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    Little critter

    Please could you pm me?? ( Scoobydoo )
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    Haylage experts help please

    OH did me 30 round bales of haylage this year. I opened one today and noticed it has white mould type patches in it. After googling it apprently it's a harmless yeast fungus??, I also noticed a hole in the bottom of the bale. The haylage smells lovely. Is it safe to use??
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    Long and low...

    How do you achieve long and low in walk??
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    Not quite a competition report but an outing all the same!! I haven't jumped for years, probably around 15 years properly. I have jumped the odd cross pole and that's it. I have bought a new horse, had him 2 months, and he is just lovely. Lovely enough for me to already have the confidence...
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    Wood pellet bedding

    I have just started to use this. However I'm finding it dusty. The horse's are covered in a layer of dust in the mornings. Surely it can't help with their breathing? ?
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    Chilver house

    Any experience of buying from them? Good or bad? I'm still looking for a horse to buyou and they seem to have some nicentre ones. Dodgy dealer website has mixed reviews. Pm if you prefer thanks
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    Dealer recommendations in or around South lincs please

    As above. Looking for a nice all rounder. Doesn't have to be a world beater. Must hack alone and in company fun rides and dressage. Anyone know of any dealers that have this type in?
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    Is a horse that has run twice under NH rules eligible for ROR classes? I know about flat racers but not NH. Thanks
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    Where to find a loan horse?

    Any suggestions? I have looked on the main sites and most don't want their horses to move yards. Thanks
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    Hedge jumy help please

    I work at a plant nursery and a friend has asked me about planting a hedge in between 2 of her fields which obviously needs to be horse friendly that she can use as a jump. Can anyone recommend a suitable hedge? She also wants a small tree for shade. I can look into this more tomorrow but I just...
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    Coolstance copra

    Those of you that feed copra how much do you feed? Do you feed it alone along side vitamins and minerals? Bag advises between 1kg and 2.2 kg. Is 1kg equal to 1 stubbs scoop? ( my scale has broken!) Thank you
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    The Back man!!!

    Could someone please tell me the name of the back man that seems to have magic hands!! I've searched the forum but the thread didn't appear? My friend has an older horse that's not quite right and she would like to sort out an appointment with him, thank you!
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    Balancer or vits and mins?

    Tb 16.1hh 7 yo is currently on micronised linseed, dodson and horrell just grass chaff, emerald green grass nuts ( 0.5kg as bag recommends for horse in light work) ad lib hay 24/7. Do I need a bit or min supplement or balancer?? I don't want anything with fillers or magnesium.
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    Feeding a tb

    Could I haveyour suggestions regarding feeding a tb in light work. Very low sugar, high fibre, non heating. To be fed alongside ad lib hay. Tb in question is a relatively good doer. Thank you
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    Older rice trailer axle

    Does anyone know where a friend could get two axles for her older rice trailer please?
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    Dog on dog attack

    Long story short, mum was walking her dogs on a private track , she has permission. Two lurcher type dogs ran across two fields and attacked one of her dogs causing £600 vets bill so far. The dogs owner eventually came across the fields ' grabbed his dogs, said dogs will be be dogs and went...
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    paul o'grady, For the love of dogs

    Mum said that a lady who runs a large rescue centre near us said that the tv show rings round rescue centres in order to choose dogs for the show, meaning not all the dogs come from battersy, is this true?? The lady who told mum said she had had a call from the show asking for certain dogs??!!
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    It's nearly that time again..

    To start bringing in at night! My boys are starting to linger by the gate at their last evening check. They have plenty of hay out. Doesn't seem 5mins since they were turned out 24/7. Although I do like to see them cosy in their stables.
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    classical dressage v dressage

    Does anyone know the difference in the way the tests are ridden?
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    Thorowgood t8 dressage saddles

    After years of only having leather saddles and saying I wouldn't want a synthetic saddle I purchased a Thorowgood t8 anatomical gp saddle for my tb last year. It fits like a gloves and is so comfy, I'm thrilled with it. So now tb is going really well I am getting him a dressage saddle. As these...
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    Joshua92 pm box full!!

    Please could you clear your pm's x
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    Bunnymare.....well done!!

    Just wanted to say what a fantastic day we had on sunday at your dressage comp!! It was so well run and everyone was soooo friendly! Even the guys showing us where to park were smiling all day! HUGE well done to you!! Looking forward to your next one!
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    mirrors for trailer

    After installing a stable mirror that has made a huge difference to my horse I'm looking at putting one in my ifor 505. Can anyone recommend a suitable mirror please?
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    Stretching a leather boot

    What's the best way to stretch a leather riding boots? Thanks
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    mares tail ...the plant!

    Is there any way to get rid of it? Its starting to encroach on my hay field. I know it has very very long roots and i have heard people say its impossible to get rid of? Any experiences?
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    Claridge house bridles quality?

    As above. Has anyone any experience of these bridles please?
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    Rented house needed short term

    Does anyone know of a house for rent that will take dogs (4) short term, between house moves. 20-30 mile radius Stamford. Asking for a friend, thank you
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    Ignoring aural plaque... this still the best advice?? My boy had aural plaque when I bought him and it has not bothered him in the 7 months I have had him. Tonight when tacking up I noticed he was in a bit of discomfort when I put the bridle over that ear. I then tried to touch in his ear and he was sore. Any...
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    Last meet

    Could anyone tell me when the last meeting of the Cottesmore Hunt is?
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    Hacking help please...

    I posted on here last year about a tb I had bought. Well he is mostly lovely!! We have done 3 dressage tests, scores improving each time resulting in 6 the place last time out. Have attended clinics and polework clinics. Had our first jumping lesson yesterday and he was great! Travelling...