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    Post laminitis

    How long after your horse was sound after laminitis did you ride them. We are going to speak to the vet on Monday but just wondered if anyone had experience, thanks
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    Saddles Cornwall

    Ŵe have a new one, who are people using in Cornwall for second hand saddles supply and fitting. Very wide Connemara. Thany you 😀🐴
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    Laminitis, differing advice?

    Hi, my 18 year old Irish boy has gone down with laminitis, vet staight there pads on feet. Three weeks in he is still on Bute but massively improved. My question is feeding, he had on vets advice been on 5kg of soaked hay a day. He had lost 55lbs so looks pretty thin. The vet had says to reduce...
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    Just in case it helps someone

    We bought a newer 7.5t lorry in January, young horse travelled fine for first 15 times. Then one day coming home he was kicking stressed travel boots in pieces, moved partions, bit better but still not standing up downhill. My husband removed the head boards, which were bars not solid. Took...
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    Help advice

    Sorry a question going autumn hunting first time for years, can I wear a white stock with tweed or do I need to buy a shirt and tie?
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    Is it worth reporting a near miss

    While riding on Sunday I was nearly hit by a car that wasn't going to stop. Is it worth reporting this to the police?
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    Cameras for riding

    Can anyone recommend a camera to wear out riding, either chest or head? Having nearly been hit to day worst experience in 37 years of riding I am getting one for xmas😡😡😡
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    T8 Thorowgood Saddles?

    Anybody have one, any good??
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    O god I bought a horse!

    Hi feeling a bit shell shocked so thought I would write it down, we went along way bank holiday Monday about 300 miles horse was lovely but not for me, so on the way back I called at a repected dealer. Sat on a 5 year old Irish draught type and have bought him, I have been riding for 30 years...
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    How far to travel to view?

    Hi, how far do you all travel to view horses? I live in Cornwall and can't find anything closer than Somerset. The thought of finding vets etc fills me with dread! Any experiences appreciated
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    Horse shopping please

    Hi I am hoping someone can help I am in Cornwall so really can only look up as far as somerset/dorset. Ideally I want a connie or ID cross 15.2hh up, gelding to do riding club local xcountry up to about 3 foot. I have been competing for 30 years however I can be nervous especially with a new...
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    buying from Ireland

    Hi has anybody every bought unseen from Ireland seems so scary but keep seeing such lovely horses ??
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    Around Reruth

    Hi guys can anybody point me to any facebook page etc where adults are looking for horse to share/ride. I can see a lot of teenagers, but need a mature person to fit in, thanks
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    Knee Boots

    Hi my horse had a fall with my Mum riding last week and has a badly cut knee, so I am looking at knee boots. Has anyone used the woof wear smart knee boats? Any comments, experience please:(
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    Where can I buy?

    Hi does anyone know where in cornwall sells prolite wither pads, as I need one asap, thanks:)
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    Livery yards cornwall

    Hi all, my friend is moving back to Truro, she needs a livery yard for her teenage daughters mare. Any ideas. thanks:)
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    Genuine advice sought please

    Hello thanks for reading a lady who has just started riding my young horse is having a long horse search of her own. Does anybody have any feedback on 'Emerald Equine' please, pm if thats better. We are in Cornwall so she is having to look further afield :)
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    Advice please re young horse

    Please bear with me i need some advice from those of you experienced with young horses. I have a 7 year old 15.1hh gelding good in all ways, but more like a five year old to ride, i have had him six months, he just did a bit of group hacking before that and before that was broken to ride and...
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    Do you think anyone would?

    Want some free riding for a few months, has anyone ever had anybody just come and ride with them. Before I start advertising thought I would see what you all thought. My Dad has just been diagnozed with cancer, so mum with not be riding much. So I have a 7 year old 15.1hh gelding that needs...
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    For those in Cornwall

    We are thinking of changing farriers as my sister is not happy with her horses feet, even after many conversations and suggestions. Would any of you recommend your farrier, pm if you prefer, thank you:)
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    Opinions on 'saddler bench' saddle please

    Hi all, after failing to find a wide enough second hand saddle for Jack I have a lady coming next week who supplies saddler bench saddles. Does anyone have an pictures, thoughts. comments please:)
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    Your experience thoughts please

    I bought a just 7 15.1 gelding about three months ago as a kick along happy hacker to accompany my mum. All fine to start with calm quiet out hacking even mum rode him, then went a bit tight in the back so changed saddle all fine. But he is getting more and more lively to hack nothing mean...
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    Hope the link works!! This is Jack he was imported from Belgium an couple of years of ago, just wondered if anyone has a horse similar:)
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    new horse

    Hello this is Jack imported from belgium 2.5 years ago, anybody have any experience of a similar type?:)
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    Saddle Sites, please

    As title I need to buy a new saddle quick, i know exactly what I need, have tried the (e) site just hoping for more places to look. i need a ideal grandee 17.5 9inch between D ring (just in case some one has one in the tackroom)!!! Thanks for reading:)
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    Hi all we have recently purchased a romanian horse as a happy hacker, I haven't translated his passport yet. I was just wondering if any one had any experiences to share. He is so far very quiet and sweet about 15.1hh bright bay:)
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    Feeding advice/experience please

    I bought home new horse yesterday so far great. He is a belgium driving type, can't read passport yet as it needs translation. He is over weight slighty, and unfit as not done much work recently. He will be out on limited grazing and limited hay when in, as I am planning to ride up to 4 times...
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    Hi everyone thanks for reading, my horse search is going no where, so will have to look further afield (everywhere is a long way when you live in cornwall) has anyone used emerald equine in Dorset, they have a nice connie, i would like to look at. Any advice/ imput greatly appreciated:)
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    Horse Hunting anyone?

    I am in the southwest, looking for a gelding around 15.hh, for hacking, fun rides, endurance training rides. something middle weight would be idea, connie cross would be great. I have been riding and competing for 25 years but due to time etc, need something that can be left a couple of weeks...
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    Some advice please

    I am looking at a horses for sale and he is discribed as a 'Roarer', wouldn't be a problem day to day as only want to hack and do odd fun/hunt ride. My question is in your experience does this condition tend to get worse with age? :) Thanks for reading