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    Happy Retirement Un de Sceaux

    what a horse, great owners too. His Ryanair win, when he tanked off with Ruby, who was nothing more than a passenger, was something else. Have a great retirement UDS :)
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    Arc Equine

    If anyone wants one, I have one for sale. Please PM for details
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    Howling cat

    My elderly cat howls at night, at random times. But only at night. other than the odd howling, he seems in reasonable health, for his age (17). he eats and drinks and takes himself out to the loo, gets up and down the fences and around the garden OK, if a little slower. But he's become a...
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    Wood pellet bedding

    Currently using White Horse Energy Platinum Plus which I have been getting from Pets at Home. However supply is short and at the moment they are out of stock and finding someone local is not so easy. So just wondering if anyone has used the Pets at Home own label wood pellets - big green...
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    Paper / Cardboard bedding

    Hi Anyone use this ? if so what brands do you recommend ? Is it easy to muck out ?
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    Red bush tea (rooibos) for sweet itch

    Who feeds this for their sweet itch horses and how do you feed it. As a tea liquid or just put the contents of the tea bag into their feeds.
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    RIP Denman

    Sad news indeed. Another Titan of the track gone.
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    Horse Fly Traps

    Anyone used one or made their own. Did it work ? Recommendations please.
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    OK, I know we will do a thread for each day as it comes round, but to kick things off who are we most looking forward to seeing, what races look the most exciting, any bankers. My biggest hope is as always, that horses and jockeys come home safe and sound. I'm going to put it out there...
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    Hot horse showers.

    Looking for a portable gas powered hot wash. Don’t have the option of putting in a fixed ‘human’ shower, so it has to be a portable one. Will only be used for two horses and only one of those on a regular basis. Recommendations please. thanks :)
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    RIP Malcom Jefferson

    A thoroughly nice man And Willie Codd too Been a bad few weeks for racing hasn't it.
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    Liveryman / Eddie Palin Maverick Clipper Blades **HELP **

    So, these clippers are no longer in production and it seems that getting hold of new blades is challenging to say the least. I'm desperately trying to find a medium or fine set to replace the sets that my local tack shop have ruined when they sharpened them. The main distributor in NI doesn't...
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    RIP Richard Woollocott

    Aged 40 ! Beer Goggles win at Newbury last month was brilliant and his joy was infectious. What tragic news.
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    RIP Nichols Canyon

    What a sad loss for all his connections. RIP fella x
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    She's good just saying !
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    Best beach for riding on in North West

    As title really. Safest too please.
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    Looking for yard to rent

    Looking for a small yard to rent in the Cheshire area (or a block within a yard) 5-10 stables, with grazing and some facilities like a manage. Safe hacking essential. Fairly flexible on area and would consider a little further up M6 too past Warrington / Wigan. Looking for options at this...
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    vetrofen Intense / original

    Anyone use them and if so what results did you see ?
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    Delemere Loop / Sandstone Trial - Kelshall

    Has anyone ridden this loop. I think it starts somewhere at the back of Kelshall Hill EC and follows a track through the woods behind. Is it horse friendly ? I'm sure it's an all purpose route so would hope so. And is there anywhere to park a box ? Thank you Trail not trial.
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    Sprinter Sacre I can't believe there isn't uproar amongst you all. Why is he not hunting or team chasing I hear you wail. Outrageous to think he might be doing something else !!!! Dressage maybe. Some eventing or...
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    Well done Aintree & Randox

    Heart warming and so thoughtful
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    Cheltenham Day 4

    So. Thoughts on today then. I've been on Native River since he won the Welsh National at antipost but I wonder whether course form sets it up for Djackadam? Fairy tail of Cue Card wins of course. I just can't quite see him staying the GC trip. As for the rest of the day, the rest of...
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    Brilliant advert. Paddy & Ruby
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    Hunt secretary role

    What does it consist of. Friend has asked me if I would take this on for a newly formed pack. I’ve not hunted for years and I don’t really intend to going forward, except maybe for the odd day, but I’ve been asked because a) I am organised and b) it’s a small group of friends and they want to...
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    Happy Retirement Sprinter Sacre

    As title. Hope he has a fabulous retirement and goes onto have a happy and fore filling second career What an amazing horse he has been.
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    RIP Moscow Flyer

    Such sad news but a grand age at 22. I had the pleasure of seeing him race at various courses over the years and he always gave it his all. A true battler. A couple of months after his retirement I was at Punchestown and there he was in a stable near the bar area as part of a trade stand...
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    Greatest Olympians

    So, who is your greatest Olympian ? Mine are Carl Hester, Sir Steve Redgrave & Sir Bradley Wiggins. For their consistency and longevity over many years and as leaders in their field, pushing their team mates to bigger and better things over and over again. Gentlemen I salute you.
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    Cycling. Team Pursuit

    I know it's not horsey but how bloody good was the men's team pursuit last night in the velodrome. I shouted myself hoarse. That really is team work. Well done Team GB.
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    Seat savers in the show ring

    Currently riding with my seat saver on my saddle as my back is particularly sore at the moment. Got a few shows coming up in the next few weeks and wondering if I can use the seat saver. Checked the SHB rule book and there is nothing that says I can't - just says saddles should be reasonably...
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    Long leather boots – alterations

    I’ve got a very nice pair of Ariat dress top boots and they are super comfy and nicely broken in. However, as I show, they should really be straighter cut. I don’t really want to go to the expense of a new pair at the moment so wondering if I can get them altered. Has anyone had this done...