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    Badminton Grassroots 100

    Many congratulations to our Cornish rider Katie Hancock, won for the 2nd year in a row (on different horses). What a fantastic achievement.
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    Please be on the look out. Please be on the look out for these. They are pedigree and very heavily in lamb. Unlikely to have been stolen for meat, someone has them somewhere. Please, if some small, very pregnant ewes...
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    "Scum Watch" Another charming bunch!
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    Corley - Galley Common

    Does anyone nearby have truck and trailer? DIL needs to move a horse today or tomorrow. We are in cornwall so are unable to help out.
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    Anyone near here? Daughter is moving to a work placement and is new to the area.
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    Update ' Suggestions please' mare lameness.

    Not good news, saw specialist equine vet this morning, she reckons the hock was virtually dislocated when she slipped, the damage is irrepairable and she will have to be retired from ridden work. So, to say we are gutted wouldbe understatement although we had our suspicions this would be the...
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    Suggestions please.

    Daughters mare slipped off the step outside her stable about a year ago, after intermittent lameness she was scanned.early September and found she had damaged a ligament in her hock and had a small bone chip. Took vets advice and put her on box rest for 6 months, turned away for a month then...
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    Fittening after 6 months box rest.

    Daughters horse has just done 6 moths box rest followed by 5 weeks turned away. She was diagnosed with 'ongoing lameness and swelling inner aspect roughening over medial aspect tarsal bones and ultrasound evidence of strain of medial collat. lig. Prescribed box rest and a course of Adequan...
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    Ok,bit late but CF on Sunday. What went on with that calving? Heifer is calving, lad and herdsman check the heifer and apparently everything is there, in farmer speak. They then go on to say that week later the vet is called as she hadn't calved, was unable to and is destroyed due to...
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    Bone chips, arthroscopy.

    It appears daughters horse may have a couple of bone chips in her hock. She tore a ligament back in july, vet didn't diagnose it until scanning end of aug. box rest since then, scanned again this week. The ligament is looking good but there appears to be a couple of bone chips, 3 & 4 mm. She...
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    Arthropscopy (horse)

    Daughters horse did a ligament in her hock in July, after investigations (scan and xrays) it was found she had done a ligament in her hock. 3 months box rest later, scan yesterday, ligament is looking good but there appears to be 2 bone chips, 3 & 4mm. Vet wants to xray next week and is saying...
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    Tragic, tragic accident Deepest sympathies go to the family, such a waste.
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    Intermittent lameness

    Have had new girlie for 6 wks now, daughter has been riding and competing her for her previous owner for 3 months before this. Wk 3, she slipped off the concrete step outside the stable and caught her fetlock, same week was shod. Seemed fine at start of ride but was a bit short at the finish...
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    18th Birthday pressie ideas.

    Its youngest daughters (the jockey) 18th in 6 wks. She doesn't wear jewellry, watches etc doesn't want clothes or anything for her car. She does like to have nice tack though so was thinking of a Kolibri breastplate? Any other thoughts??
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    Does your horse mean more to you than your children...

    I love my horse soooooooooooo much, she doesn't answer back, she does as she is told, she doesn't shout or scream. It's a close call between horse and children... Horse definitely wins, and if she does start to get on my nerves... I can sell her and get a new one, is there a market for children...
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    Update - Is Cornwall too far?

    We had loads of enquiries about our boy, the black in my sig, but as soon as i said we were in Cornwall any interest died as we were too far. Had a lady email me, conversation carries on for a few days, arranges to come down then it transpires they are coming from HARTLEPOOL, 71/2 hrs drive...
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    Charities, are they or aren't they..

    How do you know if a charity is? Does it have to be registered with the Charity Commission as I don't seem to be able to find it on their search. Does it have to have the charity number on the website?
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    Flaming busybodies!!

    Fuming or what!! RSPCA visited, someone had reported our sheep (these are pedigree ewes and lambs, home after being sheared yesterday) were on the bank (1 acre of long grass) panting with no water. So, for starters some busy body has been up around our shed, where they had no right to be, it was...
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    Is Cornwall really too far?

    I have had our boy advertised, nice little comp horse, ads in H&H, HQ & HD on and off for the past 2 months. Initially get lots of interest but as soon as you say where you are everything goes dead. A friend is also in the same boat. Both horses are realistically priced (IMO), ads read well with...
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    Hillside animal sanctuary

    Wasting time on FB, hillside animal sanctuary have an amazing post. see April 14. Quote "Let's hope it's the jockeys who get killed and injured in this year's Grand National and not the horses! The horse racing industry is...
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    Height Certificates

    I had our roan pony measured she was well under 14.2 so no probs but our boy (black in sig) measures 155 with shoes, how much can you reasonably expect to reduce the height to without excessive foot paring, dehydration etc. He is a very smart little horse who would make a fantastic worker but...
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    Some people!

    Deleted due to stupidity!
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    Hatherleigh BE90 Report

    After our boy's decision that he doesn't like xc my daughter has stopped eventing him and was really missing it. Needing a horse for PC Camp she was offered 'Flossie' by a friend who had recently broken her hip, a rather frantic 10 days trying to get a semblence of fitness she went to camp. Had...
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    Small competition horses

    Where is the best place to advertise small comp. horses? We tried Horsequest in the spring with little interest. He measures 155 with shoes, has bsja winnings and BD points and has been placed at BE although he isn't consistant xc. Not sure what he would be for workers as he may measure 153 but...
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    I have just won a course walk with Paul Tapner at Hartpury on friday, lucky i'm on holiday this week. How cool.
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    PC Champs - qualified!!

    Well, after giving our boy a couple of months off competing due to daughters exam commitments, he did himself proud by coming second in the Int. SJ Area's yesterday as an individual. The course was long, lots of dog legs a typical 'Zoe Gwennap prove yourself course'!! Four Burrow Hunt PC were...
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    I love you Dubarry!

    After years of being unable to get my hugely large calves into a pair, they have introduced Xtra fit sizing, and they even fit my little fat legs!! So yes, I will now look like everybody else and will no longer be walking courses in proper farmer wellies (can't get hunters on) or my walking...
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    Ok, our boy, rising 7, who was supposed to go eventing has decided that he prefers not to go xc. He is regularly placed at BSJA up to Discovery (so far) and has recently won his first BD Novice comp. Daughters instructor has said she reckons he would make a good worker as he is very careful...
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    Racehorse relief. Does anyone know anything about them, good or bad. Pm if necessary.
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    Crash and burn at Nutwell.

    Well we thought the 'git horse' was being too good, after a very long journey up from cornwall, took over an hour to go 4 miles!! we got to Nutwell in good time. Warmed up nicely for the dressage, did a nice test, 33% so not bad. Walked the xc, nice course lots of nice galloping. SJ was ok, 4...