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  1. YorksG

    Sky lantern ban petition This is the nfu petition to ban sky lanterns.
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    Eazigrazers or something similar please

    I bought an Eazigrazer, and apart from having to chase up the firm to see if they had dispatched it and then collect it from two streets away, was quite pleased with it. So pleased with it that I ordered two more and a bigger regulator for the first one. Having got an email receipt on the day I...
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    For those looking for a CCTV set up

    I have bought one with a solar panel to charge it, from amazon. ctronics Solar Powered Battery Security Camera System (well that's what it says on the box). I only got it today and charged it prior to attaching it to a fence post. I have an EE mobile wifi box (which I have attached to a solar...
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    Rotter and the Lab pups

  5. YorksG

    planning question re stables

    if someone obtains planning permission for stables, with the condition that they use them for their own and their families horses, and then rent them out as livery stables, what if any comeback might there be?
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    Another Clicker Training Victory :)

    Having successfully used clicker training with the Appy to get her over her terror of having her front feet handled, after a nasty incident which required IV sedation, a twitch and a quick moving vet, I decided to try it with the cob, when she objected to having cream on the little scab in the...
  7. YorksG

    Calcium stopping itching?

    We know our land is pretty short of calcium (very soft water area) and having seen the Appy licking the dry stone walls, we decide to add some limestone flour to the feeds. She has always had an itchy tail and has rubbed the hair off since they started coming in at night in November, this has...
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    When did it become acceptable to allowdogs to run free across other peoples land?

    Two afternoons this week we have had other peoples dogs running through our sheep and horses, coming in over the walls and running riot! The first one was some variety of "long dog" which was chasing rabbit. I shouted to the owner to get it out of the field, and put it on a lead if she couldn't...
  9. YorksG

    Dodgy van in West Yorkshire

    Tuesday afternoon a white van turned up at our gate (end of a private lane, only six houses on the lane). I only realised the van was there because the Rotters were barking, I went to oue gate an said "can I help you?" Cue bloke leaping into van and driving off at speed backwards down the lane...
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    Has PAX, worked for anyone?

    I think we had a box, which didn't work for the old Appy, but wondered if it has worked for anyone? It is the "smell" based calmer. If I can find it I may try it for the younger Appy who is having an issue with an abscess!
  11. YorksG

    Size 12 New Trail hoof boots

    I have a pair of nearly new size 12 New Trail Hoof boots for sale, they have been worn less than a handful of times and we sadly no longer have the mare they were for and are unlikely to have another with such big feet! Please pm me if you are interested.
  12. YorksG

    The Different way different horses think

    We have two youngish horses, one a cob, one a part-bred Appy. The cob is scared of nothing, very food orientated and would like to be in charge :) The Appy is quite reactive, not that bothered about food and couldn't be in charge of anything. We got them both treat balls on Sunday, put some...
  13. YorksG

    Un-scented mane and tail detangler?

    Does such a thing exist? The Appy hates the smell of any we have here and actually seems distressed by it! I have resorted today to using some cheap human hair oil, which I had hanging about and don't like on my own hair, on both her mane and tail, but though cheap it is a tiny bottle and will...
  14. YorksG

    Cushings horses and steroids.

    Our Older Appy had dreadful heaves in the summer, in fact it started last spring and she had to have three or four courses of oral steroids. She had the stim test for cushings early autumn and the figures came back 8x the acceptable number, was retested after six weeks on prascend and was only...
  15. YorksG

    Wellington delivery AIBU? Yorkshire Clothing co.

    I ordered a pair of wellington boots from The Yorkshire Clothing Company, they took the money and sent me an e-mail to say they were dispatched on the 7th of September. On Tuesday I e-mailed to ask if they had any news of them (that might have been a bit early, I accept), heard nothing, e-mailed...
  16. YorksG

    Asthma reaction in horses, to mint

    I posted a couple of weeks ago about my Appy having a reaction to Sorbitol, I think it has sensetised her to mint! Her breathing improved hugely when we stopped the sugar free mints, but there appeared to be a residual sinus problem. Cue internet research again and the discovery that mint can...
  17. YorksG

    Sorbitol and problems with horses

    Because of problems with sugar, I have been using sugar free Polo's as rewards for just over a year. During this year the Older Appy has had an on/off cough (steaming hay etc) and she has always had a bit of a seasonal reaction to pollen. This summer it has got worse and worse and she has also...
  18. YorksG

    Idiots feeding the horses!

