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    Dog Prices!!!!

    What is with the over inflated prices at the moment? I sadly lost my dog in March and would now like another but prices are horrendous - even older out of the cute puppy phase dogs are in the thousands!!! I have to work so dont fit the critera for many rescues that like you to be home all...
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    Indian Ring neck parrots

    I've always wanted a parrot or cockatoo, and have done some research online and I think a Indian ring neck might be a good option? Are they a good beginner bird? Is it best to get a single bird or pair? I'm lucky to be at home all day although I'm outside with the horses for a few hours...
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    Flea collars that work

    Hi can anyone recommend a flea collar that works that I can buy online.
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    Rubber suppliers Lincolnshire

    Hi, I'm looking for rubber suppliers in the Lincolnshire area to save on haulage costs. I've googled but can't find anything local, just wondering if anyone knows any local suppliers.
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    Arena top up suggestions on a budget

    Hi, my sand and rubber school is getting deep in all this dry weather and we are on a water meter so irrigation systems are a no no. The rubber has all but disappeared into the sand, so I'm wondering if more rubber would work? I've seen a video for installing clopf (carpet fibres) and it...
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    New horse coming from Ireland tips for settling after travelling

    As per title, we have taken the plunge and bought a new horse unseen from the West coast of Ireland and we are on the East coast of the U.K., so the poor horse has a long old journey ahead. What can I do to help him settle and relax in without any stress? How soon should I think about worming...
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    Dealing with old uneaten hay in winter field

    I've just moved my horses onto their summer field in light of the drier weather we've been experiencing as I wanted to rest the winter field as soon as possible as it was rather trashed. I'd been feeding piles of hay and as happens with horses a lot gets wasted and trodden on. My question is...
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    Horsebox forward or herringbone which is best?

    Hi, I'm currently selling my 5.2t rear facing lorry and will be looking to have a new box built on a 7.5t chassis so I can have a small day living. But I'm unsure whether to go for a side ramp with 2 forward facing stalls or go with the standard herringbone set up. I will only ever travel...
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    Anyone moved to France lock stock & barrel?

    Hi, OH & I are considering moving to France, he is far more keen than I am, we would need to be a commutable distance to Paris for his work. He is fluent in French and I can just about ask where the campsite is, and I can order two glasses of Chablis!! I'm just not sure how likely I am to...
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    De Niro No Longer Standing at Stud

    Just seen on Eurodressage that De Niro now 23, is no longer standing at stud, due to struggling to mount the dummy due to his age. He is without question one of the most successful dressage stallions ever, Happy retirement De Niro!
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    Feed advice for a 2yo WB

    Hi, I have bought a 2 yo WB and would like some feed advice please? She is currently 16.1 to make 17hh +. She is currently out 24/7 but will be in at night as of Nov 1st but out 8am-4pm daily. I currently feed my others ad lib hay, with 2 feeds of Happy Hoof & speedi beet, will she...
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    Buying a 3rd horse on a tight budget

    It looks like my my youngster is going to be sidelined for a while & need time off to recove from whatever he did in the field and rather than sulk for 6 months, i have decided to borrow £5k and buy a second horse to go out and have fun on. Especially as I recently bought a lorry to get out &...
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    How much does a windsucker devalue a young horse?

    As per title, would you expect a decent discount for a young unproven horse that has been seen to windsuck? Would it affect a vetting & insurance as it's been highlighted by seller? I'm asking as a buyer not a seller.
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    Schooling livery N.Lincs

    I have a green youngster that would benefit from a few weeks schooling livery in a new environment but I don't know anyone suitable. There a few local names but one is a definite no, thru personal bad experience but Tanya Bridgeman and Alex Postelowsky have been mentioned. Does anyone have...
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    Veredus 4hr Magnetik Boots

    Hi, been looking at magnetic boots and Veredus seem to come up as the best ones to have but is there a reason the 4hr ones can only be on for 4hrs or do they just stop being effective if on for any longer? Looking as my horse had slight fetlock swelling from a recent field accident - thanks.
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    Thorpe Horseboxes, any experiences?

