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    Septic Pedal ostietis

    My friends 24 year old gelding was diagnosed five weeks ago with septic pedal ostietis by my vet after being misdiagnosed by both another vet (bruised sole) and tendon trouble(farrier). Three weeks in to finding him suddenly lame he was started on a large dose daily of penicillan for 5 days...
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    Tell me about treeless saddles

    Because we are not showing now I sold my Fylde Samanthas and bought a synthetic saddle which at the time did fit. It no longer fits so we have difficulty getting proper saddle fitters in our area. I have been investigating treeless saddles which I know absolutely nothing about. The pony it would...
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    Botulism poisoning and slurrying?

    Just a question. Could leaving ponies on a field whilst it was slurried possibly cause botulism poisoning?(not my ponies BTW) I know a person who left two ponies on a field whilst it was slurried and within two weeks one had colicked and the other presented with grass sickness like symptoms and...
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    MOL Larkspur Clint-Eastwood (Harry)

    Harry chestnut Welsh B gelding. Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail. Stands around 12 hands, age7. Was out on loan to a lady named Chelsea Stoneham for her two kids. Mansefield area. Was in contact up until around eighteen months ago when she has changed phones, homes and believed to have had a...
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    Mare foaled six days ago- strange episode !

    My friends little mare foaled six days ago (thats another story!) no problems and foal feeding and very healthy. My friend just rushed into the house as she thought her mare was dying!. She took her a small feed and the mare took a mouthful then passed two lots of droppings in quick succession...
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    Chelsea Stoneham and Harry

    Trying to trace to put his owners mind at rest, Chelsea got Harry on loan three years ago. She lived in the Mansfield area but no longer has the same phone, disappeared from Facebook too. Harry is a registered Welsh B(Larkspur Clint-Eastwood) and is 7 years old. Chestnut with a flaxen mane and...
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    Anone know the whereabouts of Bev Hoare?

    I am trying to find out the wherabouts of a once dear friend Beverly Hoare originally from the Hayes area of Middlesex. We have not spoken for 30 years and I have things I would like to put right between us. She had a partner called Alan Barnes. Any info much appreciated.
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    2 day old foal with sore belly!

    My 2 day old colt Welsh B foal is distressed because he has a sore belly that dosnt respond to finadyne or buscopan. He passed meconium promptly after birth, was passing milky poos within 12 hours but since last evening he has had a pain in his belly. Vet stuck a needle in his belly but no...
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    Scottish Fresians does anyone know them?

    One of the girls who rides my ponies has just been told her OH and parents have been saving up for ages and now have the money to spend on her dream horse- which happens to be a Friesian. I know nothing about this breed but one has been sourced 3 hours from us and she is travelling up tomorow to...
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    Ulceration: Confirmed as such what were the symptons?

    My daughters first pony is with us to retire and we have had him back for nearly two years. Prior to him coming back to us he was ill and in hos[ital with an illness they never got to the bottom of. He went very lethargic and wouldnt move. He scoured and weight dropped off him very quickly. He...
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    Itchy Pony

    I have a little Sec A that is self harming! Itchy beyond itchy! Had vet who gave me Switch. Said pony was allergic to something but couldnt guess at what. So used switch, have deloused, kept him in where he cant scratch (he does it till he bleeds). I am now going out to bath him with Hibiscrub...
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    Youngsters Teeth

    My dentist has just visited to check and do oldies/youngsters teeth. One rising three year old has quite sustantial gaps between her teeth. This is giving her a bit of a problem with hay/haylage as it is packing between her teeth but she is not quidding. He advises a soft diet until we see how...
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    A contact number for the rspca?

    I desperately need a number to speak to someone in authority who can tell me whats going on with one of my stallions which is out on loan. I have tried all the usual contact methods, email etc but unless you want to leave them a fortune you cant actually SPEAK to anyone. I am getting a brick...