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  1. CathySirett

    new horse turns out to be a rearer-advice please

    interestingly a young horse worked in eventing, now showing responses typical of some form of pain response - not unusual in many horses who are many a bit slower to develop than their peers and so end up having neck or back issues when they hit the 5 or 6 mark after appearing quite fine when...
  2. CathySirett

    Amazing! No takers on my horse who I'm offering someone to ride for free!

    oh I would have bitten your hand off for such a chance when I was a kid!! its amasing though -- dont know if its health and safety or what -- but very few people are intersted in sharing and riding nowadays unless they get theior own horse -- although I have to say that some would benefit...
  3. CathySirett

    Hard ground?

    It is strange isnt it - -gone fro a muddy morass to concrete in a few days! I am using the area of hte field with longer grass for most of my faster work as hope the grass provides a cushion -- on the other parts she is not even happy to trot let alone canter! Cathy
  4. CathySirett


    best way to find out about parelli is to find a demo being done by some instructors and go watch for yourself -- some people like it, others don't -- some take parts of it and adapt it for themselves -- others don't like any of it I know there are many demos in different places -- whereabouts...
  5. CathySirett

    Bucked off in my lesson, horse has sore back, feel terrible, what to do??

    ah that's a horrible place to be -- knowing your horse is hurting and you didn't notice it -- I had a horse bunch up ready to buck under me but managed to get on -- I had totally missed her discomfort with the saddle when I put it on and hadn't checked her back first That incident convinced...
  6. CathySirett

    How far do you travel to yard?

    I used to be happy to drive 30 minutes to a yard I loved -- it had great facilities and once I was there I was in a great state of mind - I am lucky now I walk 2 mins and there's the field! Cathy
  7. CathySirett

    Rant, stupid, inconsiderate horse riders.

    gosh how frustrating OP -- esp since they had ot actually come away from the bridleway to do that -- VERY impolite!!! my horses are surrounded by bridleway and footpaths - so I have done some workshops for the locals re what to feed and not feed a horse -- which seems to work as someone...
  8. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    ok -- rather long new blog post up which is a bit psychological -- Cathy
  9. CathySirett

    dream team saddles.....

    why not? haven't bougt from them myself but I have some friends looking into various treeless options so don't want to send them somewhere not good! I have a torsion myself (was lucky enough to get a second hand one at a good price) Cathy
  10. CathySirett

    Any one else having trouble with soft feet

    Hi no abcesses so far - -BUT I am taking extra care with where I ride right now -- their field has been soft soft soft so trying ot get them out for some time every day onto the hard standing helps -- but can't wait til the field itself dries out as then it has a whole range of wetness which...
  11. CathySirett

    More help for a towing newbie - PLEASE! :D

    wow some good tips on here -- wish this thread had been around when I was towing my friend's trailer! the main thing is to find a big open space, set some cones out and practice doing things until you KNOW what youa re doing -- havinga friend who wants to learn too is a great way of doing it...
  12. CathySirett

    Sad loss of Carrot

    oh sorry to hear this -- but glad he found the home of rest before passing away cathy
  13. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    ooh how exciting -- a new horse! love hearing about new horses - -what type/ character/etc etc etc??? Cathy
  14. CathySirett

    honest opinion can a napping mare every be cured?

    some great tips here -- I find that the confidence of the rider is the key -- and that often a confident rider and quiet persistence works well Cathy
  15. CathySirett

    Paddock paradise/track systems

    I look forward to the repsonses -- I am planning a track system around my 4.5 acres and am planning some loops to keep the horses balanced by changing direction -- although I will have to feed hay which I think will put my costs up a fair bit so am intersted in anyones expereinces of the...
  16. CathySirett

    Scared to canter! Help!

    Some great advice here -- I find lunge lessons and seat lessons REALLY help in increasing confidence -- and there are also some school exercises you can do as well that will help so your isntructor should be able to help you with this... for confidence stuff in general take a look at this...
  17. CathySirett

    buttercups, help!!!

    glad to see this thread as a patch of buttercups has appeared in my paddock this year -- for the first time I think so was wondering what to do.. will look up headland polo and see if I am in time to spary for this year -- otherwise wil make plans for next year as they are not on much of the...
  18. CathySirett

    If anyone finds my confidence please can I have it back?

    ITs horrible when you lose your confidence -- my key moment was when I found myself crying when holding the end of a lead rope -- of a horse I was supposed to be riding!! that's what started me on my own journey to confidence -- and what that blog is all about -- its all the stuff I know...
  19. CathySirett

    The importance of having a clinic/instructor now and then...

    excellent post -- and of course its useful to know that most instructors and coaches regularly make sure they have someone on the ground to help keep them improving and avoid slipping into bad habits!! Cathy
  20. CathySirett

    Hardstanding/woodchip areas.....

    wish I could have a riding area -- for now I just have the field but I am looking to do some hard standing or gravel around the water so they get some good stimulation for their hooves - -they are barefoot A friend of mine used woodschip and that has basically all rotted down into the mud so...
  21. CathySirett

    Tenessee Walking Horse cruelty

    I find it amazing how many people are not satisfied with the natural beauty of the horse. I was at a riding academy recently and over the weeks I was ther eI got to know one lady and her horse quite well -- she seemed a sweet lady and seemed ot really love her horse then one day, as we...
  22. CathySirett

    Which is better, livery or your own field?

    its s tough question and I have found each optin to be ideal for when I have been in different places in my life when I was working full time, then livery was GREAT -- someone was always there to take care of my horses if I was working or busy -- and they had facilities so I could drop in...
  23. CathySirett

    The Brooke animal hospital causes suffering to animals

    ah its always SO difficult when someone posts a personal experience that leads them to belive negative htings about a charity -- really hard to decide what to believe? I know that every human has a bad day, that not the best organisation can keep track of what every individual involved with...
  24. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    thanks for your kind words Teasle -- I WANT it to be widely read -- my view is that this stuff is really public domain stuff so I am happy to share it as widely as possible -- if my talent is in sharing this and making it understandable to people then that is great! new post up today about...
  25. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    isn't that stamp collector image a good one? I have met many stamp collectors -- and I am glad it helped you understand your horse better! I live in Milton Keynes and have short term training space here, -- but travel all over so I can work with people in their own yards which is often...
  26. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    I would be very interested in that discussion1! meanwhile -- have added more answers so now posts on Scared horses, horses that bolt, how to measure confidence, and much more! Cathy
  27. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    LOL teasle -- I really enjoy writing it -- I coach during the day, working with people with confidence issues or just wanting riding help -- and then in the evenigns its great to sit down and write knowing I am helping more people! it is so difficult to get access to good info about...
  28. CathySirett

    Confidence Questions?????? New BLog!

    hi everyone -- many of you on here know me as a Confidence Coach -- and I am now writing a Confidence Blog where there is loads of free information and insight into confidence, what unconfidence is, how to manage it -- and as it is such a wet and windy weekend, I have a special offer on...
  29. CathySirett

    'Big Name' in NH kills horse

    erm mymare -- it is clear that whatever sentiments anyone may hold about pat parelli, this event is nothing to do with him. the trainer is specified as "her" at several points -- and elsewhere in the site the writer includes many people among those she supports and admires and PP is in that...