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    And I found this interesting too re. the CKCS lady... Seems some people at the breed club are delightful. I wonder if anything was done to the breeder who continually used her stud dog to mate after being diagnosed with syringomyelia... "The dog had...
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    Pedigree Dogs... KC Steps.

    Interesting press release...
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    How to make my dog cat friendly?

    We don't have a cat, nor will ever have one but does anyone have any tips? Next door's cat is used to our garden being her territory. The house had sat empty for a year before we moved in and prior to that was rented and the garden neglected. As a result it was totally overgrown and probably...
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    We went to a beginners class last night and it was BRILLIANT. Darcy loves it and so do I. So much fun... I can see it becoming a bit addictive. Anyone else do it?
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    First trip to the beach

    Just wanted to share some pics of my pup's first encounter with the seaside. We went to Cromer Beach on the Norfolk Coast at the weekend. It was grey and wet but she LOVED it
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    Rawhide chews?

    I've just spotted in the post below a couple of people saying that they hate rawhide chews. I've seen this said before quite a few times. Can anyone tell me why? Are they dangerous, and if so - how? And also if so, why does pretty much every pet shop sell them?
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    Guess who we just met at the park...

    A Crufts 2008 Flyball champion no less! It's great who you can end up chatting with when you have a dog. We're even signed up to join the basic training now at the Flyball club, but can't do the serious stuff yet as she's not old enough.
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    Price of an ex-racer... any thoughts?

    What do you think? He's 5 years old and stopped racing because he was too slow. Didn't win anything. 15.3 TB gelding and very mature for his age. Jumped whilst racing but up until yesterday hadn't seen SJ poles. Bravely gave a very small jump a go but needs work. He needs work and time in...
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    Do you brush your dogs teeth?

    Or do anything else to keep their teeth clean? Want to protect the pups lovely clean teeth and wondering if anyone had any recommendations, and find out what others do, if anything. I have seen you can buy toothbrushes and special toothpaste for dogs which I'm tempted to get. Any thoughts?
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    Companion Dog Show & My Prize Winning Girl!

    Pup and I went to the dog show I talked about last week. It was fab. Very friendly, very relaxed and she won a class - Best Rescue Dog! I was so proud of her. She also came 4th in Best Crossbreed. She spent alot of the day rolling around with a gorgeous GSD puppy and quite frankly didn't...
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    Companion Dog Show - What goes on?

    Thinking of going to a local one on Sunday to enter a puppy class with my 7month old pup. I've spoken to the organiser who is very friendly and it seems very relaxed and just about enjoying yourself. Perfect! So... if we go, what will we have to do? Sort of thought I should go and watch as a...
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    Poor little pup... so fed up.

    Me again Darcy's tummy didn't settle at all over the weekend and yesterday she started dragging her bottom along the floor and looking very uncomfortable. Woke up this morning and the wound from her op was weaping too. Definitely wasn't last night, as I check it about every 10 mins . So...
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    What is a Cricket Score?

    It was mentioned a lot today in the commentary of the Badminton XC. Can someone share their knowledge please?
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    Puppy much brighter today, but...

    she has the runs (sorry to be disgusting). Quite badly really. Is this just normal as it is bound to be an unsettling couple of days? We were given a tin of food from the vets which she ate half of last night and half of this morning, and she can go back to her normal food from this evening...
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    Puppy in to be spayed today

    I bet I watch the phone all day... Daft as a brush, she bounced in without a care in the world. I know she'll be fine, but can't help worrying. It's quite a major op really. The worst of it will be keeping her on a lead for 10 days. She'll hate it. Wish her luck!
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    If you have a horse on full loan, or loan your horse out...

    do you pay the owner a fee, either a one off, or monthly? Assuming you pay all costs for the horse as if it were your own i.e. livery, shoes etc. If you loan your horse out, do you receive a fee? Just wondering how it mostly works. Thanks. If anyone cares to share details on cost, I'd be...
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    this seller certainly has a way with words...
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    Travel Boots

    Can any one recommend some good quality and value for money travel boots? Can't really justify more than £30 but would like them to be half decent. Any suggestions?
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    Metal Curry Comb

    Do you ever use one on the horse itself? I've seen people using them gently to get tough mud off the horse, but they are only supposed to be used for cleaning other brushes as far as I know. But then will they just damage the hair no matter how gently they are used?
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    My boyfriend is not going to be happy...

    but she is a learner after all! In my defence this is the 1st piece of clothing I have ever bought for a dog, and I promise not to make a habit of it. I couldn't resist! sorry if they are massive pics
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    As soon as a hat is dropped...

    it needs replacing doesn't it? Knickers! Please excuse my language
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    my first ever '1st'!

    feels good doesn't it! ok so it was 'only' a restricted class dressage at my riding club with a class of 7, but we beat people who kept getting placed ahead of us, and increased our percentage for the test by 5%. hooray!
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    They do make me laugh...

    I am fortunate enough to work from home, and as my own house is very much a 'work in progress' I currently have a nice little office set up in the spare room of my parent's house. Meaning me and the pup can spend the day with the family's standard poodle. so Darcy (pup) and Billy (poodle)...
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    Diamante brow bands on a gelding - yes or no?

    Mini debate amongst a few of us. Interested to see what the consensus is on here... so...
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    Just had a fright with a loose dog...

    Very annoyed now i'm over the fright. Taking our standard poodle to the vets (he has cataracts ) and it's a 15min walk so off we set. half way there and I spotted a stocky staff type thing across the road. So I'm immediately concerned as Billy (the poodle) takes absolutely no messing from...
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    Can I share a nice photo with you?

    Just love this pic. thanks!
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    Unlucky green?

    I found out at the weekend that the colour green is apparently unlucky in the equestrian world. news to me (green saddle cloth - oops!), but interesting nonetheless. anyone know why? or think green is unlucky too? apparently YO's hubby wouldn't even drink out of a green mug he's that sure...
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    I think it was Prose...

    whose dog was called a rat recently??? Well I empathise as my mechanic called my beautiful little pup a rat today! I felt like punching him in the gob. stupid man. I was fuming. stupid stupid stupid man. there were a few of them and they found it hilarious. Obviously I didn't look at...
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    Introducing Darcy...

    You may or may not remember my posts a couple of weeks ago about picking up a little pup from a rescue centre in South Wales... Well she's been in our family for 2 weeks now and so I thought it about time I posted some pics. So, meet Darcy - prob too many pics, but it's so hard not to keep...
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    Eeek Home Check Today

    after much umming ahhing I have abandoned the idea of getting a puppy from a breeder and we are going down the rescue route instead. found a beeeautiful little collie who is about 11 weeks old and was dumped at a bottle bank with her sisters. Sisters all gone and she is left waiting for a...