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  1. YasandCrystal

    Hickstead Derby Tickets 2017

    Cheeky ask but I will anyway.... I wondered if anyone had any concession tickets they don't want for the Saturday 24th June please? Really want to go with a friend and if we can make the day cheaper it would be most welcomed. Thanks
  2. YasandCrystal

    Any experienced behaviourists please?

    One of my horses is displaying some weird behaviour and I am struggling to interpret it. Is there a kind experienced behaviourists on the forum who would mind messaging me to see if they can help? Thank you.
  3. YasandCrystal

    Horse box pre inspection Northampton area

    Can anyone please recommenend soneone who does horse box pre purchase inspections in the Northampton area please? Asking for a friend viewing a box there. Thanks
  4. YasandCrystal

    Little Miss please clear your messages!

    As title I cannot reply! Thanks
  5. YasandCrystal

    Advice for Manege Planning drawings - an planners?

    I am applying for planning for a manege on our paddocks. We have 10 acres away from the house in a private lane. I previously applied successfully for our manege planning at home and did the drawings myself; it was really straightforward. I seem to have messed up with this application by...
  6. YasandCrystal

    Catembi Please clear out your inbox!

    I cannot PM you :-(
  7. YasandCrystal

    why won't my pictures show anymore?

    Previously I copied the 'img' code from Photobucket and pasted into a post and the picture would appear - now I just get a link? ANy ideas anyone please?
  8. YasandCrystal

    ID stallion 'Simply The Best' Offspring

    I have a 4 yr old filly sired by Ted. Anyone else with his offspring? I would love to hear about them please.
  9. YasandCrystal

    ID stallion 'Simply The Best' offspring

    I have a 4 year old filly sired by this stallion. Does anyone else have any of his offspring? I would love to hear about them please.
  10. YasandCrystal

    In praise of my new dog slow feeder

    I have 2 dogs that race their dinner down in seconds; so I bought the new product The Green slow feeder and wow - brilliant. It really slows down their feeding by an amazing amount. I have 3 dogs and 2 need to slow feed. This product is quite expensive so I just bought the one (being tight) and...
  11. YasandCrystal

    Feed advice for my herd please.........

    Right - I have a really mixed herd of horses. A 17hh WB starting light work, a very good doer 14.2 hh cob who will be in medium work, a 2 yr old Dales youngster (good doer) and a retired 22 yr old 10hh pony. The WB is sugar and cereal intolerant. Last winter (I had an ISH mare too) I fed...
  12. YasandCrystal

    Any owners of Dales out there?

    I have just bought a 2 year old Dales gelding, whom I want to show in hand and eventually have as my ridden pony. I have ordered a white web halter to show him in. Any tips/advice on showing a Dales gratefully received. He's already 14.2hh approx - the seller said he is unlikely to grow...
  13. YasandCrystal

    10 of Dr Green

    Title was supposed to read 10 months of Dr Green -:( My young WB was diagnosed with chronic sacro illiac dysfunction in May 2011. He has not been ridden now (only briefly at Sue Dyson's lameness clinic in May) since January 2011. He had his sacrum mobilised in June 2011 by a holistic vet and he...
  14. YasandCrystal

    My patterdale's favourite game

    I thought I would share this game that my patterdale persists in playing. which is also testimony to how changed in temperament my horse Tim is..... luckily for my patterdale.
  15. YasandCrystal

    This filly is just delicious......

    I couldn't resist posting this filly - she is so lovely :)...
  16. YasandCrystal

    DIY livery sought near Rochford, Southend Essex

    Seeking a small friendly DIY yard for 1 pony no more than 10 minutes drive from Westcliff. Essential it MUST have winter turnout and preferably some extra services available for shift and holiday cover for example. Cannot afford part livery (have considered Shopland). Any recommendations of...
  17. YasandCrystal

    DIY yard sought Rochford, Southend area

    Seeking a small friendly DIY yard for 1 pony no more than 10 minutes drive from Westcliff. Essential it MUST have winter turnout and preferably some extra services available for shift and holiday cover for example. Cannot afford part livery. Any recommendations of vacancies please? :) Thank-you
  18. YasandCrystal

    Horse Charity Choosing Advice please

    ok so I have been making a regular monthly donation to the Brooke for 2 years now. Having read quite a bit on here about how rich they are I have decided to cancel my DD to them and to choose 2 smaller needy charities to give to and split the monthly donation between them. Hubby donates to...
  19. YasandCrystal

    Arghhhhh why are Patterdales such hard work??!

