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  1. Jade&Syrah

    Correct hunting attire

    I haven't hunted much and only on plaited ponies in a less serious hunting county. I've now moved and I'm taking a cob to a big hunt on boxing day. What's the correct dress code regarding coloured tack (his bridle has grey piping) and a native mane
  2. Jade&Syrah

    Hunting a cob

    I haven't posted since I lost my 4yo, but I've recently got a cob. We're going hunting on Boxing Day and it's a big hunting place where I am, what do I do with his mane? Obviously everyone plaits but he's a native. Thanks in advance
  3. Jade&Syrah

    I think I have a wild one...

    Yearling that is! She loves being harrassed and played around with!! She's so confident and cheeky!! :)
  4. Jade&Syrah

    Horse with no passport.

    In May I bought a thoroughbred, on reciept it says 'passport pending' as they had to apply for a duplicate from Weatherbys. I know the old owners quite well and trusted that i'd get it asap. I then moved counties July 1st and still had no passport, I had to travel her with a vets note to say its...
  5. Jade&Syrah

    Neurological problems

    My 4 year old thoroughbred was diagnosed with neurological problems today, we have made the devastating decision to lay her at rest as she has deteriorated quickly in the last 10 days and I can't bare the thought of watching her get worse. I was riding her fine last Monday, just issues...
  6. Jade&Syrah

    Advice wanted please. New owners trying to take to court.

    One behalf of a friend. She posted this to me: '' A friend sold a pony. Its was a lovely little horse, it came to me for 4 weeks schooling before she sold it and I never had any issue with it. The old owner had him from birth and never had any issues. He was sold to a lady down south that...
  7. Jade&Syrah

    Human Boredam Breakers

    I'll start from the beginning, A couple of weeks ago I was in a car accident and injured my shoulder, which has now turned out it's flared my back up and have possible muscle damage so i'm on orders to do nothing basically. Horse is on full livery all I do it go up and pat her and feed her a...
  8. Jade&Syrah

    My charity ride...

    Has been organised! We're riding the coast 2 coast in 5 days. (From St. Bees Head to Robin Hoods Bay) We're starting it on the 15th April 2013, and hoping to complete it in 5 days. Heres our just giving page. Still have a lot of...
  9. Jade&Syrah

    I'm organising a sponsored ride...

    I've decided to organise a sponsored ride to raise money for Diebetes UK as it has had a huge effect on my family. I am wanting to organise it in the Lake District. My only trouble is.. I don't know where to start with it. Whether to do a two day and see if we can find a yard/B&B in the...
  10. Jade&Syrah

    Can they claim on my insurance?

    A ''friend'' had to have her horse put to sleep recently and she was in the field with my mare (with shoes on all round), a broodmare (known to kick) and a quiet old mare (stays to herself) and i've just found out she's trying to blame my mare for kicking her horse which meant it have to be put...
  11. Jade&Syrah

    Just a happy thread... :)

    Took my pony in to the field today, and had a camera there for a change so got some pictures. Although I should know better not to try and school her in her hacking bridle. Heres some pictures :) (sorry if they're large!) Just before she started to relax Relaxing :) She got a bit strong...
  12. Jade&Syrah

    How do you back your horses?

    This is an odd post, kind of like a research post. I know how I back my horses, and have used a few different ways at work on how we back them, started with lunging, long reining etc. I'm to curious how other people do it, as I see so many ways which I don't agree with, and i'm wondering how...
  13. Jade&Syrah

    BSJA distances

    Does anyone know the official BSJA stridings for double and related distances but horses, and also the same for ponies? I can't seem to find it on the BSJA website anywhere.
  14. Jade&Syrah

    Sending your horse for breaking

    If you were thinking about sending your horse for breaking, what information would you want to know before making your mind up?
  15. Jade&Syrah


    If you sent your horse for breaking, what would you expect it to be able to do... lunging, long reining, walk, trot, canter, hack, jump etc and how well. Thanks :)
  16. Jade&Syrah

    Think of a caption *picture*

    Me and my uncle were looking through pictures of our youngster when i was riding him the other day (hes only been broken a week or so) and found this picture and came up with a few captions for the look on his face. What captions can you think of? :)
  17. Jade&Syrah


    So if this has already been posted but: What kind of life is that foal going to have.
  18. Jade&Syrah

    Business insurance

    What insurance would you need to start a breaking/schooling business? i've currently got riders insurance and the yard i'm having the business is isured, do i need anything else? thanks :)
  19. Jade&Syrah

    Horse psycology

    I'm writing a piece about 'Pyscology in Young Horses', however i'm a bit stuck. I've written my piece about pyscology in horses, however I'm a bit stumped on how I can relate it to a young horse. Any ideas? Virtual cookies for helpers :)
  20. Jade&Syrah

    Took my pony jumping... *video*

    ... only clear round, but more than i ever thought i'd do with her! She went clear, jumped the planks/fillers, no hesitations etc :D She's 19 now and when i got her she was an absolute nightmare to jump, would bomb to the fences, she used to be nappy so would never dream of taking her...
  21. Jade&Syrah

    Potential broodmare

    Out of curiosity how much are people willing to pay for a potential broodmare (only become broodmare due to injury).
  22. Jade&Syrah

    Idiots with horses... *video* Found this link through Facebook... What idiots.. I honestly thought that it was going to end badly. Very lucky not to have a rotational!! Poor horse.
  23. Jade&Syrah

    Not horsey but...

    I love my mum so much :) When i was 5 we saw Steps at Nottingham.. and she's just ordered tickets for their reunion tour :D Pointless post but pretty happy right now :)
  24. Jade&Syrah

    Horses on box rest

    I currently have my 16.2 thoroughbred mare 5year old on box rest for 12 weeks with 10 minute walking exercise twice a day (i put her on the horse walker for this as she can be difficult to handle and don't want her doing more damage). Does anyone have any ideas how to keep her content in her...
  25. Jade&Syrah

    Navicular Syndrome

    What do you do with your horses who have Navicular Syndrome?
  26. Jade&Syrah

    Stomach scoping

    To cut a long story short, my 5 year old thoroughbred ex-racer, is having behavioural issues. One week she will go sweet as a nut, working amazingly, round, light in the hand, walk, trot, canter, poles and the odd jump (before she gets excited and starts getting carried away). The next week...
  27. Jade&Syrah

    My horse made me proud today...

    My 5 year old tb who i have on loan off my uncle type figure, she made me proud today, she had 8 days off, then a loose school, day after along rein, got on her today and she foot perfect, never been better. She then stood still whilst we clipped her. Pointless thread but made me smile :)
  28. Jade&Syrah


    I think my 5 year old mare has this. Does anyone have any experience with it?
  29. Jade&Syrah

    What keeps you moving through hard/frustrating times?

    I've just been making a video of my 5 year old, who I get so frustrated with, to the point where i've wanted to cry when i've ridden with, but also who I don't want to stop riding some days. As somedays I feel i'm getting no where as she's a very talented mare but is so naughty at times. I...
  30. Jade&Syrah

    BHS Stages

    I know you can move up the stages of the care side without doing the riding. Can you do your riding stages without the care? I want to do my riding stages, 1 and 2 and aiming for 3, however I don't want to do the care side, as I already have a NVQ is horse care (level 2 and working on level 3...