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    Help needed exercising my horses...

    Hi Charley, thanks for your reply - things have changed a lot for us since I posted this! So sorry we are no longer looking for someone to help, but I'm sure if you pop a post on Facebook someone will gladly take up your offer of help :-)
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    Horsebox advice

    Where's the best place to advertise one for sale?
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    Broken leg stories

    Please tell me your broken leg stories - or preferably happy endings!! After a year of broken leg, I'm really looking for inspiration that I will get better, ride again and hopefully compete again - fingers crossed!
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    Does anyone have a sound horse?

    Yes me - I have 4 sound horses but me.... well I'm currently very lame with a broken leg :-(
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    Nearly a year of broken leg :-(

    Yes no problem. Well I fell off of course .... most pathetic fall I've had in my life. Was showjumping at the time, well actually I was going round a corner, me and my lad parted company, very sedately and I landed on my feet..... felt my leg bend like a piece of rubber under me, can't say it...
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    Pictures Helped out a with a faded friend in need

    Wow - what a difference - brilliant!
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    Nearly a year of broken leg :-(

    No, they had to bone graft and internal fixate as my bone was not healing and I was still left with a non-union. I'm only 13 weeks since my last op so I suppose it's far too early to discuss removing anything.
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    Nearly a year of broken leg :-(

    This Sunday will mark the year anniversary of my broken leg... When I say broken leg, I actually mean snapped in half! Compound fracture of tib and fib, had to have muscle flap (muscle taken from my back and grafted into my leg) plus skin graft, 8 1/2 months in a taylor special frame...
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    Saddle Fitters - Derbyshire

    I use Teresa from Kick-on. She normally has a very good secondhand collection.
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    What to do

    Sadly only you can reach this decision.... why don't you just give yourself a break for a few months and see if you miss it? That might just give you your answer :-)
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    I need help!

    PM'd you ;-)
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    ANOTHER weekend plans!

    I'm off to Arena UK with my OH and our boys for a spot of showjumping ;-)
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    ANOTHER weekend plans!

    Good luck - just smile and enjoy it :-)
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    Veteran horse insurance. Worth it?

    Both my oldies (25 and 26) are still insured. Veteran policies with Petplan, it only covers accident and third party so have debated whether I should continue, but for the £10 odd each per month it costs, feel I might as well.
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    How much is too much? My poor boy

    Just brilliant - so happy for you!!
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    Horse shopping - where to look

    Can highly recommend Steve and Caroline Barnes of Springfield Irish Horses based in Nottinghamshire. We have 2 fantastic ISHs from them. Pm me if you want a number.
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    Is anyone going to Eland Lodge this weekend?

    Have you seen there FB post this morning? They've put massive water containers at the end of the xc course, together with buckets and sponges so riders/grooms can start cooling their horses immediately! Eland's owners really are the most conscientious venue owners I've ever known - just...
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    Last night a Thoroughbred saved my life...

    Sorry to hear all this. As I too spend a lot of time on my yard alone, this is my biggest fear. Get in touch with the Mark Davies Injured Riders Fund - they may be able to assist?
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    Shoeing intervals - how often?

    My farrier is booked in every 4 weeks. My 2 x competition horses are shod every 4 weeks and my two oldies (25 and 26) that only hack 2/3 times per week are shod every 8 weeks. However, he inevitably has to pop in in-between times for the odd lost shoe etc - which is very rarely for the olds lol
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    Big decision is paying off!

    No, you're entirely nuts and have a companion lol!!
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    Big decision is paying off!

    This has literally just had me sobbing my socks off sat at my desk!!!
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    Proud post - almost a year on!

    Fantastic - well done you for giving him the time and patience he clearly needed! :-)
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    Revitalising leather

    Me too please :-)
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    Would it be horrendous as a horse owner to.....

    Couldn't agree more.
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    Would it be horrendous as a horse owner to.....

    Totally agree, I've just gone from 5 down to 4 and can't believe the massive difference it's made and the weight that's been lifted!!
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    Help with bit choice for a strong horse when hacking??????

    This is really hard to advise without know more about the horse and how she goes ie does she put her head up, down or stretch out. Also, what noseband do you normally ride her in?
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    Whens the time to sell a horse?

    I'm assuming you're a hobby rider rather than professional rider. Ask yourself this: Are you having fun? If the answer is no, then it's time to move on.
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    He amazes me

    Just love this post! Amazing what having the right horse does for you, isn't it?! ;-)
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    Advice please on what you would do with this horse PTS?

    Big hugs - you did the right and best thing you could for her. Now take care of yourself x
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    Some honest opinions/advice please

    So sorry to read this. You've done everything you possibly can for Toby, now you have to the one last thing you can for him. Be strong. Big hugs!