    Please don't shoot me down, but helpful advice gratefully received on this........ He is a feisty dog (2.5 yrs old)- I had him castrated at around 7 months. At a year old I took him to dog training/agility classes and he was hard to distract and keep focussed and always a handful if he didn't...
  20. YasandCrystal

    seeking a secondhand Kent and Masters 17.5 HW saddle

    As title - dressage or GP saddle sought - must be 17.5" High Wither and preferably Medium plate, good condition. Please PM me details and price if you have one? thanks
  21. YasandCrystal

    Chronic sacro iliac dyfsunction - experience

    Has anyone had a horse come right for ridden work after this being diagnosed please? Good and bad experience please. :(
  22. YasandCrystal

    Chiro recommendations Essex/Suffolk/Cambs

    I want to get a chiro to my horse who has scaro iliac problems. I am fetching him from Newmarket today. If the vet recommends a chiro I may well be able to claim via my insurance, otherwise the bill is mine. I have spoken to a chap I saw a couple of recommendations for called Paul Darrington...
  23. YasandCrystal

    Good Vibes Please....Pelvis area problem updates

    Here is my previous thread... My horse has been at AHT Newmarket since Monday - he didn't show up lame enough to nerve block on Monday or Tuesday, which left me feeling 'have I umagined this stiffness/lameness?'. Also...
  24. YasandCrystal

    My Patterdale bit a chicken this morning

    My lab/springer unfortunately being a wannabe retriever chased one of my chickens (she is never normally in contact with them) over the garden gate and straight into the jaws of my patterdale. He bit the poor young hen and then retreated after I shouted at him. The hen has quite nasty puncture...
  25. YasandCrystal

    DIY/Assisted yards Rochford Essex??

    My daughter is soon to take up her first job and will move hopefully to Rochford, Essex. She plans to take her pony, so can anyone recommend any yards in the locality please? She would welcome a few facilities, but not too posh and expensive. Thanks
  26. YasandCrystal

    Pelvic area pain....what next (long sorry!)

    My horse has had so many issues in the 6 months of ownership:- - he always had a stuffy choppy gait and looked like he had been ridden in draw reins. I had him worked on by an osteo (Gavin Scofield) who is very good and said his back muscles (lumbar area) were so tense he was surprised he...
  27. YasandCrystal

    shiatsu treatment for horses

    Has anyone had shiatsu on their horse? I have my horse booked for a treatment next week, but have no experience of shiatsu so would be interested to hear what others think and any good/bad experiences please. Thanks
  28. YasandCrystal

    HAPPY update on my young Westphalian

    Just an update on my 17hh rising 6 yr old whom I bought last September. Almost immediately after coming to me he started showing very aggressive behaviour which got progressively worse. He was biting, kicking, front leg striking; he was distrustful and disrespectful. He also didn't move right...
  29. YasandCrystal

    Building a roundpen.,,,,,,,Advice please

    Hi we want to build a roundpen at our summer grazing paddock and would welcome advice on size and any general tips about how to build it please. It will only be used during the summer months so I doubt we will bother putting down any surface and if we do maybe some bark to stop the grass...
  30. YasandCrystal

    seeking information on Saltimbanco stallion offspring please

    Does anyone please have any offspring from this stallion please? I particularly want to find out about temperament please. My Westphalian has Sandro Hit/Laurentianer as grandsires, does anyone know anything about the temperament they pass on please? thanks for reading