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    Cantering on the road

    I was always taught that this was a big no no. We walked and trotted but never cantered (at least not intentionally!) Today I saw two women in a buggy trotting at speed downhill on a main road followed by a young girl on horseback who was doing a very nice controlled canter after them. It...
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    Do horses understand kisses mean affection?

    Bit of a random question but I was thinking of all the horses I've known and loved over the years and how they all react differently to affection. Some of them move away and pull 'stop it mum' faces while others just stand and tolerate it. Others of course love a bit of fuss. I expect most of us...
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    The frog and shoeing

    Hi everyone, I haver been on here for ages so apologies for popping up with a random question. I was just thinking about horses' frogs today (as you do!) and how they act as a shock absorber to help protect the horse's joints. Does this mean that shod horses have sore joints? I know there are...
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    Tethered horses

    I live in an area with lots of tethered horses on random patches of land. You even see them roaming loose sometimes, wandering down to the beach for a nosy round then back to their fields. While the hippy in me loves to see horses enjoying their freedom and normal folk enjoying horse ownership...
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    Black mare and coloured foal?,

    There are a few tethered horses near where I live, among which is a piebald foal who runs loose. He seems to stay close to a little black mare. Could that be the dam? It might sound like a stupid question but I wasn't sure if a black mare could have a coloured foal. The foal is quite chunky and...
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    Livery between Newbiggin and Morpeth

    Hi all, I posted this in the NE section as well but thought I'd add it here just in case. Can anyone recommend livery around Newbiggin/Morpeth area please? Also, where do people hack out? Thanks vey much! :)
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    Livery between Newbiggin and Morpeth

    Hi everyone, I'm moving to the Newbiggin area and hoping to buy a horse when I'm up there. Can anybody recommend livery stables around Newbiggin or Morpeth? Also, where are the best places to hack out? Thanks :)
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    Instructors and other equine businesses! Would you pay for this?

    Hi everyone. I've just finished a copywriting course and am currently searching for my perfect niche. The service would involve writing home pages, 'about' pages and 'services' pages in such a way that draws people in and helps maximise income. There's also the potential for writing content...
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    Riding with dodgy knees

    After years of riding and cycling my right knee crunches like pop corn when I walk downstairs. It also hurts if I twist it the wrong way. I went to the doc and she said I have a worn cartilage. Apparently it's degenerative so can't be fixed although exercise helps. I forgot to ask her about...
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    Becoming an Instructor without BHS Exams

    Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a route to becoming an instructor without going through the BHS route? I have my BHS I but my interest doesn't lie in stable management so I don't want to continue on that route. Thanks for any advice
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    Rottingdean Riding Stables

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for a good riding school near Brighton and wondered if anyone has been to Rottingdean Stables. Any feedback about the facilities, horses, atmosphere and quality of teaching would be great. Thanks! :)
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    BHS exam dress code, oh dear!

    I'm taking my Stage One in December and am slighty amused by having to wear a tie again at the age of 38! Does anyone else think this is over the top and impractical? I fully understand the need to look smart for professional examinations but surely a smart polo shirt would look the part. I...
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    Stage One exam booked!

    After years of procrastination I've booked my stage one exam for December which I'm slightly excited about! I'm taking the exam at a large, friendly riding centre where the horses are all lovely and mostly forward going (with the exception of one lazy boy who I HOPE not to ride on the day) so...
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    Islay Autay or Hazel Reed?

    Hi everyone, As above, which books would you recommend for BHS stage one? Thanks so much :)
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    Riding schools looking for working puplis?

    I hope I'm not breaking any rules posting this - if so, please do remove, mods. Basically, I've had a little dream nagging away at me for a few years now to become a riding instructor and have decided that it's time for me to seriously work towards that. I need to get my BHS stages and work...
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    Runningwell Equestrian

    Hi everyone, back in the late 1990's I used to go riding at Runningwell near Wickford in Essex and have such fond memories of the horses there - Chester, Dusty, Solo, Yogi, Megan, Rosie, Mickey and Digby etc. I'd love to know if anyone remembers these lovely neds and whether any of them are...
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    Are dressage saddles easier to ride in?

    I had a lesson today on a lovely horse who wears a dressage saddle and everything seemed so much easier! It felt as if I had more contact with the horse's sides and he was so responsive. It was the first time I'd ridden him so not sure if it was the saddle or the horse that made me look like a...
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    Ride With Your Mind

    I've just downloaded this book onto my kindle, it looks really interesting. Has anyone else read it and what did you think?
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    Does anyone ever feel they are getting worse at riding?

    You know how sometimes you feel as if you're taking one step forward and two steps back? That! I was kicking myself today - I had thought my canter transitions were improving (even, dare I say it, sorted) but today's lesson was terrible. The trot was bouncy, my legs were all over the place, I...
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    How do you keep 'riding fit?'

    Does anyone do any extra exercise to stay in shape for riding? I try to go swimming once a week which really helps build my core strength. If I don't go I find it much harder going when I ride. No horse unfortunately so I can't keep fit by mucking out! What about everyone else - do you find that...
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    A brilliant lesson!

    Just wanted to share how excited and happy I am after today's lesson. Normally I always lose my stirrups in canter but today something just clicked and I managed to keep them! At the beginning of the lesson I put my lower legs to stay in the correct position and concentrated HARD on keeping them...
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    Any non horse owners out there?

    Hi everyone, I don't have my own horse (sob!) so I go riding at Lee Valley in East London which is how I get my fix. Someday I hope to find a horse share but I need more practical experience first. Are there any other London riding school goers on the forum? Where do you ride? :)
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    Asking the horse to bend on a 20metre circle

    Hi everyone, I hope I'm in the right section for this! Could anyone tell me the correct aids for asking the horse to bend around your inside leg on a 20 metre circle? I was told to keep your inside leg on the girth, outside slightly behind the girth and open up your inside rein. However this...
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    Why do we clip in winter?

    Hi everyone, As the question says really. I hope someone can help with their opinions etc.. I always wonder why horses are clipped in winter only to have a rug put on instead of their natural hair. I'm sure there's a good reason for it. Thanks for your input and ideas