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    How much do you actually walk your dogs?

    Hollypops is a 4 year old Lab and Oh and I work full time. During the week she is walked for 30 minutes first thing, 1 hour at lunchtime with dog walker (plus chums so 1 hour's hooning!) then 1 hour after work. All off lead. At the weekend she has 30 minutes morning and evening and a longer...
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    Post your then and now pics!

    Holly at 5 weeks Holly at 12 weeks Holly at 17 weeks Holly now
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    Taking matchy matchy schooling too far?

    Maybe I could make some money by producing coordinating magnetic decals in Anky colours for application to horseboxes.............;)
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    pictures of my two dressage mares from november

    Lovely pictures.....I have SERIOUS gilet envy :(
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    Taking matchy matchy schooling too far?

    Bit of schooling on Sunday in the sunshine :) in preparation for stressage this weekend. OH took some shots of us and looking back at them I feel I may have taken matchy matchy too far...... Is it wrong to coordinate with your truck as well? And my favourite picture as he is...
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    How much do you guys pay for big dog insurance.

    I pay £14.87 a moth with MoreThan for my Lab. Think I have £8k vets fees and public liability for that.
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    Puppy pictures!

    Met up with my friend at the weekend and took full advantage of the fact she has a new puppy to stock up on puppy snuggles :) I could have quite happily stolen her and taken her home. Lottie is 14 weeks old and a Patterdale Terrier. She really is the cutest thing ever so here are some...
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    Who has a dog walker?

    Yes £10 a day or £50 a week. It's the going rate and to be honest to get someone who is honest, reliable, properly insured and checked it is worth every penny. M
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    Who has a dog walker?

    I have a dog walker for Holly Pops. I found her via the t'internet as I was moving to an new area and didn't know anyone to get a recommendation from. I arranged to meet her at my house, she supplied references and a police check and I made sure Holly liked her. I followed up her references...
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    would you recommend a rescue lurcher?

    Well just outside Morpeth in Longhirst- all the best people are in the North East ;) Would definitely consider a small greyhound if there was something suitable and more than willing to work with recall. Thankfully Holly has super recall and would hopefully be a good influence on any...
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    would you recommend a rescue lurcher?

    Over the last 4 months I have had to have both my 18 year old cats put to sleep :( and this has left my Lab Holly without company. She loved both cats and although she is okay on her own I'd rather she had company when I'm at work. I can't face the thought of getting another cat yet but have...
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    What Holly did in pictures

    Wish it made her tired- We can be out 3 hours off lead walking, she has a quick 30 minute nap and she's ready for more. :)
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    Finally found a dog :) *pic overload!*

    What a lovely, happy little dog he looks :)
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    What Holly did in pictures

    Just been having a little sort out of photos from the last couple of weeks and thought I'd post some shots of what Holly has been up to. She met a friends 12 week old Patterdale Terrier puppy- "What are you exactly?" She had a fun time at the beach, hunting bunnies in the dunes and...
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    Do not read if you don't care for Matchy threads (esp Anky)

    OMG- I really, really don't need anymore matchy matchy sets but fuscia and light khaki would look aa-maz-ing on my bright bay boy. And I already have a gilet in that exact khaki colour. And aquamarine is really tempting too...... ****MUST RESIST NEW ANKY COLOURS******
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    Getting a horse to relax

    What works for my boy is always, always, always working him in the same way. I have this 15 minutes 'routine' I use everytime I ride, whether it is at home, away at training or a competition. It involves getting him to bend and stretch down low in walk, riding loops and circles, few steps...
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    The most beautiful Lab in the world

    Maybe I am a bit biased but I think she is :) This weekend we went back to Aberdeenshire for a visit and took the opportunity to revisit one of Holly's favourite haunts- Bennachie! There was still snow higher up and despite the rain we had a fab time hunting for shrews and chasing sticks...
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    BD Camp, Hull 18/03/2011

    Me!!!! I'm new the area so will know no-one. Am staying on site in silver lorry with burgandy/pink decals of dressage horse if you want to pop over to say hi. Really looking forward to it and just hope Mr Pony doesn't look out of place with all the fancy dressage horses :) Marquire
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    comp & bit advice report , pics :)

    Hi, He is lovely and well done in on your scores. A great start to the season. I was there doing the novices- my first competition with the club and first time out in 11 months. Maybe see you at the next one if you're doing novice. Marquire
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    Matchy schooling and dressage report

    This weekend was our first competition for 11 months as Mr Pony has been out on loan with a friend (who really didn't do anything much with him) as I was relocating due to work. I got him back just before Christmas and we have been working hard at re-establishing the basics as he came back...
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    What is this?

    My boy had something simlar a few years ago- vet did all sort of tests as he thought it could a be an autoimmune thing but all biopsies came back normal. Aftrer speaking to a few folk it turns out a few of them had also seen something similar on their horses after clipping and seemed to be...
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    Joint/mobility supplements, which would you recommend?

    I have used Superflex for my Boy for the last 4 years as a preventative measure- He's 15 now and is feeling great- He had a two week break from it about a year ago when I was on holiday and the yard girls forgot to add it to his feeds- when I got back and rode him he felt really different, not...
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    wow saddles

    I have two WOWs for my boy and he has been a different horse since I've had then. They did take a bit of getting used to as initially I felt quite far away from the horse but now a 'regular' saddle feels weird. As for fitters try Carolyn Johson at Paragon Equine Solutions who are near...
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    Livery Yard Recommendations- Morpeth

    I'd really appreciate any recommendations for a livery yard near Morpeth. I am looking for somewhere that offers full livery all year round, ideally with an indoor school. I've been to see a couple of places which both seemed nice but being new to the area I'm wary of not seeing the 'real'...
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    Rescue dogs- all very depressing

    Hi Cayla, I'm ideally looking for something mid size as Holly (current dog) is a smaller sized Labrador. I'm not fussy about sex, breed or anything but am a sucker for Labs or Lab crosses. Holly has a fear of GSDs as one attached her when she was little and now she is terrified of them and...
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    Rescue dogs- all very depressing

    Just need to vent so apologies in advance. I currently have a 3 year old Lab (Holly) and my OH and I have been talking about getting a second dog for sometime now. So rather than get another puppy we thought we'd do our bit by rehoming a rescue dog. However, we both work full time and this...
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    Smitten with Harvey...when will his halo slip?

    He is seriously the cutest puppy I have ever seen. It really makes me want a Spangle and I am a Lab girl through and through. ***wonders if OH would consider a Spangle instead of a second Lab in the new year****
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    Holly in the snow

    We have had a lot of snow over the weekend which my Lab is loving We went for a long walk up a big hill yesterday for about 3 hours and she spent the whole time looking for bunnies. I think I see something! Is it in there? I was sure it was in there! I am soooooo pretty!
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    XC boots advice please? (woofwear? pics to compare)

    I've got the Pro Equine Air Cooled ones and they are MAGIC! Legs are cool when you take them off and they don't move a centimeter despite what horsie gets up to. No rubbing and the strike pads are quite substantial. Best off all they are idiot proof to put on so OH (who has been known to put...
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    Bad news - Ill be brief but would like some advice

    So sorry to hear about that. Try Ascot horseboxes. I'm about to take delivery of a 7.5T from them and I traded in my 3.5T box against it. I am totally gutted to have had to trade it in but my horse hates travelling backwards. It's a 55 plate, 84k miles, purple with silver decals and as new...