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  1. Faithkat

    Searching for Drama Queen by Centus

    As her ownership hasn't been changed, perhaps she is still owned by Peter Charles, he has close connections with Pembers Hill Stud.
  2. Faithkat


    Bag it up and advertise on Freecycle. I used to do that and had to take the ad down very quickly as I was inundated with replies!
  3. Faithkat

    For BHS members!!!!

    Thank you very much, will do and I've sent you a PM :)
  4. Faithkat

    For BHS members!!!!

    I have a cheeky request . . . is there a kind BHS member out there who won't be using their RIHS ticket this year? I'd love one please ;) Happy to post SAE
  5. Faithkat

    Pembers Hill Stud - is it still running???

    The mobile number is on their website
  6. Faithkat

    Pembers Hill Stud - is it still running???

    They are still going. I know them well and am over that way on Tuesday. Can I pop in with a message from you? PM me if you would like me to!
  7. Faithkat

    RIP Dawn Wofford (nee Palethorpe)

    Me too - those were the days, when showjumping made prime time tv (and my parents used to let me get up again to watch it; bedtime was 6pm!!)
  8. Faithkat

    Pembers Hill Stud - is it still running???

    I am friends with the girl who is/was their head stable girl so I've just sent her a message on FB to ask . . . . . I know emailing would probably be a waste of time though!
  9. Faithkat

    looking for foaling livery for next march

    Not in south Dorset but not a million miles away - try Pembers Hill Stud, they take mares for foaling. Mine went there and they know what they are doing!
  10. Faithkat

    newforest yearling! how big will he make?

    You might find this site useful :
  11. Faithkat

    following Poldark thread I love the horses in the 3 Muskateers!!

    Series 3 starts filming in April :) YAY!!!!!!
  12. Faithkat

    Brian has failed his exams

    I had to smile when the Police wanted to change his name. Nothing wrong with Brian (suits him actually) and their existing horses don't always have "tough" names. I was a Gamesmaker at Greenwich Park in the Accreditation Office. A couple of mounted Met Police turned up one day and had to have...
  13. Faithkat

    Horse Transporters

    what area? I could recommend someone but she is based in West Sussex
  14. Faithkat

    RIP Richard Meade

    Sad news indeed, he was a charming man. I met him at Tweseldown when he judged my youngster in the Young Event Horse In-hand Championships (and was quite overcome that he was one of the judges!) and again at the Olympics when I was a GamesMaker. A lovely, lovely man and my condolences to his...
  15. Faithkat

    Mounted Policeman Tells off Biker in London...

    I love the way the copper just casually walked his horse out in front of him!
  16. Faithkat

    Jonathan Agnew prepares for Rio

    Oh bless him, I can well remember a few similar final views . . . . but it does beg the question - are there really no already suitably experienced equestrian commentators they could use???????
  17. Faithkat

    WWYD - veterinary nurse self diagnosing and giving drugs

    I lost a horse to a kick on the hock. Bone chips from the kick had punctured the DDFT sheath. My vet prescribed the usual bute and ABs but when the (tiny) wound wouldn't heal and was oozing yellow fluid (not pus, there was no infection in the actual wound), he took her in for x-rays and...
  18. Faithkat

    Livery in Hythe, Fawley, calshot etc

    Try NFED ad 110285
  19. Faithkat

    Livery in Hythe, Fawley, calshot etc

    Ipley Manor Mopley Farm Have a look at the NFED Business Directory and "Stables, livery, grazing offered" :)
  20. Faithkat

    Poo picking world is transformed.

    Exactly what I do, too! Any sort of poop scooper leaves half of it on the ground!!
  21. Faithkat

    Using Megatek or whatever it's called on human hair

    I bought some at vast expense and it didn't do anything at all for my mare's mane - complete waste of £20 :eek:
  22. Faithkat

    Heavy Horse Weddings

    You could try these people . . . . they have grey Shires, apparently and have an ad on NFED : Equestrian directory, carriage driving :) They have a Winchester address
  23. Faithkat

    Horse history - on a promise.

    Can't find your mare or her dam but Dancing Spree :
  24. Faithkat

    Muck heap removal Guildford...

    Try putting an ad on your local Freecycle. I do that every now and then and get inundated with replies from local gardeners!
  25. Faithkat

    Facebook once again refusing to remove animal cruelty content.

    I downloaded Facebook Purity so I can disable/get rid of all the s**t on FB and it includes disabling autoplay of videos. I also disabled all of NewsFeed!
  26. Faithkat

    Mud fever

    Manuka honey :) I had a horse on which I tried everything. I started with Hibiscrub and Sudocrem . . . . that didn't do anything except spread it and make it worse. I then went to the vet who sold me (expensive) Flamazine cream . . . . not much use either so we then tried steroid cream...
  27. Faithkat

    New Forest Riders

    To start with buy the Ordnance Survey map OL22
  28. Faithkat

    Curiosity is getting the better of me!!

    I've done the opposite. I chased up a NF pony that I had sold a couple of years previously to find he had gone first to France and now he is in Istanbul owned by the Istanbul Equestrian Association (god bless the Internet!). I emailed them explaining I had owned him from a 6 month-old weanling...
  29. Faithkat

    Waaaaay overpriced?!

    It's the black that whacks up the price. People always ask stupid money for black Arabs; quality seems irrelevant. The same thing happens with palominos, dun/buckskin (not Arabs) . . . . . Like anything, I don't blame people for asking silly money, it's the morons that pay it!!!!!
  30. Faithkat

    Spillers! Have you no proofreaders?!

    Wonderful thread; you are all people after my own heart. May I add the use of the word "invite" when what is actually meant is INVITATION!!! "Invite" is a verb not a noun.