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    WBFSH Rankings 2012

    Well, the final WBFSH rankings for 2012 are out. Not the worst result for the ISH. Congrats to the AES for finishing 5th and a huge round of applause for all the British ancestory in the 6 horses counted in the AES ranking. Hell, #70 is Billy Congo with his Clover Hill granny!!! ISH is 8th...
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    Horses For Courses And Mares For Stallions!!

    Rightio, it's been a while since we picked apart some stallions and discussed what mares would in theory suit them best! So, looking for thoughts and opinions on the following horses: L'esprit (Lupicor X Landgraf X Calvados) Ustinov (Libero H X Nimmerdor X Marco Polo) Carmena Z...
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    First foal of 2012!

    Well, after going only a couple of days over her cooking date, we have a filly foal! Exactly what was asked of from the stork!!! She's OBOS Quality X Horos(tb) X Flgamount Diamond X Sky Boy(tb) Absolutely delighted with her. She's the last foal that mare will be breeding. Her owner had...
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    Can anybody point me in the direction of some information on the AES stallion Arkan. I know he's in Ireland now and has a cracker of a pedigree but I can't find any photos of him anywhere and can't find any info on what he did in competition
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    First two foals of 2011!/media/set/?set=a.10150180500503616.302589.108349003615 Here's a link to some photos of our first two foals this year. Two mares down ... One to go!!!
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    Sunny Boy

    Any body got any experience of Sunny Boy the Irish based KWPN stallion? Some of you may remember how last year my Ojasper mare had a stillborn. Well this year, after much medication to beat back placentitus and keep the baby alive and a considerable amount of time raising my middle finger to...
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    Facebook Group

    Anyone wanting to join the Facebook group, just search for HHO Breeders and ask to join. I accidently set it to be a closed group. So you'll have to request to join but you won't be long waiting to get in!
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    This is why I breed horses!
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    Calculating Percentage TB Breeding in Sport Horses - Interesting Findings!

    Right! So I was a bit worried about my Classic Vision mare this year as I don't want to breed her to a Thoroughbred again for a while yet I had drilled it into my head that she hadn't enough blood for a Sport Horse stallion. This got me to thinking about something John Watson said at a breeding...
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    Breeding in 2012?

    I'm just wondering if anybody is planning to breed their mares this year for the final time? What with the Mayans saying we're done for and all that? No point wasting money! Wouldn't be funny if no mares were bred at all next year, any where in the world and on December 21st ... nothing...
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    Irish Members

    Is there any Irish members of this forum in Region 1 of the IHB electoral area?
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    Stallion Names

    What do you guys think makes a good stallion name? I think it'd be great to have a stallion called "Your Mama"! What's your mare in foal to? Your Mama Who's your foal by? Your Mama Brilliant!!! Offensive? Possibly! Brilliant? I think so!
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    Plot Blue

    Anyone have any experience of the rather amazing KWPN stallion Plot Blue? Any idea of what his semen quality is like? He's €1,500 for frozen so, 'twould want to be good!!!
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    Performance Pony Studs

    Where would a chap go to find a list of performance pony studs in the UK? Is there any? Also, this is my 500th post. I'd like to thank you all for giving me so much to talk about! But most of all, I'd like to thank myself for having so much to say!!!
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    VDL Harley

    Anybody got any opinions on VDL Harley? I was impressed with him jumping in the Gucci Masters. He'll be one I'll be considering for the future. He may be of interest to British breeders as he's AES approved, according to his VDL page and he's out of the Carthago Z mare Larthago who competed...
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    Some good news!!!

    Some of you may recall a mare of mine, Kinard Jasmine (Ojasper x Flagmount King), giving birth to a stillborn filly earlier in the year. Well, I had her up in Somerton Equine Hospital on Wednesday where she began her Foetus Monitoring Programme. So far, so good anyway. She has to be scanned...
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    AES Studbook Ranking For 2010

    The WBFSH released their final world ranking list for 2010 on September 17. For AES fans in particular, there are some notable inaccuracies. Neither Billy Congo or Ireland's WEG competitor, Tinka's Serenade have been listed as AES horses. Tinka's Serenade is ranked #28 in the world for...
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    Cabdula Du Tillard

    Has anybody on here bred to him or had dealings with any of his stock? What's his semen quality like and what type of mare would you select for him?
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    I'm very saddened to hear about the loss of Will Funnel's multi winning stallion Vechta. He didn't stand very long in Ireland but hopefully it will have been long enough to make a real difference in sport horse breeding. Already Billy Congo and Billy Bianca are getting good results for him. I...
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    Decisions, Decisions

    I have all my stallions picked out for next year except for one mare. I've a list compiled of stallions I want to breed her to: Condios, VDL Arkansas, Mermus R, Ars Vivendi and Heritage Fortunus. Each one is an amazing horse but I'm stumped as to which one to choose. I'm like a child in...
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    So ... I'm driving home from a show today and my Father rings me to inform me that our Classic Vision mare had foaled!!! She had a lovely filly by Well Chosen. I hadn't been up to see the mares this morning as the yard was mental busy. There wasn't even a sign of anything yesterday! She...
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    Building muscle

    Hi. I thought maybe someone here could help me out! I have a 17.3 1/2hh horse that I'm producing for an owner for eventual sale. He's by Touchdown out of a Cruising mare who's full sister won a 5star Grand Prix. Typical Touchdown, he's a bit slow (Thanks Galoubet!!!) to develop and mature. To...
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    Favourite Stallion?

    Who's your favourite stallion and why? (You don't have to have used him!)
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    S.I.E.S Gradings

    Did any Irish folk on here go to the SIES gradings in Limerick and Hillsborough on Tuesday and Wednesday? Any reports?
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    Foal Scour

    Following on from the question about worming mares after foaling; What do you give your foals if for one reason or another, they've developed a scour?
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    Good news at last

    So after the disaster that was Friday with the stillborn, Saturday turned out to be a much better day. Cindy, my Duca Di Busted mare went and had herself a colt foal. He's a little ball of energy. He's chestnut at the moment but I think he's going to go grey because he has a grey ring around his...
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    First a mare aborts, now this ...

    What a morning. My Ojasper x Flagmount King x Euphenism mare, (Hereafter called Jasmine), foaled this morning. Beautiful blood type filly by the thoroughbred Musical Pursuit who from his second crop of foals has already got a successful 1.30m jumper. Not bad considering he wasn't registered...
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    Question for British Sport Horse/Warmblood breeders

    Here's a question for our British colleagues: Do you consider Billy Congo (Vechta x Animo x Clover Hill) to be a British bred horse? I certainly consider him British. Despite his Continental and Irish roots, he was foaled in Britain, registered to a British studbook and competes for Britain...
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    Can someone please tell me ... ... ...

    ... ... ... who is Ken Rehill? What did he do and to whom did he do/say something that has made him so unpopular. Vilified even! I met him at the Cavan stallion parade and had a great chat with him about Kannan, Grafenstolz and Cabdula Du Tillard. Going through some of the older posts on this...
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    Nabab De Reve

    Does anybody know where I'd go about getting semen for Nabab De Reve. The stud that stands him has a website that I can't understand so it's of no use to me! Most importantly, does anybody know how much his fee is?