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    DIY near Pershore?

    Hi there, I might know of something very suitable but it wouldn’t be available until end of April. Located Pershore / Fladbury Area. Please contact me if this works with you time wise.
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    Looking for livery in or near Worcester

    Hi, I have pm'd you, have you received message?
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    Looking for livery in or near Worcester

    Hello Sammy, wondered whether you sorted yourself out with a suitable livery? I know it's ages ago but ...............? Regards JTF
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    Strangles - question for yard owners

    A professional local vet, who cared about his professional reputation and his clients in the wider community would automatically recommend lock down. A conscientious professional yard owner would automatically enforce the vets recommendation, and the conscientious liveries should willingly...
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    Price for schooling?

    Depends upon the standard of your dressage rider. I pay £45 per session, either teaching my daughter or trainer riding the pony, and this is a discounted rate as I negotiated a rate to take into account I would have her twice weekly. My current trainer is a List 4 judge competing up to PSG. Have...
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    The project is complete

    Haven't we seen him at Allens Hill? I am sure he was there and he went beautifully?!?
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    Looking behind in trailer.

    We have just purchased an Ifor Williams 511, which has 2 front opening windows, large window facing frontwards, roof vent and vents in the back doors. The ride is so much better than our old Ifor Williams and the trailer sits firmly on the road and is an awful lot quieter, no major rattles or...
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    assisted / diy livery

    Presume then you want North side of West Midlands then? Worcestershire is too far south?
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    assisted / diy livery

    Sorry can't identify where you are looking! Your link does not work.
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    Veteran showing bods, help a numpty get started!

    Millipops - hope your not forgetting Allens Hill Annual Showing Show on Bank Holiday Monday 1st May 2017? Veteran inhand and ridden qualifiers and Equifest Hunter and Ridden Horse qualifiers!! We know you love coming to Allens Hill! Perhaps one of the days I will introduce myself!?
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    Best venue for Area Festivals South/South West

    An hour further on from Hartpury is Allens Hill - had fantastic Area Festival last year, with great reviews. The walk way alongside the main arena is closed off, so both arenas run equally well, no huge scarey banners or flags. Ran completely to time, free tea and coffee vouchers for riders and...
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    Weekend plans?

    I was writing for the judge who gave you those lovely 8's, it was a pleasure watching you! The concentration on your face was almost as good as your Welshy girls! Good luck going forward.
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    Good vet to vet horse Worcestershire?

    Three Counties Equine Hospital, fantastic group of vets with first class facilities. Tel 01684 592099
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    Why does EVERYTHING have molasses in it?

    Fully understand where you are coming from, having experienced similar situation to you with our in work, young Dartmoor Pony. We fed him Top Chop Lite by Top Spec, an unmollassed alfalfa/straw chop, with added mint and coating of Soya. They have another molasses free chaff Top Chop Zero, but we...
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    strangles blood testing

    Can't answer your question directly, but what a sensible YO. Strangles is spreading in various locations in Worcestershire at the moment. The current outbreak is a livery yard and rumour has it, it was bought in by a new livery, so be thankful that your YO is taking precautions to protect her...
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    What classes for tb?

    There are no TARRA Classes any more! See ROR page now replaced by ROR Amateur Ridden Series! Most competition centres have specific unaffiliated dressage sections for ROR's. At Allens Hill they have a specific competitions running for Racehorses covering all disciplines, Dressage, show jumping...
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    Is a bad loader always a bad loader?

    It will get better - honestly! My mare (chestnut) will load under her terms only, which is :- a) lots of time if you are running late I can assure you she will obstinately refuse to co operate until she is ready to go in. Will not load easily if we are under time pressure. b) she establishes...
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    Looking for livery in or near Worcester

    Hi there, I know of a new yard (small in size) located in The Lenches, which is going towards Evesham, close to Fladbury Village / road junction. They can offer you exactly what you are after, although I would like to clarify that all year turn out is available BUT not overnight during winter...
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    Saddlers near Dudley

    Hi, I would highly recommend Miles Pearson of Bromsgrove Saddlery based not a millions miles from you. 07974 958960. I too have an Ideal saddle which he has re flocked to fit my pony. Good luck. Jules
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    Cameras for Ifor Williams trailer recommendations

    We bought a brand new Ifor 511 some 6 weeks ago, and purchased the recommended Ifor camera, which was fitted by the Ifor Williams dealer. Excellent camera, easy to use, and night time vision exceptionally good too. Would highly recommend. Hope this helps.
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    looking for part / full livery Pershore /Evesham areas

    BTW Allens Hill no longer do liveries, they are purely a competition centre. I believe that Cowsden a Bank only do full livery but is a very nice set up.
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    Taming a wild pony please help

    Hi there, I took on a feral pony a couple of years ago that turned out to be an untouched 7 year old Dartmoor Hill pony, which had successfully some how avoided the yearly round up/drift sales! He had been castrated but apart from that experience he was completely untouched. We initially stabled...
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    Thank you Jennbags!

    I guess you were at Allens Hill! Next time ask a member of staff to video you, they would happily help you out and will also call tests, it's a really friendly venue. Well done though, keep going, I would have been delighted to have those scores on my first venture out. Hope to see you around or...
  24. J

    In need of some feed advice please!

    Have you considered Dengie Healthy Tummy, contains Protexin, very low in sugar and is a fibre feed. Specifically designed for ulcer prone horses and I used very successfully on a pony which got easily bloated from grass, very gassy and often coliced.
  25. J

    xc clinics for newbies

    Would recommend Allens Hill Competition Centre. They have great arena eventing, although they don't hold clinics. Not sure when next competition is but look up on their website. Other option is every Tuesday they have progressive clear round jumping in their main arena, great opportunity to jump...
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    Thunderbrook feed

    Hi, I don't know anything about Thunderbrook Feeds, but having dealt with a pony that regularly suffered from colic episodes, I turned to Dengie Happy Tummy and DH's Fast Fibre. Once I strictly limited his grass intake, put him on to Happy Tummy & FF, alongside ad lib hay (predominantly soaked...
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    Need a show name for coloured mare!!

    How about :- Winters Mambo No 1 Winters Cha Cha Winters Acrobat Winters Comanche Girl Winters Hip Hop Comanche Puzzle lots of ideas especially with your surname - Pretty Cool!! Good Luck Winters!!
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    Working with a nervy rescue pony

    Hello, I only want to warn that I did something very similar to you re bitting, with a rescued Dartmoor pony who was only 3 years old at the time. I made a major mistake by not putting the bit up in his mouth properly because I thought he was still teething. This created an opportunity for him...
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    Advice on shows to take a nervous horse to?

    Hi there, I know that Allens Hill in Worcester, just off junction 6 of M5, will be starting up their evening Dressage Club very shortly, which is aimed at either very novice horses or very novice riders, who have no or very little competition experience. These nights are low key, and aimed at...
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    BD and Traditional Gypsy Cobs - exciting news!

    Not sure why you think that? Whether your hairy TGC is clipped or un-clipped, as long as your cob is registered with TGCA then it qualifies to compete within the new BD section, as long as you are registered with BD!