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    have you done/applied for the diploma courses at the National St

    I'm trying to find out how the interview usually goes- what type of questions/practical information is needed? Thank you!
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    Project horse site

    Has anyone had any good response from using this site? I have a pony needing a new home. Very talented, very tricky, no good for showing or stressage but a lovely sharp/very responsive drive and able to be competed by the right person, however he has too many niggles for anyone 'normally...
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    If I was looking for...

    Hi all Bit of an odd question, I'm looking for horses to bring on for driving trials and am looking mainly in Ireland at the moment. The type I'm interested in are 3-4, under £2000 ideally, unbroken or started under saddle, 15-16 hands and short coupled with good conformation, a good shoulder...
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    Competing and babies- three day events.

    I have a three week old baby. The driving trials season for me starts in April/may usually, however this year I have absolutely no idea if/how I'm going to manage. We're looking at mostly two day events (Friday PM to Sunday PM) with a couple of nationals thrown in (Thursday am to Sunday pm). I'm...
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    Hullo! Who's who?

    I was on here a wee while ago, and am back 😃 So I'm from Sunderland, I mainly drive but I ride as well and dabble in showing and endurance and jumping/XC etc etc! My Beastie-
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    Been missing...

    As I couldn't remember my login and couldn't get my password reset! So Im back (used to be katastrophykat) and haven't posted in a good year. So... This year didn't start well- I misplaced my 5 yo at a fence and the pole didn't give. We had a rotational fall and I was lucky to be fired out...