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    Soham pc ODE this sunday

    anyone going ?
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    dont think ill bother going to anymore shows...

    got home from a show last week to find the computer was broken got home from a show today to find that otto was broken! he stayed at home today as he has been out 3 times this week and he threw a hissy fit when we took the pony off to be loaded. he was spinning round in his box and calling. he...
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    shetland not pooing

    my shetland has been turned out during the day for approx 2 weeks with no problems, since sunday she has been going out of a night time and in during the day so her turnout time has practically doubled from 8 to 16 hours out of 24. the last 2 days there has only been one dropping in the stable...
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    jumping dilema

    number 2 daughter has taken over the welsh one, shes had her to herself a year now since ash got otto. the trouble is the pony is very strong when in the jumping ring (fine at home most of the time ) she is ridden in a dutch gag on second hole, needed for steering and brakes or meg just goes...
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    Otto at isleham

    ottos and ashes first attempt at dressage was going quite nicely until in the last canter otto trod on the board ,spooked himself and shot of at 90mph down the long side although ash did manage to spto him where she was ment to! her score was 46.8 mainly 5's & 6's and one 4 where he took...
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    isleham tomorrow

    did anyone walk the course (for class 2) if you didnt at the water jump you have to walk into the water, jump a 2ft9ish log in the middle of the water complex then walk/trot/canter out of the water complex. the rest of the course is fairly nice but very mole hilly! also on some parts of the...
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    Isleham on sunday

    who's going? ash and otto are doing class 2 (2ft11) hopefully be able to meet some of you
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    what a day !!! and introducing shetland to new fieldmate (long )

    moved my shetland yesterday to new yard with the intention of part loaning her to a teenager who was going to buy one as a companion for her welsh who just loves everybody and needs 4 horses for company never mind one! ( i was moving her anyway, not just so she could be jimmys companion ) anyway...
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    shetland - access to grass

    just moved my 5 yr old shetland up to new yard with the other 2.. she has never had laminitis but for the last two months since ive had her has had no access to grass as the paddock was bare. the field she has now ,she is sharing with out welsh, it has been grazed over winter and recently...
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    dressage people

    have been chatting to another forum member, no names mentioned LIVE_WIRE... and she has talked ash into entering a ODE (not that it took much persuading) anyway SJ & XC not a problem....ash and otto have never done a dressage test in their lives. i have a copy of the test, its pony club...
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    feed advice

    we are moving otto on saturday to a yard we used to be on. the paddock he will have has not been grazed all winter and the grass is about 3 or 4 inches long. the field he is currently on doesnt have any grass in it. he has hard feed morning and night and approx half a bale of hay per day,he...
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    teenage ponies

    can you teach them anything new ? one of the liveries on our yard is off to college in september so is loaning her pony out, she hasnt done a lot with him but he does jump etc. im not sure if she does/has done any schooling with him and wont find out properly until i sit on him. was just just...
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    ESHPC hunter trial report (long )

    day started off c**p when otto went down in the lorry whilst we were coming down a very steep hill, had to stop halfway down it with numerous other lorrys backed up behind me.hes not a good traveller at the best of times anyway..he was ok though. then number 2 daughter decides the time is right...
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    fancy dress ideas

    anyone come up with any ideas for a 4yr old boy and a shetland ? ive got a couple of things im going to do (once ive worked out how to use a sewing machine) kids are being useless and cant think of anything!
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    ponies in back gardens

    ive finally been offered a house (council ) which has a huge and i mean huge back garden. does anyone know if there are rules and regs on having a pony in the back garden ? i plan on a couple of days a month letting the shettie loose on it so she can 'mow' it for me!
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    how do you teach a shetland to jump ?

    as above really, took tinks into the menage this evening (managed to find a dry bit!) as there was a little jump up and led her over it, she jumped it while it was tiny but then ash put it up to about a foot high and she just stopped at it , she did jump it eventually. she will be led as he...
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    rubber mats

    which rubber mats do you good people recommend for stables ? im moving the horse back to an old yard and want to put mats down. thanks in advance
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    horse not listening to the leg

    ash had a lesson yesterday and was working on turns and Otto just does not listen to her leg , instructor gave her some exercises to do involving putting pressure where the leg would and getting him to move over then praise etc.i was wondering whether as a temporary measure until he starts...
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    tack / gadget query

    went to watch a bit of the junior premier show at towerlands today and a girl came into the ring with what looked like a running martingale on but also had a strap type thing on the front of the breast plate and attached to the back of the noseband,looked like the strap had elastic on it as...
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    showing a shetland - tack

    i recently bought a shetland for my 3 & 4 yr olds, (mainly the 4yr old as the 3 yr old hasnt set eyes on her yet) plan to do a few gymkhanas etc but was wondering whether to enter them in some local level showing stuff..her saddle is more of a leather pad with stirrups on it, would she need...
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    MK XC schooling march 11

    is this still going to happen ?
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    seeded toe

    this should probably be in vets but a pony on our yard has this ailment and i was just wondering what the treatment is....
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    just wanted to say thankyou

    was on the yard this evening doing the feeds when my daughter called me over after hearing the horse next to ours making weird noises,she called me across as he was bringing up lots of phlegm like stuff.he was also gagging and looking generally i wouldnt have had a clue except...
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    well the new shetland can stick up for herself!

    turned otto out this morning and he went must have gone straight to the fence to see tinks.. i went to check on her just before i left the yard to see otto bite her arse and all 10.2hh of her double barrel all 16 hands of him ...and he walked off ,the big girl !! lol
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    tying up shetland when travelling

    i am picking our new shetland up tomorrow and dont know the best way to tie her in the lorry as the rings are set quite high . i dont want to leave her loose in a compartment either as she will be able to get under the end of the partitions and otto will be in the lorry as well ,as we are...
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    well after ashleighs BSJA debut last week (fell off and pretty much rode like a complete novice!!) i was beginning to wonder if we had done the right thing affiliating otto..he stuck to his plan and was a complete muppet in the BN deciding that he would stop at 2 fences (hes NEVER stopped...
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    guess what i bought today?

    caught up with an old friend who i used to livery with and she told me she is giving up horses! had a chat with her and now i own one of her ponies! pics in the gallery
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    ashleighs first BSJA report

    ashleigh did her first BSJA show on sunday,entered the BN & towerlands 95cm novice classes..warmed him up in the outdoor arena as inside was a tad mental to say the least and he bucks in canter so didnt want to risk him kicking another horse in the chops! went into the ring, jumped a lovely...
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    riding holidays

    does anyone know of any places that do riding holidays where you can take your own horse /use their horses and near a beach you can ride on ?
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    its official my pony is a vandal ...and the horse isnt much better!

    took the horses to a show today and when we got there,got out the lorry and meg had pushed one of the windows clean off the lorry and had been going along with her head hanging out of the window hole like a flippin dog ! i knew she was doing that as an old friend who i hav'nt seen in years was...