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    Keeping horses near bee hives?

    I know that bees (in hives) aren't keen on horses But how far should hives be from grazing neddies? Would a larch-lap style 6ft high fence with vegetation on the hive side be enough to deter bees from flying en masse to attack horses or do you really need to be far far away?? Thanks
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    Feeding round bale hay in the field in winter to a 'cough-er'

    I am soon moving house and horses. I have found a couple of small paddocks to rent near to my new home, which have no stabling/field shelter/hay storage.... (I hope to find somewhere else with storage facilities and stables before winter or be able to put up a moveable field shelter).... but in...
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    Fidleywood Fern II. 10yr old light chestnut/almost palomino New Forest mare.

    Would also like to trace Fidleywood Fern II (A New Forest Pony) whom I sold 7yrs ago to a lovely lady with 2 kids in the Coulsdon area of Surrey. They renamed Fern 'Spirit'. I would love to know where Fern/Spirit is and how she's getting on. I'm sure the children will have outgrown her by...
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    Wellow Spruce. 10yr old New Forest Mare. Would like to know how she is?

    Does anyone know the whereabouts of this mare? I sold her to the Ardingly area of Sussex 7yrs ago to a lady with a young daughter and went to visit her once or twice. But felt I was encroaching, so didn't continue. Miss the little mare a lot. Often wonder how she is. She's liver...
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    Shredded office paper bedding?

    Does anyone use shredded office paper for bedding and if so, can you tell me how long it takes to rot down on the muck heap?
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    What to look for when checking trailer floors - esp the aluminium and plastic ones?

    I'm on the look out for a 2nd hand trailer. Am currently borrowing a friends' IW 505 with an aluminium floor. I wanted to have a proper look at it as my current trailer is an older 505 model with a wooden floor, but with her trailer the rubber mats are fixed to the floor so I can only peal...
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    Does anyone on here ride in Bedgebury Forest

    I am considering joining 'TROT' so I can ride in Bedgebury Forest, but am a little concerned about being chased by hoards of loose dogs, being spooked by speeding cyclists and having my trailer nicked when I park up. (I would be riding there alone) Years ago a few friends got a Bedgebury...
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    Have you ever worked out how much you've spent in purchasing your horses?

    Was talking to a friend the other day about the number of horses she's got and how much they all cost to buy (purchase price, not vetting and assoc. costs) - and we sat and worked it out. Mine have cost £11,750 over 27yrs, and that's for 11 horses and ponies. Out of the 8 my friend...
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    BE Foundation Points

    Is there a way of working out how many I would've won, if they'd had FP's in the days when I was Eventing? Just interested really!!
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    My day at the Olympics

    I just have to write about my experiences at the Olympics today, partly because my ticket for the Dressage today was a fairly last minute offer - I hadn't been successful in the bid for any tickets online, so was ecstatic when one of my friends offered me one that her friend had spare. Anyway...
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    Interesting advert for school for hire!

    "Outdoor floodlit sandschool for hire with full set of jumps and dressage markers. £10 per hour plus £5 per horse" £15 then!!
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    Public Liability cover??

    Is BHS Gold membership the cheapest annual insurance or do any of the other associations sell it cheaper? Thanks
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    I can feel my Shetland pony's ribs - never before.... should I be worried?

    I know this sounds stupid - as as for 'fat scoring' you should be able to feel ribs but not see them. But my shetland, whilst rotund in the past has never been a real chunker as I'm careful with his diet, but even so, his ribs were hard if not impossible, to feel. Anyway, he's 22yrs old this...
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    Bonfleur XC and Highfields Farm Mayfield, contact details?

    Does anyone have the contact phone numbers for Bonfleur XC course in Linton and Highfields Farm, Lake Street, Mayfield? Thanks v much
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    How far do you travel (miles or timewise) to go XC practice?

    And do you go to more than one course before you compete? Whether that be Hunter Trial or Horse Trial?
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    Long leather riding boots: zip-ups or not??

