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  1. LittleRooketRider

    Just a musing whilst out today

    Today I had another fabulous day out hunting, haven't been able to get out for a few weeks so it was much needed. This I realised was despite the presence of certain "visitors"... sabs of course. And during a quieter moment of the day I started pondering a number of things relevant to the...
  2. LittleRooketRider

    A little help please

    Hello all, On the hunt for figures to show the cost of staging the Olympic Eventing at London and/or Rio for my coursework. I've been trawling through the inter web and find lots f contradictory articles either slamming the cost or praising it but none of them are the same.... am i missing...
  3. LittleRooketRider

    The course to try love never did run smooth...

    This really should be jubilant yet apologetic for being late account of last weekend, which despite an appalling dressage test due to me riding like a pair of pants with snapped elastic and 2 down SJ (I was thrilled to complete after the hellish time I've had over the last year or so)was a great...
  4. LittleRooketRider


    Hello again all, long time no type.... Thought I'd better introduce my new girl..... Firstly if somebody could work out how her breeders had a mare called Seahorse (by Environment Friend), put her to a stallion called Solitaire & duly named the resulting foal Vodka Shot I will be very...
  5. LittleRooketRider


    Basically I've been "balloted" at Dauntsey.... I'm guessing this means absolutely zero chance of a run? (Double checking) Do i get my money back? If so how long roughly for refund? Thanks in advance & good luck to all who get to compete at Dauntsey!
  6. LittleRooketRider

    WOW saddles

    And so the quest for saddles for new horse begins... I rode someone else's horse in their wow dressage saddle the other day & loved it. So did a bit of research..sounded great- discovered price! Now I'm prepared to pay a bit more for the right saddle, but as I am looking for a dressage & jump...
  7. LittleRooketRider

    Rug Reccomendations please

    Just come across Bucas. Opinions on Bucas rugs please? 🙂
  8. LittleRooketRider

    Easy Spur opinions please

    Any opinions on the easy spur (horse health sell them) or any other Spurs please? Looking for something not too bulky & good quality. Thanks x
  9. LittleRooketRider

    Very Excited, fingers crossed!!!

    Having finally drawn a line under the disaster of Roo (it just wasn't working & we were going round in circles- fortunately she has found a home with her previous owner) I have at last found a horse who will hopefully be my forever horse! She's a bit in the big side for me ( at 5ft & just short...
  10. LittleRooketRider

    Project Z- and co.: the extended edition

    Hello again! Long time no see! Well, my resolution to keep a "log" of roo and my progress has spectacularly flopped and therefore I'm gonna treat you lovely lot to an update to challenge the length of the Danube. For my own sanity I think I will deliver in instalments: Warning, fragmentation...
  11. LittleRooketRider

    Entry Dilema

    Where I train/my intsructor's yard/facility is hosting a hunter trial tomorrow. I am taking Roo for her first go at getting round XC. Over the last month we have been introducing this mildly neurotic SJer to XC and she has rather taken to it like a duck to water..the conundrum, about two weeks...
  12. LittleRooketRider

    Project Z- love and money

    What a bl@@dy palava this last week has been...but I'll start with the fun bits So previous to the drama the weather had been good, the ground was good and it was lighter for longer so our weekly lessons moved outside....commence Roo's introduction to XC! It is lovely working them out in...
  13. LittleRooketRider

    Hunting USA

    Just curious does it differ from hunting in the UK? Whats the quarry? Is there much jumping etc. Anything you know really. LRR
  14. LittleRooketRider

    Project Z- an introduction

    (and a spot of shameless boasting) ;) i've been meaning to start a sort of "blog" thing for a while, tbh just to keep a track of the progress with my new horse. So I guess its best to start from the beginning... At the end of last summer, afetr much umming and ahhing we decided...
  15. LittleRooketRider


    I can't decide what is more amusing... The blatant flop of the anti's "national joke..I mean er..demo"...over 2000 invited, 350 expected, official count of 64 present (on top of this their desperate claims of success eg. "strong support and solidarity nationwide", "over 100 present" see...
  16. LittleRooketRider


    Over that pinto stallion over there..>>>>>>>>>>>>> I can dream can't I??
  17. LittleRooketRider

    SJ/European Breeding insight please

    Hello, I've had my lovely new girly for a few months now and in that time have been wondering aboutt her breeding. She was bred at the Zangersheide Stud (Belgium?) and is by Chellano Z. I know his sire is contender and my mare's dam was by Darco. I recognise thses two names and by all...
  18. LittleRooketRider

    Yet another PR@ on the road!

