle parts - very good resource. believe it was created by zoon
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    wow saddle headplates??????/

    have recently bought a wow saddle - and have been told it has a size 3 headplate in it - how do i check what is in it - its Red ? - I assume this is the lighter ones and not the steel ones. are there numbers on them to determine the size? and do i have to take it out to find the number? - fitter...
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    Wheres best place to look for WoW saddle???

    looking for a wow saddle for my girly who has kissing spines - and other than ebay wheres best place to look????? Need a 17" (size 1) curved tree deep seat (lighter carbon fibre one) Panels - 17" (size 1) no tabs, DDXWG or DDXXWG with no stitch line and dressage flaps So any idea - cant...
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    Wow saddle for kissing spine horse?

    Horse just been diagnosed with 8 impinging spinal processes - getting new saddle anyway - thinking of a wow saddle - she likes flair and wondered if the wow would suit as adjustable - what are people opinions good or bad on the wow saddle with kissing spines - think its t7-t8 then t14-whatever...
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    what is an ISH sect A

    in my horses passport (green ish) her dam is noted as ISH sect A and so some of her other grand dam etc,.... what does this mean? she has Sect A dam (slight resemblance) and TB sire(abdullah) dam then has TB sire (bassompierre) and Sect A dam (brief resemblance) and her dam then is the same-...
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    Flair Air bag replacements

    I think the air bags in my saddle need replacing - i bought it with flair in - how much does it normally cost to have them replaced - does anyone know anyone in walsall (as i am close) who does it - or do i have to send it to first thought equine? thanks
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    anyone used chris day - chiropractic vet

    he is homeopathic vet, accupunture etc...... any views pm if needs be thanks
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    ok, cant cope with winter - thermal underwear recomends please

    after freezing to death this evening out competing I have realised i cant go through another winter like last yr. I need thermal underwear recommends please - something to wear for yard jobs so say under jeans etc - and something for riding - so going under breeches - cant be done with ski...
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    looking for large bale haylage (4'x4) pref late cut . meadow grass not ryegrass, and not too rich???? - prob want about min 5 poss 10 bales. Anyone know of any??? Found a couple in cheshire at £22 a bale but too far - dont deliver and i cant collect as too far and too big!
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    sizing of mountain horse grace jackets?????

    want to order one online - I am a 14 and 'think' may need a large??? anyone got one and what the sizings like?? dont want to order wrong one!!!
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    topspec fibre plus

    hi can anyone tell me the ingredients and starch and sugar content please - cant seem to find it online thanks