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  1. SirenaXVI

    Hmmm just remembered why I don't come on here much anymore

    Some little busy body pressed the button on my post in 'Show us your competition horses' on the grounds that these were professional photos, i now have an infraction! The fact that I have full permission to use the one, admittedly professional photo, is not the point, nor it seems the fact...
  2. SirenaXVI

    BAPSH Champs Hartpury

    Not posted for ages but wanted to share Bigbirds pics from the weekend - photos courtesy of Eclipse Photography who gave me far to many to choose from (I have permission to post) as they did a brilliant job. This is Lluna in the Morphology (In hand section) Who says PRE's cant extend...
  3. SirenaXVI

    Fuego XII - what a test!

    For those that may have missed it :D
  4. SirenaXVI

    Fab Rider and fab horse

    Just one of the reasons I love PREs:)
  5. SirenaXVI

    Police shoot horses

    This is in latest news but does not seem to be generating the usual interest. Warning, there is an eyewitness account that is truly harrowing, apparently one of the horses was shot 19 times :( Truly truly horrific and there seems to be a press shutdown...
  6. SirenaXVI


    Would someone lunge a 2yo in a pessoa and then complain loudly that he bronks when she rides him - dear God the mind boggles at the complete and utter stupidity
  7. SirenaXVI

    Spillers new balancers

    I am seriously impressed with the specs - have order 3 Original and 1 Senior as I am even more impressed with the price :):D
  8. SirenaXVI

    Health and Safety gone too far?

    This may be a little contentious but I am absolutely amazed at the number of adults wearing body protectors for a walk/trot test! Now if they were on scatty youngsters then I could perhaps understand this, but no, the majority are on sensible looking horses (who look half asleep actually). If...
  9. SirenaXVI

    Lluna's first competition *Pics*

    Took the Bigbird to BAPSH at Hartpury, her first competition! I was so pleased with her in the dressage warm up, despite never having been in a warm up, especially with stallions, she was really very good and handled it brilliantly. Had a couple of big spooks in the actual test which gained...
  10. SirenaXVI

    Lluna's first competition *Pics*

    Piccies of Bigbird at her first competition BAPSH Hartpury 2010 Dressage Morphology (or conformation!) And a couple of gratuitous Sirena photos!
  11. SirenaXVI

    Goodness me!

    Holy Brown Stuff!
  12. SirenaXVI

    Scamming the scammers

    Since Herr Finge Stucke created his email account last week, he has already received this: ear: e-Mail Winner, From: Maggie Bausch <> Add to Contacts To: Dear: e-Mail Winner, The WINDOWS LIVE & MICROSOFT WINDOWS has set out and successfully organized a...
  13. SirenaXVI

    Riding Schools/Mechanical Horses

    After watching some lessons recently, I cannot help but think that Riding Schools these days are pushing people out of their capability zones. I saw riders bouncing around on backs and socking horses in the teeth whilst simultanously banging away with their legs - it upsets me tbh :(...
  14. SirenaXVI

    Not horsey but this man really does respect and know his animals!
  15. SirenaXVI

    Is Parelli bad for the brain?

    All the 'Parelli' people I meet seem to be a little 'soft' in the brain tbh, is it all that quality time with carrot sticks and green bouncing balls or what? I would love someone to explain it to me - in simple terms please :cool:
  16. SirenaXVI

    Flippin Eck - thread gone?

    Why? The fate of our racehorses is an important subject and needs addressing :confused:
  17. SirenaXVI

    Another Animal Communicator reading

    Lluna's reading came back - these are the photos I sent: Well I love that you pick such characters Gill, because this is one strong minded individual, I don’t want to go back to your other reading, in case the photos energy confuses me, but this mare feels strong, stubborn and...
  18. SirenaXVI

    Reply from Animal Communicator

    First this is the photo I sent - from my computer, NOT my photobucket account (which is private anyway) This is the reply (my comments in red) Well the first thing that I see are the amazing paces this beautiful mare has, she really does float doesn’t she? She has such a kind eye...
  19. SirenaXVI

    Would you pay £8k for this????? Not advertising - I have no connection to this horse, I just want to see what people think before I comment ;)
  20. SirenaXVI

    Devoucoux Saddles

    Am thinking about one of these - has anyone got one?
  21. SirenaXVI

    If you see James Grey.....

    If you see James Gray, call Thames Valley Police urgently on 08458 505 505 or call Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.
  22. SirenaXVI

    My poor friend has lost her foal

    Just got off the phone to my friend, her favourite PRE mare has just lost her foal :( The mare had gone 390 days and went into labour last Wednesday, she managed to expel the head but no feet visible so the vet was called, it took them one and a half hours to get the foal out as they had...
  23. SirenaXVI

    Saw the ad in H&H this week and had a look at their site - the prices seem really cheap ie Badminton Conditioning Nuggets £8.13!!!! I currently pay £9! Sorely tempted to take 15 bags worth, has anybody else tried them?
  24. SirenaXVI

    Hmmmmmmm in light of the LP video?

    This landed in my inbox today Dear Horsemart Reader...... New Parelli Natural Horsemanship Get Started DVD Parelli Natural Horsemanship - you've heard about it, heard what fun it can be, how inspirational it has been for thousands of horse and pony...
  25. SirenaXVI


    I did get your message - did you get mine? Off out now but will check back later
  26. SirenaXVI

    I love my vet!

    Got a newsletter from my vets this morning and they have decided that for people in my area, Monday visits will have no call out fee!!! The only proviso is you need to book a day in advance, so wont work for emergencies but will be brill for vacs etc - this is going to save me lots of money
  27. SirenaXVI

    EIA Petition to Amend the TPA

    This petition is now live, if you care about the import of EIA (Swamp Fever) and other equine diseases, please please take the time to sign it!
  28. SirenaXVI


    VERY ROUGH DRAFT!!! For those who may object to Racing, Breeding and Competition horses being exempt, please bear in mind that these industries are fairly strict anyway, they need the free movement, they are regulated and have been travelling freely for years without problems, try to impose...
  29. SirenaXVI

    Those who are worried about IEA

    I urge you to contact Defra voicing your concerns: Defra Nobel House 17 Smith Square London SW1P 3JR Emails can be sent to Ministers via the Defra Helpline:
  30. SirenaXVI

    What the Hell?

    Is going on with the red numbers - it's driving me round the bend!