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    How to dispose of the body...

    Does anyone locally keep pigs ? ;)
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    Neem Oil

    i found the neem oil did not work for my Clyde, this year I have washed him at least once a week with anti itch shampoo and used pig oil , which seems to have worked a bit better . That neem oil is beyond foul
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    Have you ever seen/felt the ghost or spirit of a horse?

    I saw my mare the day after she was put to sleep. She was stood under the trees, dozing in one of her usual spots. I‘m not one for seeing things usually, mainly I tend to hear things. Like my cat following me home across a field shortly after his death, also my Parent’s dog padding about the...
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    Throwing in the towel :(

    I would speak to my vet, often box rest is given as the quickest way to allow a horse to recover. It may be quicker but it is not always the best way. Maybe she can be turned out in a big field, with others. Her recovery might take longer but she may be more settled and not injure herself. All...
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    Plus size show jacket?

    I have a fuller fillers show jacket, because nothing fits over my boobs. However I think fuller fillers are in liquidation so it may be hard to find one Ooh I see you found one ……… good. I will have a look at them 🙂
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    Bates Saddle question

    I have done a quick search in the old threads and did not see this issue I have a all purpose Bates saddle, it is the new model and is about two years old. It had only really been used regularly for a year. It was fitted by a registered saddler ( one who is known for doing this type of...
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    Bit less bridles recommendations?

    I have heard nothing but good about the Transcend Bitless Bridle. It comes in a nice range too. look on FB, you can discuss it merits with the designer and other users.
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    Do dressage judges care if...

    ( in my head of course)
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    Do dressage judges care if...

    I write a lot for judges and I know they do not really look at details like that. What will concern them is riders not being polite , riders not being well turned out and horses not being clean , that's rude .
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    New horse - wwyd

    I think you have super horse that will in a while really suit you, so I think its a big decision to sell, one you might look back on as a mistake . As a person who can suffer from my nerves I can tell you this, that no matter the horse , no matter how good they are the "what ifs" pop up. This...
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    Plus size show jacket?

    I am a size 20 with big boobs, I have a fuller fillies jacket
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    Getting there

    Thank you ; Purple no …………… black currant 😀
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    Getting there

    Having not been able to ride much over the winter, feeling unwell, horrid weather, work, my confidence had taken a bit of a nose dive. With the longer days, better weather I have been getting to grips with my new pony, Brian. A proper saddle fitting helped, it’s amazing how more secure you...
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    Pictures Show off

    So lovely
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    Bucking on 20m Canter Circles

    Your asking for a lot, she needs to build the balance and muscle to do what your are asking. Also she might be in discomfort somewhere. A horse coming back in to work will change shape quickly and significantly. Her tack or even her rider might be blocking her. Build her up with lots of walk and...
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    Any bright ideas?

    O bless her, I did the sameish with my Clydesdale, spray stuff in his ears, he has never forgiven me. I would not push it , I certainly would not frighten her in to lashing out. Could you not spray it on to a clean cloth , well away from her and then apply it like that.
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    Would it annoy you if...

    No it would not but than my horse would not care. My sisters horse would go ballistic and did so, running through 3 electric fences, a wooden fence, a five bar gate and her stable door, cutting herself to the bone. Nearly wrote herself off, ending the season for her and she is still slowly...
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    I have been converted... hallelujah!

    Not sure I can be converted, being fat and old , do they not ride up your leg. They look good on the thin model. I like my Horze cresendos , I dont look like a blob in them
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    Leather conditioner that won't make saddle squeaky?

    The only saddle soap/conditioner I will use now is made by Oz on here, You can find him on line, Its called Old Saddlers Blend. Works a treat.
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    Will I ever be able to ride my lovely youngster?

    If worried speak to your vet
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    Fluctuating rider weight: harmful to the horse?

    It would have to be about different riders riding , no one' persons weight changes overnight, the difference would be a pound or so. When I rode Sunday I weighed pretty much the same as I did Saturday, used the same tack too, that's because my saddle is fitted to the horse, so I would not change...
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    Coping after horse pts.

    Its a shock when they go so suddenly. You did everything right, even though it feels so wrong, I wish all owners were as good as you. I wouldn't put any horse though that surgery, let alone an older one. It was the right call. I have always found that having other horses to care for, actually is...
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    Catching a unhandled horse in a large herd and field

    When I picked up my little traditional he was feral. He had never been touched and had lice and long feet. He was caught by a large gypsy lad and then three more got hold of him, they stuck a halter on him, carried him up the ramp , several more put the ramp up and the others excited trough the...
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    You can not scope for hind gut ulcers. you can treat and see and that is about that. Then you have to find the source of whats causing the ulcers. There could be chronic pain somewhere
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    New Working hours 9-5 - how do you do fit in your horses

    You just do. I now have my horses at home, before that I had turn out in the morning and did everything after work. As a teacher working an hour away I was sometimes not home from work and horses until gone eight. You kinda have to get on with it and get the fun bits in at the weekend. When it...
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    Usual saddler has lost the plot! Laughable!!

    My saddler is now ill and went from being excellent to hit and miss, his last visit made my saddle fitted so badly I nearly gave up riding. I am just about to book a new one. It happens.
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    Fingers crossed for the successful removal of Kevin!!!
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    Free to good home

    There is a whole thread on those sorts of posts. sadly its so expensive to pts people just try and wriggle out of it. People need to stand up to their responsibility.
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    When to make payment Re: selling horse

    When I bought Brian I paid by bank transfer as soon as I confirmed that I wanted him post vetting. I then picked him up when I could.
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    Bathing in winter

    I wash tails, legs and neck, with the hose, whenever I need to. Yes i would bath, for a show, or to get rid of sweat and mud.You can bath under a rug , quartering the horse, or let rip and do it as quickly as possible. I scrap off the excess water, rug up once finished and feed hay. No one has...