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  1. Cobsndogs

    My first attempt at Sidesaddle

    Well seeing as I have the week off, yesterday I had my first sidesaddle lesson. It's something that I have been meaning to do for ages, and I really enjoyed it. Will definately be going back for more. I hadn't ridden for a few months due to varoius reasons, so really need to get myself riding...
  2. Cobsndogs

    Livery in South Warwickshire

    I did put this in NL but was looking for a few more suggestions, as I have tried some of the yards and they don't currently have vacancies, so any more ideas would be good. Below is the post I initially did: I know I've asked this before, but events overtook us (job changes,1 horse having...
  3. Cobsndogs

    So what would YOU feed my horses?

    Just interested really in the perspective of others ? Have had the same sort of feeding habits for years, so how would you feed these two beasties ? 12 year old Belgian warm blood, up to now been a good doer, chunky build 15.3, can be lazy to ride but spooky too and spins fast when the mood...
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    Help me find livery in South Warwickshire please ?

    I know I've asked this before, but events overtook us (job changes,1 horse having to be put to sleep, 1 having colic surgery), so ended up not looking properly/moving. So now am back looking for a nice livery yard in South Warwickshire- Warwick, Leamington, Southam, Kenilworth, Wellesbourne...
  5. Cobsndogs

    School lights - cost ?

    So with the last hours of daylight escaping fast, what is everyone paying to use the school floodlights ?, and what do you think is a reasonable price ?
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    Not been on here for a while, so just for Cavey and the rest of the GSD gang

    Some recent Vegas pics. Dressing up !! Boxer
  7. Cobsndogs

    Trailer insurance

    Just wondering who you use for trailer insurance ? About to get some for Ifor 511 and was thinking of trying SEIB, and thought I would see who everyone else uses.
  8. Cobsndogs

    Well 9 months after the operation, the keratoma is back- What now ??

    Am pretty gutted. Last year when my little horse went lame, after a bit of going forwards and backwards to the vet, a not very obvious keratoma was discovered. The vet was pretty positive that an operation would have a good outcome. Op was done and all aftercare, changing of dressings, bar shoe...
  9. Cobsndogs

    Livery Yards in South Warwickshire

    Please share those that you know, and if possible the facilities they have. Thanks.
  10. Cobsndogs

    Keep the Cob hairy ?????

    Opinions please, people keep advising me to hogg him, but I prefer all the flowing hair, and think he looks kind of sweet with it all.
  11. Cobsndogs

    TWO insurance claims on the go !!

    What a nightmare, as if one wasn't pain enough. One with NFU and one with E&L. Let's see who wins for customer service, and actually settling the claim ??. Have already had a slightly snotty email from one of them.
  12. Cobsndogs

    Saddle- How much ?

    The person who is hoping to buy my horse (fingers crossed), has asked about buying the dressage saddle too. We hadn't planned this originally, so I hadn't given price much thought, however seeing as it was fitted for him and I have it regularly checked, it would probably be best to let him go...
  13. Cobsndogs

    As if trying to sell a horse isn't stressful enough..

    You then get bombarded with bloody annoying scam emails like this one.... I am very glad to explain my plight to you first all i will buy the horse for your giving price because love horse to move around also love to stay with as a pet,but i will like to confide in you as regards to a...
  14. Cobsndogs

    Update on my broken loan horse

    Following on from yesterdays thread. I got up to yard last night and found all his kit dumped on floor outside tack room, and horse in stable where he had been all day with no hay/feed. Suppose it saved me the job of asking ending the loan.
  15. Cobsndogs

    Horse has been on loan 2 months and is now broken.

    I'm quite worried about him, but also a bit cross with the loaner. He went on loan to someone on the same yard 2 months ago. I had been thinking of selling him, but when she lost her horse decided to let him go on loan. There was some quibbling about loan agreement as she didn't want...
  16. Cobsndogs

    Rehabilitation yards in Warwickshire ?

    Does anyone know of any rehab type yards in the Warwickshire area ?, and also what sort of service you could expect to get and prices ?. Thanks
  17. Cobsndogs

    What showing classes, if any ?? pics

    I just fancied going to some local shows this year, but have no ideas what classes I could do with my cob type. Used to doing veterans, arabs and palominos, so this is new to me. Any advice ?
  18. Cobsndogs

    OMG, I Am Such An IDIOT...My poor horse !

    I am sooo stupid, and feel really bad/guilty. I decided to beautify my cob tonight, and also have a gently gently go at some spraying, which he is worried about (all sprays, fly, mane and tail etc). Anyway, as is typical, an audience always appears when something may happen!. As it was, he was...
  19. Cobsndogs

    What problems does over rugging cause ?

    As in title really. I have always tried to make sure my horses aren't too hot, but there is a horse on yard that seems to rugged up a level from all the others.
  20. Cobsndogs

    Grr, missed vaccination by 1 day due to virus, and got to start all over again.

    Just GRRRR really, GRRR GRRR.
  21. Cobsndogs

    What is wrong with my Cob ?

    Prob should be in Vet bit, but more folk in here. Noticed in the week before New Year that my cob was looking lame behind, resting nearside hoof more than normal. He had had shoes done about 3 days previously. We watched it for a few days, then with no change popped him up to vets. Now before...
  22. Cobsndogs

    Oh Great.......

    Ludo now has a virus to go with his banana shaped leg. It was just one of those 'you know it's going to be one of those days' moments, early morning call from yard to say he had laboured breathing. There has been a cough/sniffles going round the yard. Proper poorly boy face for the vet, so now...
  23. Cobsndogs

    My friend saw a poor horse die at roadside yesterday.

    My friend got stuck behind the hunt on some narrow back lanes yesterday. She saw a horse at the back that seemed to be struggling, it was trying to canter up the road but kept going disunited behind, and was dropping behind the others, but being kicked on by it's young rider. It then stopped...
  24. Cobsndogs

    What do we think he is, and what show classes ?

    Lloyd arrived last year, passport says 'cob type', and this is what he looks like to me (bearing in mind my first 'cob type' experience), so I am wondering what everyone else thinks about what could be in there ?, and also if I decided to do some shows (maybe), what could he do ? My showing has...
  25. Cobsndogs

    Dilemma...what to do ?

    It's a long, and a bit complicated one, so get comfy. Last year my friend decided to sell her horse as she wasn't getting on with him, and was going to take one of mine on loan, as we are on the same yard. Then she changed her mind about selling so I decided was going to have to put mine up...
  26. Cobsndogs

    Farrier prices !!!

    Am feeling mildly horrified that I am now paying £87.50 for a standard set of shoes, refits at that !!
  27. Cobsndogs

    Haylage suppliers in Stratford (or near) Warwickshire

    Anyone know of any good haylage suppliers in this area, and any info about size of bales/prices etc. Thanks.
  28. Cobsndogs

    Big dog lips ????

  29. Cobsndogs

    Livery yard Warwick/Coventry

    Anyone know of any nice livery yards between Warwick and Coventry, that have good facilities and do DIY/Assisted DIY/Part ?
  30. Cobsndogs

    Who else is from Warwickshire ?

    And which part ?, just being nosy. I'm in Warwick, and my horses live in Stratford.