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    Fat Horses – still too many

    I judged at a show recently and had one class where every horse was overweight (to varying degrees). I told them as a whole class that this was the case, and that they needed to do something about it. How can a horse possibly move correctly using its shoulder and hind legs when its tummy is...
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    RIHS Round Uo

    Thanks! We were so pleased with all the horses this week - they tried so hard and all seemed to be enjoying the fabulous going and the enormous rings. It makes such a difference when you can really let them go and show what they can do!
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    RIHS Round Uo

    Following on from the horrible past few weeks, everyone picked themselves up and put maximum effort into focussing on the Royal International. And we were not disappointed, with probably our best ever results. The Humdinger started with taking thesupreme coloured champion, beating some 200...
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    Comberton Clancy - is it true? :-(

    Tickles. Let's be quite clear. Your post has caused a huge amount of unnecessary torment to the owners and grooms of Clancy. Your speculative and offensive thoughts should have been kept to yourself. May I say that my sister (who has two hearing aids and avoids using the phone for anything...
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    Comberton Clancy - is it true? :-(

    No - definitely FMM and not Dee O'Dorant!
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    Comberton Clancy - is it true? :-(

    My sister is the owner of Clancy, and if SHE decides she wants to talk about it, then this is her prerogative. However, what I WILL talk about is our retired show horses. Orlando - HOYS Champion RIding Horse late 90s retired to the field with Royal Heritage (another successful riding horse)...
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    Difference between Ridden Hunters and Show Hunters

    They are exactly the same. Just different ways of wording the class.
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    Saddle for showing - ideas?

    If it helps, I used to do 3'6" worker course in an Ideal Ramsay straight cut show saddle (on a cob, so no mane either!) - it is perfectly possible. A second hand showing saddle usually retains its value, so you could purchase something now and then sell it in October if you don't think you...
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    Slightly late Hickstead update!

    Thank you for your kind words - we are now getting ready for the next round of shows (Great Yorkshire and Hickstead are coming up soon which will be lots of fun!)
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    Slightly late Hickstead update!

    We had an amazing week - winning cobs, maxis, riding horses, small hunters, coloureds, hacks and hunters. I think it was possibly our most successful ever show. At the end of the show we retired Silverstream, our HW hunter - whose best wins had come in the wonderful main ring at Hickstead. A...
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    People who show......

    A beagler will be perfect and will go well with the rest of your outfit. If you have no beagler then you can wear your normal strap hat. It is correct to wear a hat for in hand hunter classes.
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    That elusive rosette is finally ours!

    How cute is he!!! Adorable!!
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    Show us your cutaway tweeds!!!!

    I wear a maids cut and I have very long arms and am 5'6. They fit just fine. I would try a maids cut before assuming it would not fit you. A 34/35" maids is good on me whereas a 34/35" ladies looks ridiculous - too big on the shoulders and too long for me.
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    Show us your cutaway tweeds!!!!

    Cutaway jackets are designed to be worn as part if a sidesaddle habit and as such are incorrect when worn astride.
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    Little bit of an update on our coloured contingent!

    Thanks for your kind words about Eric (The Keystone Cob) - he is a sensitive soul so not always easy to produce :) Magic was not bred for the job with an amazing pedigree - he was spotted in Ireland (as so many cobs are) totally in the rough. I won't pretend that every cob we have bought in...
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    Little bit of an update on our coloured contingent!

    Thanks Shelley! I adore Rupert but Dinger is still my fav ... see you at Hickstead in a few weeks? I am fed up with missing all the shows and not seeing anyone :(
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    Velvet hats. Advice please!

    More and more shows are insisting on strap hats, so you will gradually see fewer classes where Pateys are worn. We have all got Fionas which are slightly less bulky than the other velvet covered hats - but make sure you try one on as they don't fit all heads that well. In a ring where non...
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    Little bit of an update on our coloured contingent!

    It is - there are some imitations around, but the lady who does these ones produces by far the best quality!
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    Little bit of an update on our coloured contingent!

    Here is the facebook page for the lady who does the cushions - they are amazing value for money!!/pages/Ribbonsettes/481929968497788?fref=ts
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    What type is my horse for showing?

    Until you get the hair off, it is sometimes difficult to tell what is underneath! It will always grow back again if you don't like it :) btw - The Humdinger is 154.5cm and Robocob was 155cm
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    Little bit of an update on our coloured contingent!

    Thanks AM! Even when Magic was very poor, you could se what a lovely front he had on him - and he has very good limb (difficult to see from the photo) so it was all there!
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    Little bit of an update on our coloured contingent!

    Our latest addition (last night) to the crew is Buddy ... who has made himself very at home in the few hours he has been with us! Our very first horse was an appaloosa ad we have had dalmations for the past 20 years or so - they are not terribly obedient (at least, ours aren't) and have a mind...
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    Votes Needed Please!!!

    Thank you! I love stirlingdene and also voted for him!!
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    Votes Needed Please!!!

    Dinger has been nominated for the Showing Personality Awards for 2013 - and he would very much appreciate any support that our friends on HHO are able to offer! Due to having had two knee operations (one on each knee - clever trick that!) in February this year, I sat on him for the first time...
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    When to hog / clip out legs for showing ? Cob lives out

    Deciding when to clip will usually depend on how much bone your horse has. Some horses have an optimum clipping time of 8-10 days (if they don't have much bone and the hair regrowth looks better) whereas others have plenty and therefore can be trimmed the day before. The same with the mane -...
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    HELP - New to Showing.

    M&M Local Lead Rein turn out Show Pony Turn Out
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    showing help needed

    BSPS classes are probably the way to go - she will need a height certificate for most classes though. She would either be a hack or a riding horse (small riding horse or large hack) - again, she would need a height certificate. Riders must be 15 or over. The BSHA also do day tickets -...
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    Riding horse or small hunter?

    Do both with him. We had Berkley Square for 2 seasons - she won the overall in hand championship in Devon as a small hunter when she was 3 - then as a four year old was 3rd in the ridden Small RH at HOYS and last year as five year old was 2nd in the same class. There are more hunter in hand...
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    anyone got dodgy knees after many years riding?

    I've ridden once this year (since last October) due to pain in my knees. Have had xrays which show there is now no cartilidge and it is just bone rubbing on bone. Waiting for knee replacements now (want HOYS out of the way first!) I've been riding since I was about 5 years old, but also...
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    Hello - Showing Coloured Horses

    In brief - there are two coloured showing societies. CHAPS which runs the HOYS qualifiers and BSPA which runs the RIHS qualifiers. You have to be a member of the society to do qualifers, but there are also some classes that you don't have to be a member. Plaited coloureds are different in...