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    Fly masks

    I need to buy a new fly mask but am a bit baffled by the vast array available. Horse hated the previous one as it was black net and i think he struggled to see properly through it. So i guess i need one of those with very fine mesh - the Premier Equine looks good. Any reviews? I also quite like...
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    Requisite T/O rugs sizing

    I never usually buy Robinson's rugs (or anything from them!!) but am in need of something quickly and cheaply so looking at their Requisite 150g full neck turn out. Are they true to size, does anyone know? Thanks
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    FAO Lady Ruby

    Can you empty your PMs? I can't reply to yours because yours are full.
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    Quick DR Q - P13 & P14

    Are P13 and P14 both short arena tests? I don't recall ever riding either so don't have copies to hand to check. Thanks!
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    When to advertise?

    I need to put my horse out on full loan before next spring (needs to be loaned by March) and am wondering when I should start looking for a loaner. I am not ready for him to go yet and would prefer to keep him through winter. I'm assuming any potential loaners will not want to take on a new...
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    Dressage marks - ponderings

    I should really be working but am clearly procrastinating.... Given that I'm now only doing DR, I've been pondering marks. I've done a few My Quest competitions with my little native type, placed top 3 (and won one), scores always 69-73%. I also nipped out at the weekend to do a couple of UA...
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    Prelim 17 & 19 tests

    I'm planning to do my first 'proper' BD next weekend. We've done a few MyQuest comps & done well so I wanted to have a go at a non MQ comp. All that anyone seems to have on for the next couple of months are P17 & P19. I have never done long arena tests!! I'm going to a hire a long arena with...
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    Sharers - does this exist?!

    I'm debating looking for a sharer due to various time commitments (work involves quite a lot of European and within UK travel plus other commitments) which isn't something I've done for years. Are there still plenty of them out there? Horse is lovely, can be a bit sharp and sensitive but is...
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    Another BD question

    Now I have my membership through, I'm looking for my first show to enter. Anything coming up in the next few weeks seems to have "WQ" after the test. What does that mean - winter qualifier maybe, something like that?! If so, does that mean it's likely the show will consist of many very...
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    Dipping my toe into BD....

    I've been told by DR trainer that I have to join BD so the forms are filled out and ready to send.... Eek. We have no points as never done affiliated before so pretty sure I'm correct in thinking I can join on a My Quest membership and do Prelim Bronze with horse on an Associate membership...
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    Calmers for work while on box rest?

    I'm not generally one for feeding calmers but could do with some recommendations/ experiences please. Horse is currently on box rest due to a nasty fall in the field. Turnout is banned because he plays too much, even on a stable-sized patch, and makes the injury much worse. So he's working...
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    Insurance claim Q

    I'm just making a claim for my horse for vet's fees. I haven't claimed for years and never for this horse. The covering letter accompanying the forms says I have to provide a full medical history since I have owned this horse. I can't do this for a couple of reasons: 1. The vet practice I...
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    Livery Telford area

    Due to my current yard closing down, I'm looking for livery in the Telford area. Ideally Shifnal, north Telford, Newport, Wellington, could go as far as Ellerdine. I'd prefer to avoid going any closer towards Shrewsbury than Wellington as its miles out of the way for work. I really need part...
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    Weird winter weather & worming

    Given how strange our winter weather has been so far, very wet and mild, should we be doing anything differently with regards to worming regimes? This weather is more like autumn than winter... Thanks :)
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    Ariat breeches - reviews?