    What is wrong with people! Due to the instructor being unwell my lesson was cancelled today, so i decided to go on a hack. First proper hack on my own, on my new girlie. Roo is not the most confident of road-users but with encouragement (pats and polos) and sensible drivers she happily goes...
  19. LittleRooketRider

    Qualifying for HOYS SJ-- advice please

    My new girl (Roo- 6yo) is quite green(ie flatwork and XC needs a lot of work plus some SJ basics eg. gridwork/bounces/jumping out of trot), however she is very scopey andhas done a lot of SJ up to and including 1.10 classes (BSJA). i got her in October and having though about targets, I'm...
  20. LittleRooketRider

    Chesnut and Bay Pony >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Is it me or are those two (both appear to be blanket clipped) seriously over-bent/behind the vertical/ (dare I say it) rollkur !? Really p;ss3s me off when I see adverts claiming to hold "top dressage/etc potential" with pics of horses/ponies forced to perpetually examine their toes :( It...
  21. LittleRooketRider

    Tendon Boots reviews/reccomendations

    Ok so new horse is in need of tendon boots..especially as its xmas!!!!! 15.3 belgian warmblood To be honest my heart is set on the lemiuex acavallo tendon boots but if you have any reasons/experiences that these are a big no no then please say or eccomend some others if you have any "OMG...
  22. LittleRooketRider

    New Horse = Matchy Matchy

    Of course having just got new horse...lovely 6YO 15.3 bay mare (with absolutely no white on her except the inciest of stars... HOORAY!)...I am dealing with the very important stuff first. So matchy matchy gurus I need to pick your brains... Hoping to go BS (foxhunters is the aim) and BE...
  23. LittleRooketRider

    So far so fab!

    Well I've decided to do a report on the summer so far as its been a fab one and I always like to hear what the rest of you get up to, so figured it was my turn to contribute. ;) To begin wth I am spending the summer as a Working Pupil with Cindy Sims at Harroway House stables, i am usually...
  24. LittleRooketRider

    tough as old boota

    Does anybody know where I can get a decent pair long riding boots that won't require emptying my "savings" account (again)? Ideally somewhere with a variety of sizing or somewhere that does custom made? the problem is I have size 3 (approx.) feet and quite short and narrow legs...they never...
  25. LittleRooketRider

    fancy pants name

    I am potentially buying a 5YO this summer, very well bred (by Captain Clover out of a mare by Kannan) but as far as I am aware he does not have a "fancy" passport name. His stable name is George and as I am bored out of my skull at the moment I have been considering competition names.... could...
  26. LittleRooketRider

    Venturing in to the world of BE...PLEASE HELP!

    Ok so I'm doing my first BE competition in 2 weeks time at Nunney, BE 100 on a day pass woohoo! :) But there are a few things I could do with a few pointers for... 1) When and Where on earth do I find my times? 2) I have read the rule book and completely flumoxed..can I wear my brown ariat...
  27. LittleRooketRider

    which would you use???

    Hiya, We have had great difficulty sopping my girlie's saddle from moving forward but before anybody pounces the saddle that she has had for the last year (roughly) was found at the end of a 2year search and was agreed by two saddle fitters and my instructor to be the best fit (aside from...
  28. LittleRooketRider

    Unbelievable! :(

    really sorry but I need to rant...:mad: I a nutshell my Mum has run our PC branch show for the last 5 years, she said that she wanted to step down this year but agreed to be the secretary one last time as at the rate the new "official show committee" were going it was going to have to be...
  29. LittleRooketRider

    opinions please Opinions on this horse please and any info about Numero Uno and Concorde (not particularly clued up on this breeding). Something I may be going to look at. Thank You.
  30. LittleRooketRider

    How do you solve a problem like...a hyperallegric ma-are?

    Genuinely stumped....i should probably give you a bit of background first. We bred my little madame. From a yearling to about 3 she had really horrendous sweet-itch e. rubbed raw, but just her mane and tail. then at about 4ish it magically went away and since she has only beena lttle bit...