    Once again, the zips have gone on my long leather boots (which I only wear for competing). The zips always go long before the boots fall apart. So how easy is it, to get on and off, long boots without zips/laces/whatever, these days? I just remember years ago, helping a friend get out...
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    Rejoining BS(JA) after many years - it's all changed!

    I'm thinking of rejoining my veteran to BS. We last competed in about 2002! I think our actual winnings were about £210 and Notional £190.... we were out of Discovery classes at the time and unable to go any bigger really. In those days it was rare for there to be a 1m open class, they...
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    What I found in my bag of Readigrass today

    Yuk! Grabbed a handful of the stuff out of the bag and with it came something squashed and furry. I think it was the back leg/hock of a rabbit - gross!!! Both ends of the leg bones were snapped off and there was no dried blood to speak of. Hopefully that means the creature was already...
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    Wellow Spruce. New Forest mare, Liver Chestnut

    Would like to trace Spruce, who would be 8yrs old now. I sold her approx 5yrs ago to a lady in West Sussex for her young daughter. I've lost touch with the family now, but think about Sprucey all the time and would love to know how she's getting on. She would be approx 13.2hh, liver...
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    Tying-up? Chicken and egg question?

    Hi Can anyone advise whether horses that tie up do so because of diet/hormones or the excitement factor?? Which comes first?? Reason I enquire is that my pony recently had a mild episode 'I think' whilst on the lunge. She had a buck and bolted off which is unlike her as she finds being...
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    Anyone hunt with the Pytchley??

    Just a little favour really ;-)
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    Would anyone like to hack with me on the Ashdown Forest?

    I ride up there a couple of times a month (weekends) and would love someone to ride with as my previous hacking partner hasn't renewed her permit this year. I box up there so generally park at Blackhill or the carpark near the pond on the Nutley windmill Road. We love exploring and having...
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    Can you call yourself an International Event Rider if you've never competed abroad?

    Can you call yourself an International Event Rider if you've never competed abroad? Or is it the fact that you've competed in a CIC or a CCI.... which are 'International' even though they're in this country and are no more International than any other class which still allows entries from...
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    RAC/PRP Horse Trailer assist - I have to applaud

    Today I broke down on the M25, so called PRP/RAC which I recently took out having read various posts on here about horsebox recovery... and having cancelled my NFU insurance and the breakdown cover that went with the policy. Though there was a bit of a muck up with who I was supposed to have...
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    Clippers - is it worth getting them serviced?

    I've got a set of Lister Laser clippers. They're fairly old and I bought them 2nd hand off a friend. Anyone know how much it would cost to get them serviced? They get very hot very quickly and I can really only do a bib clip before they get too hot. I keep them clean inside, grease the...
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    How long does it take for a yard to be free of Strangles?

    I want to go and compete at a show centre that has recently had Strangles. Am uncertain whether enough time has gone by for them to be clear.... I thought clearing horses of the condition was a lengthy process?? I know I could just make the decision and not go! But I like this place Is...
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    Where's the best place to sell hardback horse books?

    I've got a several Autobiography books from Eventers and SJ'ers, and have found that books don't sell well on eBay due to the weight of them.... You never used to be allowed to charge postage on books either which means you invariably made a loss!
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    Warm larvae in droppings - how far does it go?

    Question 2 of 'something I've always wondered' If there's worm larvae in droppings - how far does it wriggle to enable it to be eaten by a grazing horse? And how long does it live for on the grass before it hatches out? The reason I ask is.... up until recently I haven't religiously...
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    Does mosquito larvae in the water trough harm the horses?

    Question 1 of 'something I've always wondered and been too scared to ask!!' Do the larvae die in the horses' gut or survive and hatch in the poo?
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    Bedding - which rots down quickest?

    Next year I need to change from straw to something dust free .... so am considering options. Taking into consideration the best dust free options and cost, does anyone know how quickly they all rot down? I love my straw muck heap! Just keep piling it up and in no time it rots down to...