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    Kira on tour.... Welsh Dressage Champs report

    Ahh I didn't know you were Milliepops!! What are you doing at Regionals?
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    Eskadron control headcollars

    Used them a lot and never know the chain to break although they do rust fairly quickly which is frustrating. I would be returning this, obviously a fault.
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    Team Quest

    Ichloer drop me a PM. I have a few clients who are in a team :D
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    Schooling livery- what to expect re communication etc

    It takes two minutes to send a text. I think most of my clients would laugh at the fact I message whilst I'm having a wee or waiting for the kettle to boil.
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    Schooling livery- what to expect re communication etc

    I currently have one in for Schooling, I ride and compete him anyway but he has come for a bit of an intensive few days. I have spoken to his owner everyday. Nothing massive but just an update on how he's worked. If he was with me for longer I wouldn't message everyday but he's precious to her...
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    Training Yard for sensitive horse?

    I currently have a horse being backed by the team at Mallards Reach. Its in deepest darkest wales but they are producing my sensitive 3 year old beautifully. P.M. me if you want their number.
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    Fed up with dressage, or with trainer?

    WHoaa far too much information, take it back abit. Is this canter circle okay? Does it just go a bit awry when you ask for the medium? In which case can you medium canter on a straight line? 3/4 line? Close your eyes for a few strides if you need to, (and its safe to) does she go off line when...
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    Where to advertise lease?

    Hi Dressage Diva, could you send me a few details? Thanks, Kt
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    Jump Trainer Wanted

    Are you on fb? Look up Melissa Giles - minett. Cannot recommend highly enough.
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    Farrier recommendations - Bridgend area

    Try Chris Needs, if you want his number PM me. 😄
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    Falling off at HOYS

    May it be that the game had ended yet the show class hadn't? A kid fell off In the sj but had gone through the finish so was allowed to come back for the jump off but she too would have been eliminated if it had been during the round.
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    What are you looking to buy? I cant recommend Ulli Keuter highly enough. (Germany) If you want to PM me I can send details.
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    British Dressage UKCC Level 2

    Did you really?? Omg they made us wait until 1 o'clock to tell us. Did you know in the arena or once you got back to the Lorry. Thank you so much you were both amazing to teach. Definitely made it easier! (Unless any of the assessors are reading this lol ) This is my fb profile...
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    British Dressage UKCC Level 2

    In the covered outdoor starting at 9? If so yes I was!!! 🤗
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    British Dressage UKCC Level 2

    I actually found the training days worse as not only are you teaching infront of the Coaches you're also teaching infront of each other. I got into the swing of it yesterday and had some lovely combinations to work with. :D
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    Im Moving To Cardiff - Info on Livery Please

    You've missed Beacons off the competition list. :D Lots of good info above but if you need any more info let us know, I teach quite a lot around the area so usually hear about yards etc.
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    British Dressage UKCC Level 2

    Still on cloud nine!! Had my exam yesterday and only went and bloody passed! woooooo Sorry to bore you all, just still so happy. :D
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    Horsey Hen doo ideas?

    I saw on Facebook recently that someone had theirs at AM Dressage. Might be worth messaging them to see what they do?
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    whats next?? stage 2 ...

    Frankie, BD, BE and BSJA do the UKCC too.
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    Tree in an arena???

    We had a tree on the last yard I worked on. It was 20m to the inside of the tree so was great for test riding and the added space the other side was great. That tree saved us a few times, nothing like heading towards it on a bucking youngster to make them think and stop 😄
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    Going straight onto BHS stage 3/4??

    It was suggested that I apply directly for the stage 3 but due to the time scale of them meeting to decide etc I decided I may as well just go down the normal route. Boy am i glad I did. The exam environment for them is nothing like I've ever experienced and to have gone straight to stage 3...
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    Fused Wrist / Nerves Cut - Experiences?

    Thanks for your replies. ybcm she is currently in a gauntlet brace after her 3rd op to try and sort it but nothing is stopping her pain.
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    Fused Wrist / Nerves Cut - Experiences?

    Posting on behalf of a friend who is having to consider these options. Does anyone have any experience of riding after either of these two procedures? Any info good or bad will be much appreciated. Thanks
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    Livery and stuff in Camarthenshire

    Hiya, this is the link to me on fb I'll add you to some 😄
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    Livery and stuff in Camarthenshire

    Beacons is a must if you're competing. They run regular BD and have just started BSJA. If you're on face book there are loads of groups. 😄 You can add me if you want and I'll tag you in.
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    Yards to Rent

    Swansea area is good, anywhere along that stretch of M4 😄
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    Your wisdom please! Eventing and cancellations

    Black hor2e I know of a couple for sale, P.M. if you want? x
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    Yards to Rent

    I'm putting the feelers out for a yard to rent. Around 8 boxes although will consider less (more, not a problem) and a decent school. If anyone knows of anything could you drop me a P.M. Thanks :D
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    Riding in a double if you don't need a double.

    Wish HHO had a like button.
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    Riding in a double if you don't need a double.

    Not true! Under BD rules you can now go all the way to GP in a snaffle. It is only if you go and compete under FEI rules do you have to wear a double. There are plenty of bitting options with the Weymouth and Bradoon so it should be possible to find a combination that the horse accepts and likes.