    Hi has anyone had any experience good or bad with Thorpe? Thinking of going to look at them but they're quite a distance and want to know if they have a good reputation first, many thanks.
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    Huntsmans Horseboxes, Cambs??

    Anyone got one of their lorries? Any good? Looking for a 6.5t to be built in the East Midlands area, just after recommendations for honest, reliable companies in this area.
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    Dressage trainers in Lincolnshire

    I have a very good instructor but I am looking for another pair of eyes that will also ride my horse. He is a quirky, 5yo & 17.3, but isn't nasty (doesn't buck or rear), just gets tense & can be spooky. But I don't want him bullied or ridden heavy handily. I've been to see a few Pros that do...
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    Big horses in a 3.5t lorry?

    I only have one horse that will be competing, so I'm thinking of swapping my 7.5t for a 3.5t. Weight won't be an issue with one but he's nearly 17.3hh and in 7ft rugs, so I'm more worried if he'll actually fit size wise. I've seen the ones have 8ft headroom which is great but not sure if...
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    Central England Horseboxes for selling?

    I'm in the process of selling my 7.5t lorry as I want a 3.5t-6.5t van type as I only have one horse competing now. Has anyone used their services? Is the selling time good? I Just don't want the hassle of loads of people coming to view it as I don't like driving it!! Pm if you prefer...
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    Feel terrified Driving a 7.5t!!

    Now I know this sounds daft, but I actually hate driving my lorry, well any lorry!! I just don't feel safe or in control. My OH says I'm silly as ours is the best he's driven,(we've had a few before & borrowed a friends Whittaker for 6months). He used to chauffeur me around but now is busy with...
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    Dry brittle cracking hooves help!!

    It seems every summer as soon as the weather turns hot & dry my horses feet start to crumble. Our summer filed is on chalk & I think this is half the problem that it is sucking the moisture out. I feed a supposedly fully balanced complete feed with a big dollop of wet speedi beet, and he is...
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    Dressage/schooling livery in Lincolnshire

    Hi, My Mum has cancer & is undergoing treatment so I may not be able to ride much for a few weeks while she has radiotherapy. So, Any recommendations for schooling livery for a 4yo 17.3hh dressage horse. Quite green, can be sharp but no nastiness, doesn't rear or back etc. perfect manners on...
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    Numpty question, how long a girth do I need?

    Sorry for the Numpty question but I am after a new girth for my dressage saddle and I want to know where ideally the girth should sit on the horse. It is a dressage saddle with long girth straps, my current girth sits just above the point of elbow on each side, and there is a good few inches...
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    Hi, does anyone have any solutions to keeping mice away? I'm on livery, there are baits things about but no cats and no one would empty traps. Are there any products that put mice off coming into the feed/tack room? They keep chewing my sheepskin numnahs and over reach boots? I've put them...
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    McEvoy lorries??

    Hi sorry me again with more lorry q's? Has anyone got a. McEvoy?, seen one, really like it, just want to know if others are pleased or not with theirs? Fangu
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    Minster Horseboxes - any experiences or recommendations

    For N.Lincs area?? Have seen their website and basic box looks tidy enough for what I need. 2t payload needed, 2 or 3 horse (only ever carry 2), basic living or none is fine, just a space for tack/change. No tack locker in horse area. 03/53 minimum, DAF/MAN or Merc, no Iveco Budget...
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    PRB horseboxes, any opinions?

    Have been messed around and let down by a coach builder so am looking to buy a 2nd hand box, would prefer to go to a dealer. Have seen a couple of prb boxes that look suitable has anyone any experience good or bad? Pm if preferred. Budget depends on if I get a refund from the clown I...
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    Protuff heavyweight turnout review?

    Hi does anyone with a rug wrecker have one of these rugs? Are they any good? Thanks.
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    Bulk bedding needed in Lincs??

    Hi, Does anyone have the details for a shavings co for delivery in Lincs, near Market Rasen. Un branded is fine, or miscanthus, hemp core etc. need 2 or 3 pallet loads. Not paper or pellets though, tried them and hated!! Many thanks.