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    Stressy Lurcher

    My 10 yr old beddy x whippet lurcher, has always been a bit of a stress head. She is not a great traveller, nor does she like storms, but last night she had me worried. Crying and whiffling in her crate, obviously a hot day, but next door were having yet another loud party in their field, and...
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    Article about horse loss grief

    Very poignant for me this weekend. I spoke to my vet this morning and asked her to come out next week. Pony is only 15 and outwardly appears fine. BUT he has PPID, EMS and suffered a prolonged bout of laminitis this year. Just as he came sound and I started riding again he bucked me off...
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    Arena Maintenance Advice

    Apparently the sand is crusted and gone hard, the rubber sits on top but now gives a slippery surface. My gut feeling is it needs a deep harrowing ( the farmer in me) but I think the friend and her team are a little hesitant they might do more damage.
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    Arena Maintenance Advice

    A friend has a 20 x 40 Out door arena, sand and rubber. It was a re-surface about 4/5 years ago. However, it is now in serious need of some attention. Is there such a person as an independent consultant/contractor who would go and give advice on how to repair said arena? The last re-fill...
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    Hay Prices

    If you can get hold of hay at a good price at the moment I would, The price will go up. Whilst last year was a good crop and this year has been fair, the current state of the weather means some of us farmers who make later hay are having to use the grass for grazing or feed the current years...
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    We are running out of wall space!
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    Tried these most just don't fit the system!
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    OK i am sorry to be a nuisance but would be grateful if someone could read the following that I have written as a basis for a staff training policy and let me know if I am on the right lines. Currently there is no outside instructor coming in to give the girls regular lessons as has been in the...
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    I don't appreciate this comment. If you knew the yard concerned you would realise the welfare of everyone and everything was of paramount importance. It is the paperwork that struggles. No one 'leaves' their horse there it is not a livery yard.
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    I appreciate the idea but the yard owner is in her 80s, hence my involvement" I have a pretty good idea of how thigs work, but i am not there more than once a fortnight.
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    Everything is written down just not in a form that was acceptable to the inspector. Both members of staff have First aid certificates and are DBS checked. I have looked at the BHS templates and it just doesn't seem to be the correct thing to put into the file. I don't understand what is...
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    Riding School proprietors/managers..... Help Please

    A family members riding school has just had its inspection from the city council and failed on the basis of paperwork or lack of. Everything with the ponies passed with flying colours, there were NO problems but Inspectors are wanting paperwork for every time one of the ponies sneezes. This...
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    walking fresh horse on rehab

    Walked mine out after 3 months. Bridle, overcheck with lunge line, roller and side reins. Hat strudy boots and gloves for me.
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    Advice re ridden showing

    That implies the show organisers have some say in how the judge judges the class and I am sure you didn't mean it the way it appears. A judge should judge what appears in the ring in front of them at the time of the class. I avoid looking outside of the showring when waiting for my class to...
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    Advice re ridden showing

    A ridden class is not about the rider, that would be best rider, The ridden class is mostly about performance, manners and confirmation. A beautifully turned out combination, could look lovely on the walk/trot around but canter on the wrong leg unnoticed by the rider. On the other hand a...
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    Coming out of box rest.

    M has been on box rest for chronic laminitis since January. With the farriers help and vet advice he is now sound. I have begun to walk him out in hand round the farm, gong a little further each time. He is a bit of a pig, desperately wants to explode, and is actually being very good and...
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    Advice re ridden showing

    As a judge of a mixed class you look at the overall picture of each competitor and judge each one to the standard of its type. In an open showing class this could be a coloured who is a truer standard to its type than the ROR, or a M&M who may be a lovely pony but, the first ridden pony is a...
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    Chronic Laminitis...What to do next.

    15 yo NF gelding, tested positive for PPID last autumn. Levels 'normal' after 6 weeks on Prascend. However, began working again in January after nearly 3 months off ( life got in the way). Presented as lame, but no usual signs of laminitis, however vet x-rayed and confirmed laminitis and a...
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    Looking for a showing mentor (M&M)?

    National Pony society or the Welsh Cob Society should be able to make suggestions of local people.
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    How do you know if it's right to PTS?

    To answer your Thread title directly, I don't think there is ever a 'wrong' time to PTS. For what ever reason that is necessary for the owner/carer, it might be in the horses interest it might be in the owners interest. Surely it cant be wrong if it saves either (particularly the animal ) from...
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    Numpty here!

    Farrier came out and took his shoe off, vet has also looked though all a bit inconclusive. Pony is positive for both EMS and PPID so laminitis is the most likely issue, however the lameness has presented in a different way this time hence the thought it might be an abscess.
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    Numpty here!

    Feeling a bit of a numpty, but its a long time since I was in the pc. I've been poulticing pony's foot for a few days, hoping for a bruise or abscess not a return of his laminitis. Anyway, lots of online advice has been to use a nappy, and here is the numpty bit... do people mean as the...
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    Changing a horse's name ...... yes or no?

    Keep the passport name for competitions etc but give him a nickname. No reason why Rocket cant be called Lucy!!
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    White hairs from ill fitting saddle

    My gelding has a few white hairs under his saddle, but I don't believe it is pressure, he also has a few that have come through in other places in his coat. He is now 14, his dam was grey, i think it has more to do with his genetics
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    Thank you for the yoghurt idea, I might try that. I only ever use water and/or lambing lube, copious quantities available cos we have 200 ewes! It's the muck down his legs I have issue with, but I guess if I can reduce the gunk inside the outside might be cleaner
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    My boy has a mucky sheath, I seem to be cleaning it every week, fishing out gunk with lube and a glove. But he also manages to plaster his back legs too. Does anyone have a remedy for washing the gunk off? Normal horsey shampoo just doesn't seem to work. BTW he has EMS and has recently been...
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    First fall anxiety

    I don't remember my first unexpected dismount. But they happen occasionally. For many years I stayed on ( kind and sensible ponies) However these days, I take nothing for granted having been dumped by my current chap several times. Being a women of a certain age ( not far short of 60) I no...
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    Lights on or off?

    Pony's stable (pen) is in corner of farm yard, normally through the winter the lights are left on overnight. I do a late check at 10pm, and occasionally someone is up during the night to see to animals calving, etc, or can be up all night during lambing We find it is less disturbing to leave...
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    Employing an apprentice - any experiences to share?

    We have had several apprentices on the farm. Communication with the college is the most important part. We have used 2 different colleges, one better that the other, but neither was good enough on the communication between employer and tutors. As the employer it takes a lot of time to put in...
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    Whitening shampoo to keep tail white

    We used to use Ricketts Blue bags, but I don't suppose you can get those now, failing that a bottle of Quink ink!!o_O