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    Anyone in east lancs?

    I am looking for a hacking buddy, someone who is available evenings and weekends. I’m in BL7 area, North Turton.
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    Would you move?

    Considering a move to get better hacking - looking at a few options and one of the better options has had a case of grass sickness last year. Don’t know a right lot about it so have done some reading and it seems to be very mysterious, definitive cause unknown. Several theories but nothing...
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    Strangest question I have ever asked

    Afternoon all, I have posted a few times about my travelling woes with my otherwise perfect pony. In brief - for those who aren’t familiar - fine in company but kicks off alone, to all intent and purpose it appears to be anxiety being alone. I’ve had a professional out who got him loading...
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    Poles for schooling

    Hi All Looking for recommendations please for some trotting poles. My arena is high up and exposed, and we get a lot of weather. I’m going to and fro with wooden or plastic poles. I’d prefer plastic for the longevity, and ease of moving. Wood would get very wet and I have no where...
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    Trailer & yard anti-theft ideas

    Opportunist thieves are combing the area I live looking for easy targets. There have been several reports of people in the area catching them snooping around, checking places out, caught on cctv sneaking around yards and properties, and even using drones to scope out properties. I am going to...
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    Hot tap portable horse shower - thoughts?

    I have been looking for a hot water shower for my home yard for a while. I can’t use the trolley and gas bottle combo as our water pressure is too low to flow from a hose (our water supply is from a spring) - I’ve tried ones that claim to be suitable for low water pressure with no joy. So...
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    Clipping - hints and tips?

    Father Christmas brought me some clippers for Christmas! I got them to take the hair from my boys legs, but I think he’d benefit from a bib clip too and gets sweaty quite easily. I have never been taught to clip and have always paid someone else to do it - but the lady who does him for me...
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    A quick thank you

    A little while ago I posted asking for advice on my bad traveller. A mirror in the trailer was suggested to me. I bought a few acrylic mirrors and put one of the spares up in the stable of my other horse (unofficial non ridden companion) who is a bit stressy when left. The sheer delight in...
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    A stompy traveller

    I have a wonderful supercob, but he has one downfall - his travelling solo is stompy and worrisome. I do need him to travel solo, we can’t always have the luxury of company and I want to be able to take him out solo confidentally. I want to know please if there is any way of teaching a...
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    Field shelters for a windy place

    Can anyone who lives in the same or similar area to me recommend any robust field shelters? Has to be mobile, I don’t stand a chance of getting PP for a stone built shelter. Needs to be able withstand 80mph winds at their worst. I am in the BL7 area (Edgworth) of Lancashire, it’s up on the...
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    Schooling - we hate it

    Last summer I bought an absolute gem of a horse, a safe turbo cob to have fun with and rebuild my confidence. He’s fulfilled that wish a hundred times over and is a wonderful hack. He had been well schooled too, and I started having lessons on him to improve my riding with a view to doing...
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    Trailers and travelling

    I’m on the cusp of looking to buy my first horse trailer, and I am not sure which models are good and which I should avoid. I have primarily browsed Ifor Williams trailers, and have looked for ones with the aluminium floor instead of wood. Bar that, I have no idea what I should be looking for...
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    Fencing ideas for the serial offender

    I have just moved my two horses onto the winter field, but in a bid to restrict their intake and that the field has to last all winter, have sectioned them off into a plot of about 1.5 acres with plenty of grass. One of them is a pig with fencing, and keeps getting out. I have 3 strands of...
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    Which hoof boots?

    I have recently taken he shoes off my new gelding, we are 2 months in and he’s doing great but still feels his feet a little when on a stony track. I’d like to get him some boots for his fronts for our longer rides but am not sure where to start. Can anyone recommend any brands? He is a trad...
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    Could he pull off being hogged?

    Hi All, I have never had a hogged cob before, but recently I have started wondering if my tank of a cob could pull off the hogged look. He is quite an itchy boy who enjoys a scratch, so I think having the hair off would be a relief to him. I would also like to know - as I have no...
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    Another B+E question.. recommendations in north west?

