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    First trip to the beach

    This made me smile before even opening the post. I remember our girly's first trip. She loved it! Beautiful pics. Did he love it? Do you let him off the lead yet? Our dog was about 8 months old for her first trip and I'd never see her run around so loopy before!
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    Standard Poodles

    Do you know, I have no idea... he's been around so long, I'd have to ask my mum. I do know his kennel club name is something like Champamar Shipley... (catchy!). We got him from a breeders locally, but I was 15 at the time and only paid attention to the jet back, long legged mass of curls!.
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    Standard Poodles

    I've shown these before... but any excuse! This is Billy, he's 10.
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    Talisker RIP

    So sorry to hear this news. Hope you are getting lots of loves from your other dog
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    What a clever girl

    Yeah I did. I would be disappointed too. ... but there was one girl who entered her cocker and she'd never done a stay or a recall at all. They failed and she was in bits, but insisted they entered. There's no rush. Our prob is she does her 2 min stay at home and the first few silver weeks...
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    What a clever girl

    Ah well done! And at 6 months too. Clever girl. There were a lot of fidgets in our class when we did our bronze... Have our silver next in a couple of weeks and my girl seems to have caught the fidgets for her 2 min stay. We have some work to do!
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    Thank you for the tips Lady Godiva

    Possibly ... but then I'm exactly the same. I have a collie x, and just love how clever she is. I hadn't had a collie type before and now I'm totally sold on them. I babble on to anyone who will listen about all my girl's achievements. Nice to hear about a dog really thriving. Good luck...
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    Thank you for the tips Lady Godiva

    Proud mum alert!!! She sounds brilliant
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    I am so proud of my dog

    You're on a roll at the moment. Well done!
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    dog agility self indulgent

    Well done! I bet she was really pleased with all those rosettes. I've just started out in agility too (only 2 months) and really looking forward to having a go at a competition, but my dog isn't old enough yet. That and I need to stop getting in a muddle! Can't wait. It's so much fun.
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    Girl dogs that haven't been spade..

    Bless her. Hope she feels better soon.
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    Girl dogs that haven't been spade..

    No idea, sorry... but the vet will tell you. I'd be down there with her today if I were you.
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    Possibly the oldest springer?

    What a character. 19?! Fantastic
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    Bess, our border collie, now four months old

    You're going to love agility. I have a collie X and we've been doing it for about 6 weeks now. It's so much fun! My girl LOVES it. So much enthusiasm (perhaps a little too much!) and now she's starting to know what she's doing it's brilliant.
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    I am very moved by this post. Lovely thoughts and words. So sorry for your loss.
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    Puppy pics

    A new dog is not meant to replace... Not possible, but he will make his own mark . Bet you wouldn't be with out that little fella now. Lovely pics.
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    One year today

    Lovely pics. Hope you're ok... I still love the rubber chicken picture .
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    I love my dogs whatever

    I'm jealous... can't wait for Jan when we can get back to training!
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    And I found this interesting too re. the CKCS lady... Seems some people at the breed club are delightful. I wonder if anything was done to the breeder who continually used her stud dog to mate after being diagnosed with syringomyelia... "The dog had...
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    Pedigree Dogs... KC Steps.

    Interesting press release...
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    this weekend. more fun

    Another great weekend. Well done! 5am?!?!
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    Girl dogs

    I think we paid something like £180. You will find reasons for and against getting her done. It reduces the risk of cancer and so I wanted to get my girl spayed. Also the rescue centre only let us adopt her on the condition she had the op when she was old enough. She bounced back very...
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    Puppy classes

    We went to basic puppy obedience training and the class was great because the first 10 mins was just for the pups to play a bit and get to know each other... then on to the more serious stuff. We both really enjoyed it. My pup was also about 6 months at the time.
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    I love my doggy - Say hello to Dexter - "pic's"

    Hooray for Dexter! I like this post - not pointless at all .
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    Castrating the adult dog. Effect on aggression?

    Worked for us too on an 8 year old. Not happy putting him through the op but he recovered just fine and was much happier afterwards.
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    How to make my dog cat friendly?

    Yeah the chase today was VERY exciting for Darcy. Too exciting. I think most cats that stand their ground would see a dog off... but I'd rather not have a nasty encounter for either side really . Someone must have some words of wisdom...
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    Just been very naughty....

    Sorry wrong person for this topic then! What would your business be?
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    Just been very naughty....

    Having a dog with you while you work at home is the best. I do it and love having a little friend about.
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    Our new addition

    You just had me well up then, but I am a total sap. That's a lovely thought. Beautiful pup!
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    Just been very naughty....

    Are you expecting to walk away? I don't fancy your chances! How old is she? She's lovely.