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  1. seaofdreams

    farrier needed Bucks

    Hi, I'm looking for a farrier for two horses (trims only) i'm finding it very hard to find someone who will come out for just two trims. Horses are in Gerrards Cross/Fulmer area. Many thanks.
  2. seaofdreams

    Competing in agility (Help needed!)

    Hi all, I'm looking for some advice/help! I have been training with my WCS for a good couple of years now, we have had the odd break but not since this time last year, we train once a week although I have asked if I can join another class too, we were both complete beginners when we...
  3. seaofdreams

    Anyone from Orkney?

    Hi, I could really do with picking someone's brains about moving to Orkney! We are planning to move in the next year or so with my two horses. I'm looking to find out about livery, as although we hope to buy with land this might not be possible to start with. Is also like to know...
  4. seaofdreams

    Looking for recommendations, someone to back my horse

    Hi, I was hoping for some recommendations on a yard that i can send my horse to, for starting him under saddle. I had hoped to do him myself but with work at the moment and lack of help it just isn't possible. I am based in Stoke Poges, Slough, he will probably need to travel to the yard...
  5. seaofdreams

    Starting/backing my young horse (recommendations)

    Hi, I was hoping for some recommendations on a yard that i can send my horse to, for starting him under saddle. I had hoped to do him myself but with work at the moment and lack of help it just isn't possible. I am based in Stoke Poges, Slough, he will probably need to travel to the yard...
  6. seaofdreams

    Car crate

    Hi, I'm looking for a good quality crate for my car (2013 Fiat Punto 3door) I currently have a Ferplast Atlas (80 I think) which I got of eBay second hand a good year ago now probably. The issue is it's quite elderly now and one of the doors doesn't click shut and it's very rusty. I...
  7. seaofdreams

    Clipper Servicing

    I have a very (15+years) elderly set of Hauptner 2000 clippers and I'd like to treat them to a service!! I'm currently not using them and haven't for a couple of years, but after a friends packed up mid clip, mine were dusted off and finished the job! I'm not sure when I will need them...
  8. seaofdreams

    Naming help!

    Hi all, I need some ideas for a K.C name for my dog! I was offered when he was a pup to get him K.C registered but stupidly said no don't worry, as I never in a million years thought I would need it..... Well we are now in an Agility club and our trainer wants us to think about...
  9. seaofdreams

    Middlearth Starfax (Star) NF mare

    I've been meaning to do this for a long time, I would love to find out were my pony is now, she would be around 22, I'm sure she was born 1990. Star is a grey New Forest mare and is around 13.3/14hh. Star's Dam was called Rosie a bay mare and her sire was Dewlands Val Doonican who was grey. I...
  10. seaofdreams

    Kraka's second dressage

    This is my first comp report for nearly a year, after all the problems with poor Mouse. Anyway as some of you may know i brought an ex-race horse in May straight from his trainers yard, i gave him 2 months off to chill and have a break and build a bond with him before we started his re training...
  11. seaofdreams

    Walk, trot tests ?

    Hey all, not posted in here for ages since selling Mouse. im hoping after a year of no competing to start getting out again on my new lad, but he needs to start right from the beginning, so i would like to do a couple of walk & trot dressage tests with him, i think ive found one at...
  12. seaofdreams

    A how much post !!

    Hi, sorry haven't posted for a while, lots going on. Sadly Mouse has been diagnosed with Navicular and after lots of treatment still hasn't come right, the prognosis is field sound only so needless to im gutted, the problem i now have is ive been offered a horse, he is an ex hudler last raced...
  13. seaofdreams

    Names needed please for Spyro !