    It's time to learn to tow, we are north west based near Bolton. Google has thrown up several options in terms of places to go and learn and take your test. Prices vary quite a bit and I have no idea which one to pick. Any recommendations please for those who have gone through it in the NW?
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    So much rain

    Anyone else suffering? In particular my fields at our new house are so blinking wet, I was standing ankle deep in mud today putting my horses out. It's rained every single day since we moved, and properly chucked it down, a few centimetres a day. Fed up!
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    New best friends - separating them!

    We finally moved into our new home after weeks of being on the cusp of completing, and I am thrilled to have my boys at home. Prior to this they had been on grass livery together and had just over 2 weeks in a field getting to know each other. They're very settled together, perhaps too much as...
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    For those with 2 or more horses - jealousy?

    I have recently ventured into plural pony ownership, and apart from the issues with finding them somewhere to live whilst we wait to move, it has been quite easy. However, I have noticed my gelding that I had first is starting to exhibit what I assume is jealousy. It started a couple of days...
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    An appeal for help, please (Manchester/Cheshire East)

    I'm putting this post in here because this area of the forum gets more traffic than the regional boards, and I am desperate. In short, I need to move my boys from their current place of residence to elsewhere, and I need to do it tomorrow. Someone who I previously thought was a friend has...
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    Dentist recommendations please - BL postcode

    As the title please - can anyone recommend a dentist? One that is good with nervy patients and offers sedation (occasionally required, but he's getting better!). Thank you!
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    Passport questions

    My new cob gelding is registered on a CHAPS passport, I have spoken with them asking if his registered name can be changed as it has a spelling mistake in it - they said flat out no, even with a spelling mistake. He has no breeding recorded so there's no breeders that would be snubbed, but it...
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    Feeding a supplement to a horse with no hard feed

    I want to try my spooky gelding on a magnesium oxide supplement to see if it makes any difference. He jumps out of his skin at the slightest little thing and it's chipping away at my confidence with him. He is not on any hard feed and hasn't been whilst I have owned him, so I want to know what...
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    Routine causing behavioural issues?

    My gelding has always been on private home yards, where the horses weren't on a strict routine as such and fitted in around the requirements of their owners (though were all on a similar time zone to one another if you know what I mean). In spring of this year I moved my gelding onto a livery...
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    An idiots' guide to rugs

    With my new boy arriving in 2 or so weeks, and my gelding having ruined his current collection (bar a MW turnout I rarely put on him because he's naturally warm, and a bucas buzz off fly sheet with the rain panels) - I need some new rugs. I've done some research and I am officially confused. I...
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    Which bridle?

    I'd like some steer on what type of bridle would suit my new gelding (the one I bought in search for my safe and fun cob). He's a stocky traditional (I think, no breeding on his CHAPS passport), slightly more white than black but not by much, a proper 'leg in each corner' type, but with turbo...
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    Towing vehicle, weight limits, and suitability?

    Morning All, In the next few months we will be starting to look at the options for vehicles that can tow, and looking for a 2-horse trailer. Ultimately I want the capability to box up with my 2 14.1hh cob geldings and get out and about. I've looked at some cars that can tow but I don't...
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    Barefoot advice please - chipped hooves

    My gelding is barefoot and always has been, he has lovely strong feet and our barefoot trimmer does a wonderful job on him. Last weekend a fellow livery left the field gate open and he and another escaped and had a hooley around the very stony yard for a good 20 mins before they were caught...
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    Horse Fly-proof rider wear

    The dreaded time is nearly upon us, from the looks of another thread it is already here. I am an irrestible meal for the little buggars and none of my horsey clothes protect me from bites, despite wearing full length sleeves. Does anyone know of any particular tops and bottoms that are...
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    Nasal discharge - vet or observe?

    My lovely boy has had clear yellow runny nose for 2 days, both nostrils. At first I thought it was because he enjoys a snuffle in the dirt but I've ruled that out being the reason for the colouration. He's eating, drinking, pooping and working happily enough, nothing out of the norm. I've...