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    Thought there would be Olympic fever in here as the tickets are being allocated but cant find a thread so thought I would start one Anyone got tickets to see any of the equestrian events?
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    Cheval Liberte - advice

    A friend of mine is looking for a second hand Cheval Liberte....she plans to tow it with her Octavia car so really wants a lightweight trailer. There are several models on the market and she wants to get the right size to fit her 16.3 warmblood (she only intends to put one horse in) She has...
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    TB schooling/dressage help

    Your piccie looks great, nice relaxed way of moving and your postion looks good. As for the shoulder falling out, thats best dealt with my an instructor who can watch what is happening, as it happens and try various ways to deal with it. As for a test.....go for it. Your horse needs to...
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    Is it possible to be height-ist??

    Actually you cant as it would be classed as indirect discrimination under the sex discrimination act because women tend to be shorter so you are excluding them. The Police and Fire Brigade were condemned for this. You need to specify the task that needs to be done i.e. confident and able to...
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    Experience with OCD and anaesthetic in large breeds

    Its a horrible situation to be in lochpearl because you have two issues...the general anaesthetic and managing the wound while it is healing. A general anaesthetic is always risky and I wish I could say something more reassuring on that subject but given that you have no other option because...
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    Experience with OCD and anaesthetic in large breeds

    Whats the prognosis if he doesnt have surgery....if you are making a decision and asking posters to comment it would be helpful to have both options.
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    Travelling Problem

    Have you tried him with the partition out?
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    I promise my horse is sane enough for him to ride.

    Sounds like the horse is for you rather than your other half......if you want another horse go with your friends horse, if you want one for your other half find one suitable for him. It doesnt seem fair to find something that meets your needs but not his but then expect him to accept that.
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    Genuine horse has become nappy rearing little git - Why

    There was nothing judgemental or scarcastic about my post...its was merely advice you didnt want to take hence the 'your horse' comment, as in you will do as you will.
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    Genuine horse has become nappy rearing little git - Why

    I'd go so far as to say there are no 'naughty' horses, there are just horses who have inconsistent or frightened owners. Napping is a refusal to go forwards, its a decision the horse has made, its a decision the horse thinks he can make, one he feels will be sucessful in making.....basically...
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    Genuine horse has become nappy rearing little git - Why

    Its not force its obedience and I havent found sitting it out works well because horse soon realises that disobedience leads to not having to work....but its your horse and if you have the time to sit about waiting for the horse to do what you want so be it.
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    What would you do if someone you new had lied A LOT (horse related)

    Why is any of it relevant....if you dont want to associate with her dont....but I stand by what I said about your other friends hen do, is it really necessary to spoil it by saying you wont go because this girl is going to be there. Personally think doing that is worse than what your ex-mate...
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    Genuine horse has become nappy rearing little git - Why

    I cant see why the horse would only suffer from pain on a hack out, probably wise to check it out but highly unlikely as you would expect similar behaviour during other riding work too. Personally I dont think bribing with polos, getting off and hitting is the way forward. The second the...
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    What would you do if someone you new had lied A LOT (horse related)

    I find it quite incredible that you have gone to so much trouble to check out her story!!......and I think refusing to go to someones hen do is very petty. A friend wants you to share her wedding celebration and you are refusing to go because you dont trust yourself no to ruin it.......I think...
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    Flash poll - what is worse?

    [ QUOTE ] My livery went mad and said I was trying to kill her horse as I gave it a section of hay and did its water. This is same livery that keeps moaning...I was like ARGHHHHHH thats thanks for you! I had to sit her down and explain that in cases of mild colic, having some roughage...
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    Need some honest advice

    I agree....such a hard decision to make but also a brave one when your old girl has reached this point. Its coming up to winter too so it would be kindest to let her go now. I really feel for you as you obviously care so very much for her.
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    Sitting Trot.....

    I find it helps to have a slight walking movement with my legs and hips following the horses movement. I also find when I first bring my horse out she needs some time to loosen up and become soft otherwise she holds her back against me which makes it much more difficult.
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    showing jacket for daughter

    For a child that young I would be tempted to get a second hand one.....they grow so quickly there are some fab quality second hand jackets around on ebay, tack sales and second hand shops.
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    pics of Ellen Whitaker riding at home, in H&H this week...

    I am ambivilent about EW...if she is guilty of anything, its gross stupidity for not taking her draw reins off for the photo shoot. Its bad publicity which is clear from this thread.
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    Poll about high wither horses, high wither numnahs & slipping saddles

    With round horses the saddles tend to slip from side to side, however with a high withered horse they dont because the wither stops this type of movement. To be honest I would be surprised if a properly fitting saddle would slip on a high withered horse. My problem with sticky pads is that the...
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    Travelling Horse in Tack

    On a short journey I would put the saddle and boots underneath travel boots but not the bridle. Dont like the idea of the reins getting fastened up on anything and yanking at the bit so headcollar only on the head. Never had a problem but wouldnt do it on a long journey, mainly for comfort...
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    feeling really sad

    Its one of those weird quirks of life.....those of us that were brought up on a shoestring and couldnt have ponies were desperate for one. Those that have all the opportunity dont seem interested.....seen it so many times before. We seem to give birth to the wrong children lol
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    Have cut and copied the letter into an email and mailed my MP......we all have to do something, its inaction which allows these changes to be implemented. Write to your MP please
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    Too thin!

    No criticism here, the only issue with the rugging is that when the weather turns colder you will need extra rugs and it wont be easy to increase from the rug you have with it being heavy weight already. Your feed is a bit low, particulary if she is underweight and you really dont want...
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    Horses at home/winter holiday/house sitters etc.. Do you??? long sorry

    I house sat for a friend last Christmas over Christmas and New Year. It took my horse with me and looked after her two, her dog, cat and a stack of chickens. I was in a difficult domestic situation (split with husband but still in the same house) it is made it easier over the holidays. I...
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    Lunging calling all experts

    How odd, I would have thought a chambon would have been much more likely to encourage a horse onto the forehand because it only works on the front of the horse. The pessoa encourages a horse to step under more with its hind quarters so working on the forehand is much more difficult for them...
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    Stable leg wraps - why?

    I used to have leg wraps on my old TB because her legs swelled stood in the stable overnight and despite the fact that I know it is purely a cosmetic thing because the wraps have no beneficial purpose it meant I could put exercise boots on her straight from the stable. The alternative was big...
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    Would you say I'm a novice?

    I think the focus so far has been too much on offer help with yard duties and I think you need to expand on these. Without the financial contribution the person loaning the horse has to have some return and that will be time and help with jobs for most horse owners. Have you...
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    Bomb proof coloured cob, no real interest why?

    I think he looks lovely and he isnt even my type of horse so that's a huge compliment. I dont have any problem with people bringing on youngsters, particularly his type....solid, strong, well put together types. It stops the breaking process being such a shock if they are brought on slowly...
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    i'm a little annoyed and feeling used

    I dont understand why you are only taking a contribution from your sharer....surely if she makes use of the horse half the week she should be paying for half the costs. In your shoes I would explain to her that she needs to take on full loan or half loan (including the right proportion of the...