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    Like the new look

    I like this new look, what a good idea. I'm in mid Devon, not far from Tivy, horseless as I lost my beautiful boy two years ago. I do have a gorgeous young Labrador though.
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    Calmer that actually works

    My daughter has an old Connie mare who has been really bad with the farrier. She would actually throw herself to the ground, squash anyone in the stable with her and barge at the door to get out. When held out in the yard, she tried to get away and kicked out at the farrier. Daughter didn't...
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    RIP Robin Gibb

    Robin Gibb died today after a long battle with cancer. I realise that many people didn't like BGs music but I'm not ashamed to say that I did and I shall miss their talent.
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    Cornwall people

    Please see my thread below. A three month old alpaca has been stolen from the St. Austell area. It is not weaned so Mum and baby will be desperate.
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    Alpaca baby stolen

    Just read on FB that a 3 month old pure white alpaca baby has been stolen last night, in the St. Austell area, Cornwall. If you know anything, look up Sue Buckley on FB because i am useless at doing links and things. This baby has not been weaned yet so Mum and baby will be pretty desperate by now.
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    Good news.

    Great news about Peter Toole. He has been discharged from hospital and is back at home after his horrific injury. Good luck to him and I hope his recovery continues.
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    Laminitis question

    Can anyone who has/had a horse with laminitis give me details about the type of ground their horse was grazing, whether it was on an arable or dairy farm. I believe that there is a link between laminitis and where the horse has grazed. If there are enough replies, I will put my theory forward...
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    Mad Cows

    What is going on with cattle right now. Three attacks in a very short space of time. One poor woman killed, dog killed and now a farmer trampled by his own herd. I've been around cattle for years and never known so many attacks. Or are the papers picking up on it and "embroidering" like they...
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    damaged eye update

    My daughter's TB was PTS this morning. The vet said he was almost totally blind and while she was there, he walked into the fence so it was the right thing to do. He had also started losing weight again which usually only happens in winter. Although he was retired, he was having a weight gain...
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    Damaged eye!!

    My daughter's old TB came in with a very swollen eye and the surface is all white. This is a big problem as he is already partially sighted. The swelling went down very quickly but he seems to be blind on that side. He went out on loan some years ago and came back with a white splash across his...
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    Poor little moo cow horse!!

    My daughter's three year old, coloured, rescue baby tore his cornea on something and is now in hospital. He has a tiny tube through his eyelid, stitched up his cheek, over his head and the end is plugged so that he can have drops administered directly into the affected area every two hours. He...
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    abscess again!!

    My highland who is oversized at 15.1Hh and therefore, a bit of a heavyweight, has very hard feet But he gets an abscess on average three times every winter. Usually it's the fronts but this time he has one high up near the coronet band on a hind hoof. The farrier has just been but the abscess is...
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    Thoughts for daughter and friend please

    My daughter and her best friend are at this moment in the Atlantic Ocean rowing towards Antigua. They are taking part in the Atlantic rowing race and theirs is in aid of Breast Cancer Care. They set off on 2nd december and hope to reach Antigua in about 80 days or so. This all depends on...
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    we've solved the mystery!

    I posted about an arab gelding that we bought recently. The girl who we got him from told a pack of lies. She said he was bred by a Mr. Morris and that she had bought him as an entire and had him gelded. Mr. Morris doesn't come into it at all. We have now found his breeder, with some detective...
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    I'm so pleased

    I was on arabianlines earlier and asked for help in working out the crabbet percentage in our arabian gelding's pedigree. It transpires (big word!!) that he is 100 per cent pure old english and 96.29 crabbet. I can't understand why he was gelded at 15 years old, unless he was infertile. Which...
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    does anyone have experience of laminitis linked to nitrate fertilizer

    I would like to know if anyone has had a horse with laminitis after their fields or nearby fields have been sprayed with nitrate fertilizers. My daughter's pony developed it very suddenly, just after the YOs had sprayed the fields. The laminitis clinic have stated that they can find no positive...
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    Lyme disease

    Does anyone have any first hand knowledge of lyme disease. I would be grateful for any information.
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    Devon County Show

    Anyone going to the show? 17th/18th/19th May at Westpoint. Ishall try and go for mountain and moorland judging (Friday I think)
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    hello and sorry

    hello everyone. i am fairly new on here but have been reading posts for ages. i apologise for not introducing myself earlier. im an oldie with an oversized highland gelding. (hence the name) thats him not me!!