    A small rant coming now. We have our horses at home, fields and yard surrounded by other fields and a private lane, no footpaths or other public access to the fields, although there are footpaths across fields next to ours. One of the younger horses, the Appy, is very, very sensetive to some...
  19. YorksG

    Is Modecate licensed for use in horses?

    This has intrigued me, having read that it was used in the Kent dealers scandal and subsequent sentensing. I have seen it used in humans with serious mental health problems (and seen them very over sedated with it) and am amazed that anyone even thought of using it on horses, who I don't think...
  20. YorksG

    A thumbs up for Anthony Evans breakdown service

    I know they get a bad press on here, but they were brilliant yesterday when our old wagon broke down. The back story to this is I was taking a friends rare breed mare from West Yorkshire to Staffordshire. The journey was not too good, as the M6 had been closed and we spent about an hour on the...
  21. YorksG

    Yard surface?

    We are looking at putting a surface on our yard (currently mud!) It would have to be SUDS compliant and cope with four large horses, regular use of one small tractor and once a week hay delivery from a large tractor and our cars every day. We have three gateways and the back door of the house...
  22. YorksG

    A big thumbs up to Horscrocz

    My older Appy mare had a nasty abcess opened up in her front foot last week, so after much poulticing she is now much better, but fed up of being in. I have waterproofed her foot, but was concerned about her slipping on the water proof tape. I looked at a number of options and then sent for a...
  23. YorksG

    Excellent service, happy YorksG

    A bit of back story :- Sis bought her draught mare about five years ago and has had to use four different saddles on her, finally resorting to yet another old one we had, with a front riser pad. My Appy came to us ten years ago with a grotty 16 inch saddle, since then she has had a saddle...
  24. YorksG

    A big thumbs up to Treehouse

    Sis and I decided that air jackets would be a good idea, especially for bringing on the youngsters. We hack, so HI-Viz is essential. After a fair amount of research, we decided on the Helite jackets from Treehouse as they do them in Hi-Viz. I had a bit of trouble getting the right size for sis...
  25. YorksG

    A day in the life.....

    of a person who left full time employment last week :) A leisurely start to the day, accompanied by two rather pleased Rotweillers,, playing in the yard. Then took the two older horses for a short pootle round the local lanes. I nearly fell off before we left the yard :D There I was trying to...
  26. YorksG

    Solution versus Flexee versus Vogue?

    What would people think was the best value for money of those three? I know the costs are a bit different, but that isn't the main issue, it is what is best for the horses, the best after sales service would be useful too. I also have some concerns about the Flexee being made in India (mainly...
  27. YorksG

    Trying to get to see a Flexee saddle :(

    I am wanting to try a Flexee saddle for the young Appy, so e-mailed the maker, who gave my details to the nearest agent. The response was not ideal, she only has the vogue to try (this is twice the price!) and was very upfont about her charges! 35 pounds plus expenses at so much per mile, and...
  28. YorksG

    Perception of YO responsibilities

    A few recent threads have had me pondering :) Often there are threads which recomend that novice owners put their horses on livery with knowledgeable owners, so that they can be given the appropriate advice and be kept on the right track. Then there are the theads which suggest that YO should...
  29. YorksG

    That was not a good morning!

    I took today off for the farrier visit, brought the horses in before sis went to work at 9.30. Not a problem for them to stand in for an hour and a half. Farrier sent text at half ten to say he would be late, about 12ish. Still not really a problem, checked on the girls, cob and draught horse...
  30. YorksG

    Do people not establish the basics anymore?

    A few threads recently have got me thinking, it used to be that young horses were established in walk and trot before people had them jumping and doing advanced work in canter. Likewise riders had a secure seat in canter before they learnt to jump. It appears that this is no longer fashionable...