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    Odd problem with Wellies!

    Hi, haven't been on here for ages, but thought some of you guys may be able to help... I have extremely bony heels at the back, and this means that I constantly wear through the lining of shoes. My last pair of wellies took precisely 4 days to wear completely through the lining to the rubber...
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    I hope that I never have to sell a horse again.

    It is the most stressful thing. And 5 weeks later, not a single viewing, and I have dropped her price by 2k from the original. :( :( I am so upset about it all. PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one :(
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    Horse coming back off loan- what to do?

    Right, Bean is being sent back from loan. My question is what do I need to do when I pick her up? I was thinking that she needs to be trotted up, check her for any new lumps/bumps etc. Anything else? And if she is in any worse condition that what I left her in, what do I do? (I don't think...
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    Who is trying to sell a horse/s at the moment? And who is buying?!

    As title... are anyone elses horses just not selling? My big coloured is away to be sold, ad been up a week and I don't think they have had many enquiries about her at all. Is anyone else finding this? Who is buying at the moment? Is anyone!??
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    My amazing discovery which I thought I'd share...

    THE PRESSURE WASHER!! Wow, can't believe I've only just discovered this!! Have had great fun jetwashing all my turnout rugs, travel boots, cotton sheets, stable rugs, brushing boots, over reach boots etc etc :D Works best on TO rugs and the boots. Had to share though, easy way to get your...
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    Those on shavings- how many bales do you get through per week?

    As title :) Does anyone have any magic ways to use less??! Lady is a filthy horse, she tramples all the **** in, and we end up getting through 3 bales a week, occasionally 4 :( At £6.50 a bale it ain't nice!! She is on rubber matting and already has a relatively small bed...
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    Anti snaking device/ stabilisers- does anyone use?

    Does anyone use a stabliser/anti snaking device with their trailer?? Are they effective? If they are why doesn't everyone use one seeings as snaking seems to be the main cause of towing accidents?
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    Please can I have some confo pictures?

    Hi, I would love to see pictures of your horses conformation if you have them? If you do, please could you post the picture, what level they compete at, and good and bad points about their confo. Thank you :D
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    What's your favourite brand of rug?

    As title, sorry if I haven't included it in the poll, you're only allowed 10!
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    *panic* Did we lose our favourited threads?

    When the forum moved??! *panic* Noooooooooooooooooo! Please tell me where they went :(
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    Well an important lesson learnt after spending yesterday evening in A+E...

    Well my important lesson to you all: Do not stand behind/walk behind your horse whilst allowing it to sniff another horse. Gah I am so annoyed with myself. I was just about to get on madam, and walked behind her to put my saddle cover away, stupidly she wasn't tied up and was saying hello...
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    Can you view past adverts on horsemart?

    Can you view adverts from horsemart that are no longer live? If so, how??
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    Those who have horses with white legs....

    what colour boots do you use?? I used to LOVE the smartness of white boots on Bean (dark bay) but am now having to bring myself to admit the fact that they probably won't suit lady :p So what do you use? I'm thinking black will be smartest?
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    Types of Stirrup

    Hi, I am in need of some stirrups as am currently borrowing other peoples to ride...! But I have no idea which type to get that are safe/comfy. I have had bent leg safety stirrups before and didn't really like them. Are the flexi ones worth the extra money? I will be doing a bit of...
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    Bacterial Folliculitis- any experiences?

    My new girl has this, and is being treated for it, I just wondered what other experiences people have had with it? How did it start? Anything you found particularly effective in clearing it? How long did it take to clear? What did you treat it with? It's all over her side and she is a...
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    Well, I know what company I'll use in future!!

    After the disaster of (I eventually got a refund as they don't stock the item. Oh well at least I got money back!!!) I used rideaway for the first time. Very impressed :) Ordered 3 rugs and a girth late tuesday night, they arrived this morning. All well priced with only...
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    What internal height trailer for a 17.2hh?

    Right, so ifor don't have internal height measurements on their website I don't think? Because I think their HB511/510 takes 17.2hhs? What's the height? Would 7ft4 headroom be big enough? (cheval trailer)
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    Big thumbs down for

    Ordered some leg wraps 2.5 weeks ago from there and am still waiting Postage is £6, and I am pretty sure they haven't even been dispatched yet So, won't be recommending them in a hurry Has anyone else had this problem?
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    Let's hear your success stories

    Having seen a few confidence crisis posts etc on here over recent weeks, I thought it would be good to have a post about those who have been through rough patches with their horses, but come out the other side better and stronger for it So anything, bucking, napping, rearing- let's hear your...
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    You've gotta give this girl some credit!! I wouldn't have got back on Amusing if nothing else
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    Why do they only do pony sizes?! NO FAIR!! I WANT A PINK FLEECE RUG IN 6FT6 Anyone find one??!
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    Premier equine/horseware rug sizing help please

    Right, having been told my new girl was a 6ft3-6ft6 rug size, and I'm pretty sure that the borrowed rugs are all 6ft6. However tried on a 6ft9 amigo today, and it fits her well, ever so slightly roomy, but she has a lot of filling out to do anyway. So, if I ordered a 6ft9 PE trio- would it be...
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    It's official- new girl passed the vetting!!!INTRODUCING...*drum roll*

    Introducing my new girl- currently called Lady ( ) Full up 16.2hh Coloured ISH 4 rising 5 yo She is very very green, but the sweetest temperament. Brought over from Ireland early December, not done much at all, so a nice blank canvas to work on. But yes, I love her and am so excited about...
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    Any of you midlands lot...

    As I expect many of you have a few contacts, please can any of you in the midlands area put the feeleres out for me? Looking for a 16-16.3hh, 4-6yo with the potential to low level event. Budget of 4.5k (ish) Would really appreciate it, let me know if you know of anything Thanks
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    Well it's back to square 1- if anyone fancies pony hunting?

    Newbie didn't come out too well in the vetting No problems as such, they just didn't recommend she will be suitable for various reasons, won't go into too much detail as the sellers are fantastic and I would recommend them to anyone. Gutted all the same though So I am looking for...
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    Argh premier equine trio vs rambo duo

    I have read so many posts on here about these, but none seem to come to a definate conclusion!! Some people rave about PE, some hate it?!? The PE rug is on sale and you can get 3 liners, 2 neck covers and the outer thing for £122. I have found the rambo for £200 with the outer and 2 liners...
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    Can I please have all the "pass vetting" vibes you have got?!

    My potential new girly is being vetted tomorrow. So please can I have all the "pass vetting and pass it well" vibes you've got?! I think I deserve a bit of soundness after B, so please can everyone hope and pray that she passes? I have totally fallen for that mare And I am so so excited about...
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    When a horse is "officially 4"...numpty question

    Is that going on the basis of 1st January rather than birthday? So under comp rules the horse can compete (unaff I mean, no clue about affiliated) from the beginning of the year they turn 4? Thanks
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    How important is temperament?

    How important is temperament to you when choosing a horse? Is it one of the most important things to you when choosing a horse? How much correlation do you think there is between how easy the horse is to ride and how kind it is on the ground? If you went to view a horse and it snapped at you...
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    Body Protector Recommendations please

    As title. Which would you recommend and why? Oh and this is just for general purpose riding, and xc.