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    Is Barefoot big in the UK?? Anyone event with a Barefoot horse?? Im just about to make the change ... sick of unreliable farriers and their dramas. Farriers do not have to be licenced in Australia, so there are lots of fairly ordinary ones shoeing horses and unluckily for Oscar and me, Ive...
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    Hello from Oz!

    Hi everyone, hows it going!!! I havent been on here for a while so hope everyone is okay. I cant possibly read all the posts Ive missed over the 8months or so since I came on here (although Im trying!!!) so if I have missed anything maybe someone could fill me in! My BIG news that I have to...
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    Horse shod, now hes lame!!!

    Rode my horse Oscar yesterday and hes fine, today he was shod and then when I go to ride him 3 hrs later he is lame in his NSH, farrier came back out (immediately!!!) and took shoe off, couldnt find any sore spots with testers, no signs of bruising or absess anywhere, puts shoe back on. Oscar...
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    Well I love reading all your Comp results and seeing your great pics so I thought I would put some new ones of me and my horse Oscar up! Oscar is a TB (had 4 races) 17 hands and 6yrs old. This is us winning Champion Ridden Horse on Sunday. and these are some jumping ones .... only Riding...