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    would it be totally insane?

    katy ...PM's !
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    What do you do for a living?????????????

    i run a courier business.
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    at the risk of sounding a bit thick........

    used to use these on otto when he was tied to the lorry...he used to release himself more often than not so now just use a normal leadrope...although the welsh one has taught him how to undo those to..
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    Who looks over your stable door?

    otto , dark bay 9 yr old IDxTB ex kings troop. favourite pastime is twisting his shoes off (sure he has a thing for the farrier ) loves to jump and xc , doesnt see the point of dressage . meg, 13.3 bay part bred welsh, cheeky as they come , favourite pastime is letting herself out of her...
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    Soham ODE

    i saw you! you were warming up across the field and i said to ash , look at that lovely cob over there! would have come and said hi if id known.
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    Soham ODE

    otto was a complete muppet there today, his dressage comments were all 'tense & hollow' , worst in his section i beleive but only his 2nd ever test so no surprise really.( there were worse scores than his in the class though) so not all bad showjumping he flat jumped every single fence at...
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    Honest opinions.....XC...

    otto will take you round xc although he sometimes needs a reminder to concentrate on the job in hand as if he is in a place he hasnt been to before he does like to have a good nosey on the way round! he is 9, ID x and only been in proper ridden work for 15 months.
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    Any unaff ODE's or XC in south east area 14 or 15th July

    how far are you willing to travel holly ? our pc has an open ODE on the 29th july at ickworth if thats any good to you
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    Soham pc ODE this sunday

    ash is doing class 2.. she managed to get otto to canter a 20 metre circle tonight in a snaffle, without falling out through his shoulder, bronking etc etc so there is hope for them yet!! lets just hope the plonker doesnt tread on the boards this time and scare himself silly..
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    Soham pc ODE this sunday

    anyone going ?
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    Mares and geldings

    ours all have there own paddocks, the mares are complete tarts and when they are in season and brought onto the yard they usually shove there rear ends into the nearest geldings face! the geldings however all seem to prefer each other... on the previous yard they were split and the geldings...
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    Pony Club Question ...

    pony club also take your age as it is at the 1st of january, so if you were 16 in july you would still compete as 15 for the rest of the year
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    Crap day......And positive day!!.....

    was nice to meet you , spider & connor today . i have photos of practically every fence in the SJ that connor did and 3 or 4 of spider in the SJ. will have to wait for a week or so though as computers are being complete muppets at the moment and i cant upload them. great results in the...
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    Anyone used Equestrian Clearance Warehouse?

    they get my vote to, had a couple of orders from them,very speedy delivery
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    Whos going to Stratford Hills this weekend?

    im going to watch to, stratford hills isnt far from me. will also be armed with a camera!
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    Whipping of horses

    i was fence judging today at pc event for 13 yr olds and under, was marvelling at these cute ponies being pointed at fences by kids whose reins you could hang washing on and them just popping over the jump, very sweet to watch.later on saw this kid (9/10 ish ) at fence prior to mine.pony spots...
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    dont think ill bother going to anymore shows...

    got home from a show last week to find the computer was broken got home from a show today to find that otto was broken! he stayed at home today as he has been out 3 times this week and he threw a hissy fit when we took the pony off to be loaded. he was spinning round in his box and calling. he...
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    questions to ask when buying a horsebox?(boring)

    ask to see the brake test from its last MOT, it will tell you on there what its unladen weight is.
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    Weekend Plans

    we are off to towerlands tomorrow. ash is doing discovery and her first affiliated 1.05m.
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    Dressage Trainers in East Anglia

    dreckley is the german trainer your talking about called gerda ?
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    show gear/class questions

    cant help on the showing front but the difference between a scurry and normal jumping class is that the scurry is as said, one round against the clock and if you knock any fences down they add seconds onto your time. basically the fastest round wins. at our local shows,the jump in the classes...
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    1 hour private lesson on own horse - how much?

    i pay £20 per hour for PC instructor and also £20 for 45 mins which usually ends up an hour with an ex international showjumper who is training to be a BSJA accredited coach and is fantastic but have to drive 30 mins to get to her
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    Who else got soaked competing today? - was it worth it lol!!

    we were planning to go to soham pc show but decided against it after seeing the weather we went to watch at the south suffolk show and got soaked there instead lol
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    shetland not pooing

    she did two droppings over night, i left her in all day today and she hasnt done any throughout the day, ive given her a pad of hay tonight and her hooves are cold, there is no heat in them at all although my farrier is going to come and have a look. the vet wasnt to worried when i rang him as...
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    BSJA membership

    if the horse is registered i assume you just need a ticket for yourself. i rang towerlands before ash and otto were registered and was planning on going to a show there only to be told i should have pre entered! (glad i didnt just turn up!) the secretary said just write ticket on the entry form...
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    shetland not pooing

    my shetland has been turned out during the day for approx 2 weeks with no problems, since sunday she has been going out of a night time and in during the day so her turnout time has practically doubled from 8 to 16 hours out of 24. the last 2 days there has only been one dropping in the stable...
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    Weekend Plans

    we are at ickworth park on sunday for sj & xc and on monday off to woodbridge show for some BSJA
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    jumping dilema

    some good comments said already ,thanks, taylor is well aware when she gets it wrong and beats herself up over it with the usual 'i cant get my position' rant! it doesnt help that ash has gone from riding moose (who still gives her a run for her money ) to getting otto who was as green as grass...
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    jumping dilema

    number 2 daughter has taken over the welsh one, shes had her to herself a year now since ash got otto. the trouble is the pony is very strong when in the jumping ring (fine at home most of the time ) she is ridden in a dutch gag on second hole, needed for steering and brakes or meg just goes...
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    Any tips - showing a horse to prospective 'loaners'...

    just give her to meee and save yourself all that hassle !