    Ok, so really need some help here, Spyro is now 5 ½ months old, so i must register him with the British Warmblood Society asap, but the massive problem is we can not decided on a name for him, His Stable name is Spyro, which the full version ‘Spyridon’ means Spirit in Greek, He is a very good...
  14. seaofdreams

    Mouse's Patchetts bsja Report

    Woo Hoo first report since January Mouse was a very good girl, went to patchetts to do the BN & Disc, took us 2hrs to get there, normally 40min journey but there was a road closed so took the diversions but they got us lost but apparently everyone had the same problem so they still let...
  15. seaofdreams

    Foal Itching badly

    Hi my 4 1/2 week old foal is rubbing so badly, he has bald patches all over him and he is trying to rub on anything, you can see the fustration in his face. I think it's the flies as when i looked at his tummy it was covered in nasty little bloodsucking flies What i would like to know is can...
  16. seaofdreams

    Westmead Harriers

    Does anyone know them, there based in northern Ireland Im trying to trace a horse for a friend the horse in question is i think called Drumcross boy or it's Crossdrum boy! He is a coloured Gelding i think he is around 6-8years old here is a picture of him Many thanks Hx
  17. seaofdreams

    My poor baby had to have the vet

    Well went up to the yard this am with my brother to find little one heaving and then he turned around to look at me and he had missives of gunk coming out of his mouth and nose, so immediately called the vet, who came out very quickly to say he has choke (which was what i thought) Apparently he...
  18. seaofdreams

    Ok so now need names with an S

    Telephoned the stud today as had emailed and no answer (apprently emails are down) to let them know Lottie and baby are doing well, I asked them about the registering him and they had got the form wrong his name doesnt have to start with a P it has to start with an S as Parson's is just a prefix...
  19. seaofdreams

    It's a ..................

    Bay Colt !!! He was born at 2.10 this morning, very quick straight forward birth, her waters broke at 1.45am , Lottie needed no help, she was a star. I managed to film the whole birth. He is Beautiful i just can't believe it, He has two white socks on his hind feet and no other markings...
  20. seaofdreams

    So when do you think!!!!!

    Well still no foalie, i did think she would go over here are some pictures taken from tonight, She is very well but she is getting fed up with the heat. She has no major changes apart from these droplets coming from her bags, the only way i can describe them is there the colour of demera...
  21. seaofdreams

    Lottie Update

    No Foalie yet, Ive been watching her all week, so only popping home for dinner and a shower & to have a quick browse on here , She isn't really anywhere near being bagged up, but tonight there was some tiny honey coloured crystallized drops coming off both off them, gave them a squeeze...
  22. seaofdreams

    Saddle - how much

    How much would you pay for this saddle, It's a couple of years old, 3rd hand i think, hardly been used but sadly not been taken care off, It was £2.500 new Its an Amerigo I took these the other day and have since oiled it and given it a good clean and it has darkened it alot and...
  23. seaofdreams

    YAY *Jumps up and down*

    I got back on my neddie today after 9weeks box-rest, Vet said i had to hack her on soft but firm surface so i took her round ours woods and i had to go by myself as i have no one else there to ride with, so off we went walked her to the top of our woods and the other half is still wet and boggy...
  24. seaofdreams

    Little one in early stages of Labour

    She has been pacing around her box for a couple of hours now, but she is now very restless and lying down alot And she is now on high alert ! Hx
  25. seaofdreams

    Wits End Farm - Donkey foaling Forgot to say it's the bottom right hand camera! Helen
  26. seaofdreams

    FAO - Chambon

    Have a look at this stallion, im seriously thinking about putting Lottie to him Just watch him move My mum wants to put her to a coloured next time, but he has blown me away
  27. seaofdreams

    Opinions please ..... Electric fencing & foals

    Is it a big no no, or is it possible with good well maintained electric fencing? Opinons please....... Thanks Helen
  28. seaofdreams

    Premier Equine (Boots)

    After seeing the post in the new lounge about premier equine, i rembered that they do a cheaper version of of the pro choice boots Mouse has a set of the pro-choice for x-c but i don't like using them for everyday use/turn-out as thay were very expensive. Because mouse has a soft tissue injury...
  29. seaofdreams

    Mouse is back from the vets

    Good news in the fact it is soft tissue damage in the fetlock, she was alot better today so the resting is working She has got another 3 weeks boxrest and going out in her small paddock then he will come back to check her, She has got to have some jabs and is on a supplerment for a couple of...
  30. seaofdreams

    Mouse had her x-rays

    well the vet came out yesturday to x-ray mouse's foot and fetlock, called this morning to say everything was fine But this does mean we still don't know whats going on, it's all a bit odd as she is 99.9% sound on a straight line so she is going up to the vets next wednesday to have some more...