    I'm looking for some new full seat ladies breeches and have come across some Ariat (Olympia, I think) on sale. Any reviews? Does anyone have them and what do you think of them? I have Ariat Bromonts and am on my second pair... I love them as v comfy but the leather is rubbish quality and...
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    Horsey books

    I've posted this in here because I'm looking for something informative so I can learn something, rather than fiction. Now it's dark before I go to work and dark when I leave work, my riding is limited to Friday afternoons and weekends unless I trailer to a lesson or hire an a arena with...
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    Quick rug sizing Q

    Just a quick Q... Looking at HW rugs for this winter. I really like Swish Equestrian rugs as they suit horse v well. I have the red T/O in both 75g and 200g, both 6ft. The 75g is a perfect fit but the 200g looks slightly too short. A little snug on shoulders and a little short at the...
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    A musing on horses, training etc

    Bit of a pointless post - I've got a huge tender to sort out at work and am procrastinating so that I can then spend my evening working on it in a panic, wishing I hadn't whiled away my morning on HHO... ;) Tell me this isn't just me? You make a huge step forwards in training, something...
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    Solihull RC HT this weekend

    Is anyone going? I've lost the bug for eventing a bit this year due to a combination of factors so having a bash at their HT tomorrow instead. Will there be any other HHOers there? I'm in the 90cm. hoping it cools down since I'm on around midday! :/
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    XC clinics coming up? Shrops / Staffs/ Mids

    Morning all, Putting this in here rather than the regional board as think it will get more relevant views. Having had no transport since Oct 2014 I am finally mobile again and took horse XC schooling yesterday. All went well in general - started off with a handful of BE80 fences to warm...
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    Stafford(2) BE in July

    I know this is probably a how long is a piece of string question but does Stafford(2) BE90 in July usually ballot? I have too much to do this summer to take out a full membership (only just got a towing car again after changing jobs, trailer needs servicing plus I need to get out XC schooling...
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    trimmer recommendations, Shropshire

    Can anyone recommend a trimmer (qualified and insured, if such a thing exists! Basically not someone who learned via the Internet!) In Shropshire please? Horse's shoes have been off for about a month while he's been on holiday. I tend to have him in and put of shoes depending on work and what...
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    Help needed with exercising my horse - Shropshire

    Hi local HHOers :) I'm looking for a sharer / someone to help me exercise my lovely little horse. He is an 8yo Connie x ID, 15hhh, and would suit a smallish lady rider. I have started a new job and don't have the time to give him that he deserves. This would be ideal for, say, a mum who's...
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    Headcollar for turnout?

    What is best for leaving on during turnout - a leather headcollar or a proper Fieldsafe one? I'm not bothered about either getting grubby and wrecked being out 24/7 in mud and rain, I just want to make sure I'm using the safest option. Thanks :)
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    Best fun on horseback ever!

    After my recent posts dithering about going, yesterday I did my second team chase at the Atherstone, having done the Warks two weeks before. It is most definitely the best fun you can have on horseback, or at least it's the best fun I've had on horseback! I thought I'd enjoyed eventing all...
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    Cat won't go outside?

    Bit of a random one... BF and his cat now live with me. Ever since I've lived in this house he has always brought the cat over when he's stayed. She's quite happy with that as she loves it here, and now lives here full time. She was an indoor cat and since coming here, does go outside but...
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    Horses & working away?

    I'm looking for people's experiences please. Those of you who have horses and work away, either lots of overnight stays away from home or even periods of time away internationally (though I don't suppose it matters where you're going, periods of time away are just that, wherever you are, you...
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    Towing car - BMW 3 series?

    The above may end up being my next company car (not my choice). Does anyone know the towing capacity? Have a B & E licence. Any experiences of them as a tow car? I can find very little info online about them, including towing capacity, which appears to be some sort of German state secret...
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    More team chasing questions...

    So it looks like I am going team chasing after all... having never been, I've got a couple of questions for those who've done it or know about it. Apologies if these are really stupid or obvious! I presume at some point you must get to walk the course? Studs... yes or no? I know they are...
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    Team chasing - am I mad?!

    I think I might be mad... I've always thought team chasing looked great fun but have now decided this is something I'd really like to have a go at. Have made a couple of enquiries so will see what comes of it. I feel like horse and I have worked really hard over the last year WRT flat...