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  1. YasandCrystal

    At wits end with runny poo! Any ideas?

    I have an aged Falabella he is 29 yrs old. For the past 3 years he had constant runny poos, so bad his tail and legs were always wet and covered in poo. I almost got to the point of having him pts it was just so bad especiallly in winter with daily washing, which he hated. I like you had tried...
  2. YasandCrystal

    Surefoot stability pads

    I think it show a trusting well trained horse. If you read the theory behind it it does make sense :-)
  3. YasandCrystal

    Surefoot stability pads

    Why not read the thread from the start instead of at the end?
  4. YasandCrystal

    Surefoot stability pads

    That’s interesting. I definitely saw a positive change, but I think using them on the hard surface of a yard would be better than the school surface. I will restart in the spring. My herd all live out and I have been doing some in hand straightness work with the WB I want to effect change...
  5. YasandCrystal

    You can give his feathers a trim, I said

    Looks like he is wearing plus fours 😀😀😀😀
  6. YasandCrystal

    so whats the most interesting saddle you have seen......................

    I have a saddle very similar to this a Prestige Trekker. It has a floating seat to give both horse and rider comfort on endurance rides.
  7. YasandCrystal

    Leo flipped and smashed a carriage to pieces tonight

    I have a friend who has 2 cobs given to her by gypsies. They were both petrified, one would drop to the ground in his stable when she approached and the other was shut down completely. It took her years to gain their confidence and trust and she found out that they had been beaten and abused...
  8. YasandCrystal

    Caughing and wheezing

    I use a big bucket over the nose nebuliser and a tiny cheap £15 battery one from eBay. If you search on here there are several remedies you can buy to use in 5e nebuliser. I think one is F10 which is an anti bacterial liquid you water down. I also bought something called Balsamic Air and a third...
  9. YasandCrystal

    Soakable feed suitable for a laminitic

    Pink Mash has been the answer to keeping weight on my 28yr old chronic laminitic. I used to feed A &P high fibre but he would tolerate in bursts of a week only then leave his feed. He loves the Pink Mash it seems so palatable and I use hot water to soak it in winter.
  10. YasandCrystal

    Sedating yearling for trim

    I have a youngster, she is 3 now and I got her at weaning. Best advice from my hubby who is a farrier it to never hold onto the leg. Pick the foot up and hold the hoof not the fetlock. It makes a world of difference and the youngster is not fearful. Apparently if you hold the fetlock it triggers...
  11. YasandCrystal

    I need help!

    Oh dear that's a long time, poor you. I am praying I will get a moon boot next week. Have you tried some medical manuka honey on your mare's sore? It's amazing stuff weirdly doesn't attract flies and you can get a small tube for around £6. I used it on a nasty electric rope cut and it aided...
  12. YasandCrystal

    I need help!

    I broke my ankle so am currently sporting full plaster and I am not allowed to weight bare currently for a minimum of 6 weeks. I own 6 horses, 4 of which are in work. I have a regular rider for one mare, another is ticking over with a lesson for a local girl once a week. I am paying for the...
  13. YasandCrystal

    Equiami riding aid

    The key is slow and to get the horse to literally take one step at a time whilst lifting the forehand. It's a difficult thing for a horse to do. I do this ridden as a guide to seeing my horse is off the forehand. Below is a link about Sarah Williamson and straightness. I will see if I can find...
  14. YasandCrystal

    Surefoot stability pads

    Oh that is disappointing. Did you order foam from the website suggested by Leo Walker? That is what i have ordered in same dimensions as the Surefoot ones in Firm.
  15. YasandCrystal

    Equiami riding aid

    The straightness trainer advocated the use of the back part both in lunging and ridden. I recommend watching Manola Mendez for his amazing lunging techniques. I recently attended a Sarah Williamson clinic and really like her lunging technique which is Jean Luc Cornille school. She ran the lunge...
  16. YasandCrystal

    Equiami riding aid

    I had bought one but cannot say I have used it in earnest as straightness trainer said chuck away the front part and only use the back. However I have been tempted (but resisted) to comment on the Equiami ad pages on Facebook because the horses are always stretched down too low in my opinion in...
  17. YasandCrystal

    Surefoot stability pads

    I was really interested to read this thread and the Surefoot website. It makes sense to me that by adjusting a horses stance through the use of deep foam pads that you can change muscle memory through comfort. It's what straightness training and biomechanics is all about, but I particularly like...
  18. YasandCrystal

    Little dog very ill

    Gosh such a worrying time. Very pleased he seems to be in the mend. They are so precious to us x
  19. YasandCrystal

    Advice post-vetting

    This is a good idea and should satisfy everyone.
  20. YasandCrystal

    Is it time to let go?

    I am absolutely sure he is in pain and screaming that to you. My WB acted so aggressively and his behaviour got progressively worse with rearing, biting, striking, kicking. I got him diagnosed with symptomatic ulcers and chronic sacro iliac dysfunction. I did get my boy treated and rehabbed. It...
  21. YasandCrystal

    Feeding Agnus Castus question

    I have been feeding a 30 ml scoop daily to my mare who likely weighs around 500 kg since April. I will continue until late autumn. My mare is very sensitive when in season and this has really helped.
  22. YasandCrystal

    Opinions on the breed of my pony

    I think she is Dales or Dales X. I have an 8 yr old Dales I have owned since he was 2. They are versatile and a bit quirky like many natives. Mine needs to see the point in things we do. He will try his heart out for me and we have done a bit of everything, distance rides regularly, jumping and...
  23. YasandCrystal

    Horse tail cut in field

    Is or was the tail really long? I have 2 with super long trailing tails and I had to shorten them because I found the horses were stepping on them and ripping parts out.
  24. YasandCrystal

    nervous rider on nervous horse

    I would suggest you start your ridden sessions with some breathing exercises. As you warm up your horse concerns rate on breathing in through your nose to the count of 4 and then breathe out slowly to to the count of 5. Keep focusing on this as you walk around the arena and you will relax along...
  25. YasandCrystal

    Where am I going wrong?

    I have exactly this problem with my Dales who is rising 8. On hacks he is lovely attentive and forward and I get an amazing trot where I feel we are floating. In the manège I only get glimpses of this forwardness, he is always hard work and I have to nag to get him to move. I too follow...
  26. YasandCrystal

    Total lack of confidence in farrier (horse)

    This for sure. Poor horse sounds to be in pain.
  27. YasandCrystal

    Prix Caprili?

    I am doing my first prix Caprilli intro test next Saturday at a local riding club dressage day. They have 2 more advanced tests but our canter is not yet balanced enough. The marking takes into account maintaining rhythm before and after the pole/jump and riders style over jump. I just hope my...
  28. YasandCrystal

    Magnetic Therapy

    I used a Bioflow collar. It worked wonders for my Vallhund.
  29. YasandCrystal

    Head torch

    I have 2 of these. They are amazing, I depoo the paddocks in the dark with them. Great value rechargeable.
  30. YasandCrystal

    No judgement please advice sought

    I have sent you a PM