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  1. Sukistokes2

    Bates Saddle question

    I have done a quick search in the old threads and did not see this issue I have a all purpose Bates saddle, it is the new model and is about two years old. It had only really been used regularly for a year. It was fitted by a registered saddler ( one who is known for doing this type of...
  2. Sukistokes2

    Getting there

    Having not been able to ride much over the winter, feeling unwell, horrid weather, work, my confidence had taken a bit of a nose dive. With the longer days, better weather I have been getting to grips with my new pony, Brian. A proper saddle fitting helped, it’s amazing how more secure you...
  3. Sukistokes2

    Comments on the condition of this horse please?

    Background: 20 years old, lightly ridden , mostly retired. Diagnosed ringbone, asthma. Currently living out, rugged at night. What are the views on his weight please. for more pictures
  4. Sukistokes2

    Brian is home ( update on giving up the dream horse)

    This Sunday, after two weeks on schooling livery, Brian came home. I’d been down and ridden him a number of times. He had been mostly good( he is a baby) and I was very pleased. He travelled well and has settled well. I have walked him out in hand every evening but things have been so hot and...
  5. Sukistokes2

    Letting go of the dream horse?

    I have been looking for a new horse since Feb, I had to retire my last horse and my old boy is mostly retired. I can not really afford to make a mistake, as I can not afford another pasture puff and emotionally I could do without it. Due to being splattered a number of times by my last lad and...
  6. Sukistokes2

    Soaking hay for ROA

    How do you guys do it? What's working for you? I think I've been soaking for too long . I do not want to feed haylage, blows his mind and I can't afford a steamer at the moment :)
  7. Sukistokes2

    No words

    Views on this video Apologies if it's been posted before I did have a quick looks. I say throw the book at her !
  8. Sukistokes2

    Kevin update

    Some people may remember that my special Clydesdale horse Kevin, has become unpredictable under saddle. Two vet trips later( this has been going on all year) , we are still none the wiser to what is actually wrong with the lad. It's been very disappointing. Over the last couple of weeks I have...
  9. Sukistokes2

    Looking good

    Some of you might know that my Kevin has been poorly, one suggestion I've had from the vet is hind gut ulcers, so I have tracked down some pink mash and have ordered some supplements. The pink mash has been a huge success so far, it's necture of the gods apparently. Today Kev was showing off in...
  10. Sukistokes2

    Kevin off to the vets

    Kevin is off to the vets tomorrow for flexion tests and maybe x rays ( depending on what the vets says) We are going to the vets so that we can go straight on to x rays if needed and to save call out. Kevin has seemed very stiff recently so has been left alone and not ridden. Not sure I could...
  11. Sukistokes2

    Totally bomb proof ad >>>>>>

    Doesn't seem to be anywhere to sit, might be hard to trot up :D
  12. Sukistokes2

    Kevin update.

    Kevin has been off colour since the beginning of the year. After a vets visit in April he was given time off and slowly brought back in to work. Things have been difficult as there have been delays, including me fracturing my ankle. Things had been going well, I'd even been up and had a super...
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    How are people now sharing pictures? Photo bucket now seems to want money to allow pictures to be shared. What site are people using now or have I missed a way to get photo bucket to behave ? :) Thanks Suki
  14. Sukistokes2

    Hilariously trip to hospital

    Oh dear I seem to have fractured my ankle, very much silly me, I was too lazy to change in to my proper boots and stood on a loose stone and went splat. I thought I'd got away with it , got up , did Kevin's leg and drove home. This morning I was unable to walk on my leg. No real pain, it just...
  15. Sukistokes2

    Kevin update: two steps forward and one back

    Well we had been creeping forward with Kevin. It has been slow going due to illness first my rider Helen, then me, then my riders nan, for whom she is the carer . However, we were getting out on short but pleasent hacks.The last one it was clear he enjoyed , ears pricked the whole way. We had...
  16. Sukistokes2

    Kevin in a pickle...

    Kevin demonstrates how nimble he can be ...... :D
  17. Sukistokes2

    PSSM: Your Story

    PSSM, Monday Morning disease, is a condition we are hearing more and more of, it certainly is being recognized more and more. Some may be aware that I have put my horse Kev on the supplements. Several people on here have been very helpful, for which I have been very grateful. I have tried doing...
  18. Sukistokes2

    Kevin update :)

    Some may remember I was having issues with my Clydesdale horse Kevin. These issues resulted in my flying out the side door at speed and taking out the fence of the school. Broken hand and bruised bottom .... ouch ! An extended period of rest( as per vets instructions) , one false start later...
  19. Sukistokes2

    Kevin update

    Well today we approach the test to see how Kevin is. He has had a month in the field on his own but next door to his mate, Ffin. He is a lot happier in himself, weight is back on, coat is shiny and he is feeling good. He has been on PSSM supplements for three weeks. (just in case) The other day...
  20. Sukistokes2

    In case I forget / feeling blessed

    After a frantic couple of weeks worrying about Kevins health and wether I'd ride him again I forgot the most important things. That I still have him, he is still beautiful and no matter what, we will still manage. After some horrid news from a FB friend it kinda popped into perspective, there...
  21. Sukistokes2

    First week into field restand Kevin is being......well Kevin.... I shake my head and wonder ....what am I going to do with him?....... Answers on a post card
  22. Sukistokes2

    What can you see?

    First off the pictures on here have been sent to my vet and the horse is being seen tomorrow, I have spoken to a vet this morning and I am shortly taking more pictures with the horse standing square. This post will take a while to complete as I'm on my iPad and it very slow This is a picture...
  23. Sukistokes2

    Keeping it light hearted

    As I recover from my broken hand and Kev waits for the vet next week, my poor Dad has been drafted in as chief groom. With the help of his trusted side kick Spanners he has done a great job looking after my horses for me this week. As I heal quickly I'm not sure how long I can stretch out the...
  24. Sukistokes2


    I have two schools of thought on this problem , but will be making a decision with the aid of my Vet, my instructor and other professionals. I am just interested in the views of other horsey people who can look objectively at my disaster. I bought Kevin just over a year ago, he arrived...
  25. Sukistokes2

    Opinions , fairfax girths, please

    My Chiro vet has suggested that a fairfax or similar girth might be beneficial for Kevin. I am not au fair with them. I am aware that they cost a lot!!! Are the worth it and do the following what it says on the tin!?
  26. Sukistokes2

    Which supplement?

    Is it possible to guess which supplement Kevin has started this weekend? ;)
  27. Sukistokes2

    When should you move up a class?

    Back in Febuary I become the proud, if slightly bemused owner of a Clydesdale horse. I was looking for a dressage mount but there you go. He didn't steer , he didn't do circles but I just felt safe and we clicked, so he came home. After the first couple of weeks I started the lessons and since...
  28. Sukistokes2

    Which boots?

    Which do you think are best ...... The ariat barnyard boot or the telluride ones? I need comfort, my feet are killing me in my old boots....
  29. Sukistokes2


    Well it's finally happened I've managed to fall off my Clydesdale, my first fall in a number of years. Although I'm rapidly approaching 50 , it seems I still bounce :D Yes I'm fine and so is Kevin. I was at the local stressage , opening show of new season, thought I'd do the intros just to...
  30. Sukistokes2

    Best place to get danilon online

    Having just paid over £90 for a box of 60 danilon at the vets I am looking into buying it on line. I am aware I will need to supply the prescription from the vet but do you have to buy the whole six month supply at once or do they just keep your prescription active for that time? Do...